The Multi-Million-Dollar Battle for Connecticut’s Fifth District

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With an open Congressional seat on the line, spending in Connecticut’s contentious Fifth District race has nearly topped $4 million, with both sides flooding the airwaves with campaign ads, new records show.

Democrat Elizabeth Esty has spent more than twice as much on the race as Republican Andrew Roraback, although, as my colleague Amanda Falcone reports, Roraback doled out more cash in the latest reporting period, covering the first half of October. Roraback also had slightly more cash on hand as of the middle of the month.

The chart below gives a summary of donations and loans to each campaign, as well as how much cash each candidate has spent and how much each still has in the bank. These figures are as of October 17, the closing date for the most recent filing.

Click either of the photographs below the chart for searchable and sortable databases of donations to that candidate, including all PAC contributions and all individual contributions from people who have given at least $200. And if you find something interesting in the data, drop us an email at


Click the photos below to see individual and PAC donations to each candidate

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2 thoughts on “The Multi-Million-Dollar Battle for Connecticut’s Fifth District

  1. Just paying attention

    Maybe just maybe the Citizens of CT will stop the one party rule that this year has:

    1) The Dems gave us the biggest Tax increase EVER at $2 Billion dollars.

    2) The Dems let hard core prisoners out of jail EARLY to rob, mame and kill the tax payrers in CT.

    3) The Dems Built a $1 Billion Dollar busway from Hartford to New Britain, we already had a bus route that did that! $600 million to build, $20 Million tax dollars each yr to run. CTFastrack to Bankruptcy!

    4) The Dems gave Jackson Labs $1 Million per job and has allowed them to count jobs at UConn and others so they can claim 300 jobs and get a FREE building we taxpayers paid for. JaxLabs is a non-profit, we can not tax them to get our money back, that’s why Florida rejected them.

    5) The Dems used Taxpayers money, funded hundreds of Millions of Give-a-way’s to UBS, ESPN, and CIGNA (yes CIGNA who just laid off hundreds of CT workers) in the name of job creation, WHAT A WASTE! And the hedge fund got $1.5 Million and the owner made $3.2 BILLIONlasy year in his paycheck, yes he desperately needed our TAX dollars or he surely would not survive!!

    6) The Dems Unionized day care moms against their will, taking the food money for kids and giving it directly to the Unions for “Dues”, just the Dems supporting the Unions at any cost.

    7)Look at John Larson, he says he’s doing a Great Job…at WHAT? Look at how many thousands of jobs have left CT under his watchful eyes, Thousands of Pratt & Whitney JOBS GONE to other states! Great Job Loser Larson!

    8) CT’s credit rating was downgraded, the loans we take from now on will cost more…taxpayers will PAY MORE! The Dannel did not cut, he actually increased the state budget 8% on the biggest recession since the 1929 depression. Spend on Dannel Malloy spend on because all you have to do is raise taxes, spend more and raise taxes more and more!

    Taxpayers will vote you back in because thay are not paying attention and the Dems have the total blessing of the Hartford Courant that is supporting the bankruptcy of CT.

  2. Underfunded or Over Promised?

    Ct’s Pensions are only about 55% funded, where will the money come from? Have the DEMS who gave raises in lue of funding pensions responsible? The Unions squalk that thay are under funded yet bagrined for raises and were happy with that.

    Greece made the same promises and the pension funds went Bankrupt! Pensions were cut 40% or more! When will austerity hit here in CT? Why is this not a camapign issue?

    Has CT Dems who have controled the legislature for the last 30 years Over Promised? How can they deliver the billions they need?

    Is CT the next Greece? or are we already there?


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