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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot. (Or at Least Unseasonably Warm.)

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Ever wonder what it would be like to escape New England for the winter and spend the cold months in Northern Virginia? Well, if you live in the Hartford area, you already know. Below is a graph showing the average daily high temperature in Hartford since Dec. 1st  – that’s the blue line that bottoms out at a chilly 35 degrees. The jagged, faded red line shows where the thermometer actually topped out each day in Hartford this season, and the bold red curve smooths out the extremes to show the trend in temperatures.

That green line shows typical temperatures in Manassas, Va., whose residents, as the overlap between green and red shows, experience year after year the moderate temps we’ve had this season.

If that’s appealing to you, it’s about 375 miles of Interstate blacktop away. The downside: No home delivery of the Courant.