Sequester Cuts: When and Where They’re Happening

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The 2-year federal government meltdown is finally at Code Red and the sequester is here.

We have endless stories about the gridlock, the economic effects and the blame game.

But here, in one place, I plan to collect basic information in a usable form without bias: When and where the sequester cuts are happening.

The goal is to show actual cuts, not just predictions. In the early days, it’s still going to be more of the latter.  Look for constant updates.

ProPublica: A graphic guide to the sequester

Reuters: Fed furloughs range from 14 to 22 days through Sept. 30

New York Times: Housing, food, health programs for low-income people to be hit hard

LA Times: 2 percent Medicare haircut for docs and hospitals; health research labs already laying off

CNNMoney: Medicare cut for docs means less care for patients

Hartford Courant: Small airports threatened, defense contractors waiting, UConn researchers nervous

Rick Newman, US News & World Report: The 10 hardest hit industries

New Haven Independent: Tweed’s air controller cut would happen in April

New York Times: HUD grants, furloughs, delayed vendor payments

Fox News: No military flights for US Reps; Biden taking Amtrak; Conference travel slashed

AP: Nuts and bolts Q&A

Wired: Delayed funerals for vets at Arlington National Cemetery



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3 thoughts on “Sequester Cuts: When and Where They’re Happening

  1. Connecticut is dying too

    @ Dan: How about a story of what will happen to the US if we continue to spend $1T more than we have each year, if we continue to have the Fed buy most of this Treasury debt, and if we continue to rack up tens of Trillions in unfunded entitlement liabilities?

    This sequester represents a 2.5% cut in the INCREASE in the rate of Federal spending. Its $80B out of $3.6T in spending. If we can’t even agree on how to trim this amount from our massive deficits, we are in deep deep trouble.

  2. old capitalist

    So we are all forced to cut back to pay for higher taxes, fuel, utilities & food – no big deal, but when Obama and his minions have to cut back on the money it borrows and increase its spending less than they want…then it is a major calamity, with the lap dogs in the media barking the loudest about the sky falling in.

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