And The WCCC Music Battle Goes On With A Protest Rally

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wccc_optApparently a large contingent of tried and true  “new” hard rock  music lovers are REALLY upset at the changes at Hartford’s WCCC 106.9 FM.

So upset that they are planning a full-scale protest Friday to insist that the Asylum  Avenue station abandon its new playlist  and go back to the selective edgy hard rock that was its claim to fame.

According to emails to Java and the Facebook page “Save the Rock:CT Radio,” established within hours of the announcement two weeks ago that the radio station was “expanding” its music format, the rally  at 1039 Asylum Ave. will begin at noon and continue to 6p.m.

From the “Save” Facebook page….

“Due to the growing outrage from “The Rock” 106.9 WCCC’s recent format change, it is time we, the fans unite and stand up and shout “WE’RE MAD AS HELL, AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!”. The decission makers over at CCC have decided that it was more profitable to become another one of the areas countless other “cookie cutter” classic rock stations, in the process, turning their backs on the new and up & coming bands, the metal & heavy metal genres, as well as us the fans, who have supported this st…ation through the years. So what do we do? How do we voice our opinions? We’ve already done the online protests of WCCC via FaceBook, Twitter & email… now it’s time we show a physical presence, that we are many, we are passionate, and we WANT OUR STATION BACK!! Please join us on Friday, March 29th at 12:00 noon (THIS EVENT IS RAIN OR SHINE!!) in voicing your opinion about WCCC’s recent format change. “
The potential protesters are asked to carry a sign or wear a shirt expressing the message, without any profanity, no alcohol or drugs, and are reminded to stay on the sidewalk and not  impede traffic.
By the way, the Facebook page has nearly 5,000 “friends” and a second page, called down with WCCC has also been established.
 Station manager Mike Picozzi was not in the office Thursday so no idea if he will be there Friday to welcome the gang on the sidewalk!


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25 thoughts on “And The WCCC Music Battle Goes On With A Protest Rally

  1. chris

    If i have to hear another U2 song on “the rock” im gonna puke. They’ve lost another listener in me. Its been almost a month since ive heard a Tool song on the radio. Good luck peddling Bob Seger tickets.

  2. Capitalism

    That is a very cute protest. Here is an idea – why don’t all you cute little rebels get together and do something like starting something like a co-op radio station. Then you can listen to anything you want without owning the station yourselves. I Forgot “You are mad as hell” and don’t have the time!

    1. Caitlin

      You should really do your research before opening your mouth and sounding like a complete a$$! Save The Rock CT RADIO, is about trying to have fundraisers, merchandise donations and events to generate the funds to buy our own station. So in the mean the “cute little rebels” are having protest and events to get our name and cause out to the public!Next time do your research before trying to bash other people for trying to make a difference in something their passionate about, before one of those “cute lil rebels’ makes you look like a cute little moron but I forgot you dont have the time because your to busy trolling the internet from behind a computer screen to go out an actually make a difference!

    2. DoubleTroubleSTR

      We have goals…But first, have to get our names out there and pull in some sponsors. We’re bringing our music back to CT…one way or the other. Please come out and support us in our efforts. We are on Twitter and Facebook and have many events coming up that I think you’ll enjoy. :) Thanks for the advice.

  3. Rockman

    Wayne and Garth:

    When you have a radio station run by old guys (Picozzi, who was in the office but hiding under his desk) and Karolyi, what do you expect?

    If you’re going to come out of your mom’s basement, put your efforts to better use. Rage against something like GMOs, not radio stations.

    Rock on, dudes.

    1. Rachel Kelly

      Rockman the station is run by old dudes but please don’t lump Karolyi in with them. Picozzi has been around since the invention of radio and people stopped laughing at his recycled jokes in the mid 80’s. Woody Tanger and Alan Tolz are the suits making the decisions.
      Karolyi has been working at WCCC long before Marlin bought the station. He appears to care more about his fellow dj’s than his boss Picozzi does. After all it was Karolyi who went on air and spoke about Kevin’s death last weekend. Meanwhile, I haven’t seen or heard one word from Picozzi regarding the unexpected death of his employee.
      Karolyi is not in management there, nor is he old. Please don’t confuse him with those other greedy fat cats. He’s one of the good guys.

  4. ed

    i grew up listening to wccc, until 7 years ago when i bought my new car discovered XM radio. I never went back and that’s what these people should do. The music choices and sound quality blow away free radio, plus no commercials or corny dj’s

  5. ed

    its kind of messed up to protest now, considering they just had a dj die this week, from what I’ve been told

  6. vicky

    I like the mix of old and new. but I’d like to hear a little more of the “new” rock. there are some great older bands that I like to listen to.
    maybe it’s my age showing (I’m 49), but I like classic rock and new rock…

  7. Larque Dubs STR

    1) This is just the beginning. We have goals and we’ve got lots of plans in the works.

    2) Part of our protest is about what they’re doing to our much-loved, much-supported DJs. This is just as much about respecting the employees of The Rock and supporting them as it is protesting the destroying of something we enjoy and that made a difference in many of our lives. Please keep that in mind; we’re not exploiting the tragic death of Kevin, neither should you.

    3) Stay tuned. We aren’t going anywhere – keep checking our Facebook and Twitter pages for news about upcoming shows, events and other pertinent info! See you tomorrow!

    1. michael

      couldn’t have said it better myself. deep in my heart i suspect that kevin’s death was partly from all the added stress of these new changes, the heartless decisions of picozzi and upper management over at marlin broadcasting, it really exhausts the dj’s bodies and minds.

  8. John DeGray

    Ive been listening to CCC since i was born (im 14) thanks to my great dad who got me into this music…I like older music…but not old ass BORING music…Motley Crue, Poison, Alice in Chains, Guns and Roses, Metallica…thats the older music they should be playing…not boring shit…along with the kickass new metal music like…All that Remains, Killswitch Engaged, Volbeat, and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH!!!! thats what we want not boring shit…and for the haters…go listen to some b**ch Justin Beaver crap…

  9. former WCCC listener

    I gave the new format a shot and listened to WCCC for the sake of the DJ’s that I grew to listen to for years… The River 105.9 plays heavier music now! I don’t understand why the station thinks that they can compete by playing the same stuff as every other station in the region. I wish the DJ’s the best of luck, but your station is going down the toilet… better start looking for another job elsewhere… try they have the best listings…

  10. Liz

    Picozzi is the program director, not the station manager. He is not professional or intelligent enough to be the station manager. But his lack of a backbone will probably still allow him to permanently hold the position of Senior Ass Kisser.

  11. StopTheNonsense

    @Michael as someone who was a friend of Kevin…please don’t drag his passing into this BS Thank you

  12. buzz lightyear

    I can guarantee the station manager is laughing his a$$ off at all you who think a protest will work. Ratings is what will make the ultimate decision 6 months or a year down the road. I grew up to wccc for the last 10 years and its all I come to know as real rock. Now I listen to Lazer 99.3 in Springfield because I am in the hartford area and can just manage to get enough reception to make do. Hopefully the ratings will keep plummeting to rock bottom like they did before the format change. Why they plummeted before the format change, nobody will know. There’s a big following of wccc in ct. But keep checking the ratings every month from here on and out and see where their ratings are in CT. That will give you the answer if a protest of any sort will work. RIP WCCC

    1. Punk Rawk Chick

      The management is probably laughing that there’s 4700 likes for the Save the Rock Group, yet not even 50 people showed up for the protest. Over one hundred people RSVP’d that they’d be present. The real joke is that management turned the protest into a WCCC event. A WCCC tent was set up and they offered pizza and concert tickets to the protesters. The protesters accepted the free tickets and some even posted pictures on Facebook. Seems ironic to accept gifts from the people you are protesting against. Save the Rock was outraged when Zuko was escorted from the studio, yet wave free concert tickets under their noses and all is forgotten. I’d say this was well played by the management at WCCC.
      Sounds like WCCC isn’t the only sellouts.

  13. Scott Nivolo

    What a bad move…….EMBARRASSING !!!! You should be ashamed !!!! Like we need another “River” in CT. Non-corporate my ass!!! I listened because you were different, trend setting, and original. Now your the same old copy-cat classic rock. The blend of music is atrocious. The placement of the older music is forced and lags way too long. Play 1 good song to make us sit through 2 shitty songs. Sometimes I rush to the radio, just to switch the station (that’s bad). I just can’t listen any longer. So long WCCC….RIP !!!!!!

  14. Bill

    Three words – GET…..A……LIFE! My god! I can’t believe there’s an ACTUAL group out there called “Save The Rock”….WHO CARES!

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