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Psychic Lisa Lanno In Hartford Aug. 10

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While you may or may not believe, there is something intriguing about the paranormal and the potential ability to connect with a loved one who has passed. With that in mind, mark your calendars for Aug. 10 when, Lisa Maria Lanno, a Massachusetts intuitive (psychic) medium comes to Hartford Stage. There she will present a two-hour program, “Messages From The Other Side & Psychic Reads.” Born and raised in Boston, MA, Lanno, a widow whose late husband grew up in New Britain, is doing several programs in Connecticut including the Hartford stop, and Spilled The Beans with Java about what she does and how she does it when it comes to “the other side.”

Q: The first thing when many people read this will be “this is bunk.” Your response?

A: Most of the time when I find people who have never tried it and say that, I tell them that there are absolutely frauds when it comes to communicating with the dead. And if they are just cynical and don’t believe it is possible, I am not going to change their minds. If they are skeptical and not sure, then I explain what I do and the science of it. If you want my opinion, more people do than don’t believe in the paranormal and mediums. I don’t want to change anyone’s mind if they are not open. It’s like Western Medicine. I don’t happen to believe in it but if you want to get chemo, go ahead. I will stick to what I believe.

Q: So how did you come become one who is not a fraud?

A: I don’t believe in being a fraud in anything I do. I tell people check my references. You do that for other things, doctors, mechanics, people to work on your house. So I always tell people to check my credentials and see what I have done and where I have been. I have no clue as to how I got the gift of being a medium. I had it and was afraid to use it. I was actually very afraid of anything to do with dead people and did not know what to do with this ability to communication. It wasn’t until I was 54 that I acknowledged it and began taking it out to the public. We get our gifts when we are ready.

Q: What is the psychic gift about?

A: I think everyone is psychic. We all have the ability, that gut feeling about what we should or should not do when it comes to making decisions. Some of it is just intuitive. In my case, it goes beyond that.

Q: Is there a comfort for people when they believe in the spirit medium and can connect with those who have passed?

A: The medium or psychic can give you some personal validation, although some people take it too far and want to know things like the brand of the guy’s underwear. I can bring you the messages from the deceased. It isn’t necessarily what people are expecting.

Q: There are several tv shows that tap into the power of a medium. Has that helped or hurt the validity of the paranormal?

A: I think it has helped in some ways. It helps the legitimacy. I think it helps people not to be afraid to say “yes, I believe.”

Q: Besides your shows, how else do you use your ability?

A: I am the founder of G.O.N.E. Paranormal- Ghosts of the North East and have helped with investigations of missing persons.


Tickets for the show that is from 7 to 9 p.m. are $35. Go to for information


New Canaan News Reporter Stripped Of SPJ Award

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The  CTSPJ board of directors has voted to revoke a New Canaan News reporter’s 2012 first place award for in-depth reporting.

The CT Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists board made the decision after an independent investigation determined Paresh Jha fabricated sources in his first place award- winning story on  enabling underage partying which focused on parents’ roles in underage drinking.

Jha, who has been fired from the weekly, reportedly fabricated other stories as well.

For more :

The Other Woman, Wendy Touton, Is The New Mrs. George David

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Former United Technologies powerhouse, 70-year-old multi-millionaire George David, wasn’t alone when his 90-foot Reichel Pugh  Rambler won the recent New York Yacht  Club Race at Newport.  Besides the crew, there  was  his new 47-year-old bride, the former Wendy Touton.

Listed as Wendy Anne David on the crew roster, she apparently became the third Mrs. David in June, shortly after the couple and the Rambler shattered the race record at the 2012 Newport Bermuda Race.

According to Bermuda’s Royal Gazette, the two were married on  the Rambler at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club following the race.  The article describes Touton as the boat’s cook.

She’s a bit more than that.

Touton, a Manhattan mother of two,  was the  other woman named during David’s salacious 2009 divorce from the former Swedish countess, Marie Douglas-David.  Mrs. David number two  wanted an $100+  million divorce settlement in the titilating Hartford Superior Court proceedings and ended up with a lot less, but not before the dirty laundry about their on -again, off-again,  seven-year marriage was very publicly aired.

The divorce went international with Douglas-David  being hyped up as an indulged and demanding trophy wife,  and uber-businessman David as a calculating, coy, self-serving adulterer in the May/December romance. As the divorce hearing continued, steamy testimony surfaced about both their dalliances, with Touton’s name emerging  as the David’s Dennis Basso fur and Manolo Blahnik clad mistress he had met at the Rhode Island Flower Show.

Touton and David made headlines again about a year ago when the two were among several crew members who were thrown from his Rambler 100, after it capsized off the Irish coast during the Rolex Fastnet Race. A faulty keel is blamed for the accident that resulted in Touton and David along, with several other people on board, being swept out to sea before they were rescued.

The newlyweds could not be reached for comment. David was reportedly in London on business.

(Royal Gazette Photo)







Southington’s Logan West New Miss Teen USA

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Ct has a winner!

Logan West of Southington was already a winner when the Courant wrote about her anti-bullying efforts, efforts that netted her an “Outstanding Teen” designation two year ago.

She has taken her stellar qualities  to new heights, tapped as Miss Teen USA Saturday night, and the first Connecticut contestant to win the pageant.

During the competition she noted her anti-bullying program was her proudest accomplishment.


Congratulations!  You deserve it.


(Photo, Miss Universe)

Tom Cruise Shopping for CT Home?

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Reports are Connecticut may be welcoming yet another celeb to its celebrity residential list, Tom Cruise.

The Daily News is reporting the  “Mission Impossible” star, better known these days as “the guy Katie Holmes absolutely blindsided in the surprise divorce proceedings of the decade,” is looking for a secluded hideaway where over-eager paparazzi will leave him, and daughter Suri,  alone.

New Canaan, Greenwich, are you listening?


Dax Shepard Announces Wedding Plans At ESPN

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American actor and comic Dax Shepard was in Connecticut Wednesday for a visit to ESPN where he talked about his new movie “Hit and Run,” with Tom Arnold and fiancée Kristen Bell. A fan of the Pistons, Tigers, Red Wings and Patriots, Shepard, who also wrote and directed the movie that hits theaters on Aug. 24, plays an ex-getaway driver who quits a witness protection program to help his girlfriend get to her job in Los Angeles. It was a dream role come true. Shepard, who also stars in the tv show “Parenthood,” loves extreme sports, is a snowboarder and skateboarder and has raced BMX bikes. He managed to make his way from New York City to Bristol this week despite bad traffic, and when he was done talking to all the sports guys, unwound for a few minutes to Spill the Beans, and wedding plans,  with Java.

Q: Where did the story idea for the movie come from?

A: I wanted to do a car chase comedy. “Smokey and the Bandit” one of favorite childhood movies. That was the one that started it all as far as great car chase movies, “French Connection,” “Cannonball Run,” So I guess my movie is an homage to director, Hal Needham. There are old-fashioned car stunts. Nothing computer generated. All the people in it are really driving. I did all my driving.

Q: I have to ask, the main character’s name in the movie is Charlie Bronson. Was that after actor Charles Bronson?

A: There was a great, great independent movie in England called “Bronson” about a famous prisoner in England who named himself after the actor Charles Bronson. In my book, the character is named after the prisoner who is named after the actor. The five people who see both movies will get it.

Q: What was the best part of acting in your movie?

A: Doing the stunt and the stunt driving. I don’t have a death wish but spending 14 hours a day doing stunt driving for the movie was great. I would get home at the end of the night and think, “Oh God, and I get paid for this.”

Q: What was the best part of your day at ESPN?

A: There were so many good parts. I am a big sports fan and watch ESPN. I’m really impressed by the campus and how everyone is clearly having a good time. It doesn’t look like a job when you are out there dunking basketballs with your boss. It is similar to Dreamworks, one big campus of people horsing around with their bosses.

Q: Soon it will be the new season of “Parenthood,” where you play Crosby Braverman. Any hints on what happens to your character this season?

A: My character is going to explore what it means to be married and not have the option of just walking out the door when you are mad. It will be about making something work.

Q: Speaking of being married, when will and Ms. Bell have a wedding?

A: We will have a wedding when gay marriage is legalized in California.

Q: Seriously?

A: Seriously.

CT Connection To New CBS Co-Host O’Donnell !!!!

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Okay, so some in The Nutmeg State were a bit miffed when CBS  decided to replace CT girl Erica Hill with a new “CBS This Morning” co-host, White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell.

Relax. The state has a reason to claim her too!

O’Donnell is married to Geoff Tracy who grew up in West Hartford and attended Norfeldt and King Phillip Schools. Tracy, by the way, runs five and soon-to-be six restaurants in the D C area with his brother, Chris.

His family, including a proud Dan Tracy,  said Geoff’s first restaurant job was working for Rich Rosenthal at the original Max on Main in Hartford.

And for those who like a little romance, Geoff met Norah the first week of their freshman year when both were students at Georgetown University.

On another Connecticut note, O’Donnell has been a regular participant at the Connecticut Forum in recent years.

And oh yes, I knew the names sounded familiar! Remember when Geoff and Norah, parents of three,  talked to Java about their then new cookbook, “Baby Love?”


Erica Hill Replaced on “CBS This Morning”

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Connecticut was pretty excited when “CBS This Morning” gave it a double dose of celeb by naming former WFSB anchor Gayle King and Connecticut native Erica Hill as co-hosts (with Charlie Rose) for its reformatted morning show.

Seven months in,  the network has announced Hill is being replaced by chief White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell.

See what the New York Times has to say:

Noodles and Co. Alert For New England, CT And West Hartford

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Noodles & Company is coming to New England, and specifically to West Hartford.

The national chain, described as  “fast casual” dining,  serves noodles, soups and salads inspired from around the world. It is scheduled to open its first location in New England at West Hartford’s Bishops Corner in September.

This from the announcement:

“Noodles & Company’s menu features Asian, Mediterranean and American noodles, soups and salads that range from healthful to indulgent and spicy to comforting. There is something for everyone from kids to adults, and every dish is customizable to please even the pickiest eaters. Favorites include the sweet and spicy Japanese Pan Noodles®, veggie-filled Chinese Chop Salad, creamy Penne Rosa and rich Wisconsin Mac & Cheese®”.

There will be a job fair on Saturday, Aug. 25 from a.m. to 3 p.m.  for interested candidates. The Bishops Corner Noodles & Company will be hiring for 40 full and part-time positions. Applicants should apply in person.

For more information about the new restaurant and its E-club, please visit




CT’s Himes Makes Hill’s “Most Beautiful” List

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The Hill,  the congressional newspaper that publishes daily when Congress is in session, usually is best known for articles on business,  lobbying, political campaigns and such.

It’s most well-read story this week however  is the release of its 2012 “50 Most Beautiful People” list.

And Connecticut Democrat,  Fourth District Congressman Jim Himes, has made the grade when it comes to “hill”  dweller he-and-she-hunks.

The 46-year-old  two-term congressman and former Ralph Lauren model was rated  #16 on the list.

While in college, the story goes, he was spotted by  fashion photographer Bruce Weber and then posed  at a shoot on Martha’s Vineyard.

“I worked very briefly with a local agency on local stuff,” he says in his “50” bio.  “But I was not quote-unquote a model.”

To see more about Himes and who else made the list  go to