In Blue Connecticut, Plenty of Green for Both Presidential Candidates

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Barack Obama has received donations from twice as many Connecticut residents as Mitt Romney, but Romney’s supporters have reached significantly deeper into their wallets, giving him a nearly $1 million edge in the state, campaign finance reports show.

Obama’s more than 6,700 contributors gave an average of just under $500 to the president, according to Federal Election Commission records. Romney has received donations from about 3,200 state residents, but with an average contribution of more than $1,300. In total, the campaigns have received more than $7.6 million from state residents – not including money given to PACs or other politically active organizations.

Romney’s advantage in fundraising has been fueled by exceptionally large donations from lower Fairfield County. Contributors in Greenwich alone kicked in nearly $1.6 million, accounting for more than a third of Romney’s donations statewide. New Canaan residents added more than $500,000 to that amount.

Obama’s donations have been more broad-based – he tops Romney in fundraising in about 80 percent of the zip codes in Connecticut – but no part of the state has provided the magnitude of financial support to Obama that Romney has seen.  As with Romney, Greenwich has delivered more money to Obama than any other town in the state (and accounts for a quarter of all presidential donations from Connecticut). But Obama’s take there was a little more than $300,000 – about $1.25 million less than Romney. In fact, take Greenwich out of the equation, and Obama would have exceeded Romney’s statewide fundraising.

Below is a zip code map showing contributions to the two campaigns from Connecticut residents, shaded from blue to red to indicate the percentage of that town’s donations that went to Obama or Romney, respectively. Zip codes with no color indicate that no donations were reported from those areas.

Click on any part of the map to show the zip code, the community associated with that zip code, and the amount of donations reported from that area. And for a larger map, click here.

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9 thoughts on “In Blue Connecticut, Plenty of Green for Both Presidential Candidates

  1. Marcella Burns

    Just in time for Halloween a Obamanityville Horror Story: depicting Obama’s record in the Oval Office these past 4 years: Obama will turn the United States of America into Obamanityville Horror . Here is the full story: a scary place with an economy on “Life Support” on its “death Bed” to be “Flat Lined” with a dismal-1.3% GDP job growth. 23 Million American zombies looking desperately for work. Where the brain Dead voters are brought back to life for the soul purpose of voting. Obamacare with 15 vampire like unelected Non doctor Bureaucrats waiting in the wing to suck the blood out of Senior Citizens. E-mails proving Webs of deceit ,cover up and videos of terror with eminent woeful tales of burning at the Stake. A $16 Trillion Dollar debt haunting future generations of Americans yet to come, from which they will never be able to “Dig Out of”. With chains of financial bondage / servitude to Communist China, they will never be able to break; decimating the “American Dream” giving Americans a nightmarish hell of a time because the Devil of the details of Sequestration with the drastic elimination of battle ships leaving America venerable to attacks by our enemies, The Ghoulish cuts of $1.2 Trillion Dollars in Defense cuts which would cost thousands of military jobs and expiring the Bush Tax cuts raising taxes from 35% to 38% on the business who hire people causing more hysterically frightening high unemployment of American citizens. Years and years of College graduates unable to find jobs in their field of expertise. Obama has even designed his own Obamanityville Horror flag depicting an “O” for Ominous which he plans on flying on this American Ghost Ship called the Titanic ready to set sail on 11/7/12. “We the People” cannot not let this happen Vote for Mitt 11/6/12!
    Marcella Burns
    Wappingers fall NY 12590

  2. Trail of Broken Promises

    Obama campaign promises…..

    Close Gitmo, failed

    Cut the Deficit in half, Nope he added $6 TRILLION!

    Promised that unemployment would not go over 8%, Wrong it was over 8% almost his entire Presidency.

    Promised that Tarp’s $800 Billion would fix the economey, Nope…didn’t work!

    Promised we would be better off, Incomes have fallen each of the last 4 years under Obama Rule.

    Promised Obamacare would save money….What a whopper, It will take 10 years of taxes to provide 6 years of benefit and the CBO now says it will cost Taxpayers an additional $2 Trillion. Ooops just a bit off!

    Shovel ready Jobs, Nope worng on that one!

    Did I miss anything?

    He will not get my vote this year!

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