Another Sad Split, NPR’s Faith Middleton And Fern Berman

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Yet another high-profile Connecticut couple has decided to part ways.

Faith Middleton, award-winning host of Connecticut Public Radio’s “Food Schmooze” and “The Faith Middleton Show, and her wife, well-known publicist Fern Berman,  have split.

   “This is a shocking, painful turn of events for me, and a personal matter,” said Middleton about the end of the nearly 10-year marriage. Berman had no comment.

The two were highlighted in the February 2012 issue of Connecticut Magazine in a Valentine’s Day, love themed feature titled “How We Met.” According to documents filed in New Haven Superior Court, Middleton filed for the divorce the month before. 

The couple married in October, 2002  at Manhattan’s Le Cirque 2000, one of Berman’s clients at the time.  The  ceremony was reported in the New York Times. Berman, who has an agency in  Branford,  owned a Manhattan public relations business then.

Over the years, the well-known, gracious couple has been involved  in many non-profit galas including Share Our Strength and MS Taste of Hope, as well as various other fundraisers and events.  

Word of the  split comes on the heels of  another power pair parting.

WFSB personality Scot Haney and his partner, Bushnell’s Paul Marte confirmed earlier this week that they are ending their relationship  after  19 years. 

Marte and Haney were also one of the featured couples  in the February  Connecticut Magazine piece.



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25 thoughts on “Another Sad Split, NPR’s Faith Middleton And Fern Berman

  1. Amy

    How rude is it to put something like this in the newspaper… Its no one’s business. Would you like it if your divorce was splashed in the newspaper?? Probably not. What an awful turn of events for these 2 women. And what an awful decision to publicize it so insensitively. Shame on you!

    1. Judy

      I agree with Amy. This is rude and uncalled for to put this article in the paper. Faith Middleton deserves her privacy. She is an amazing woman and is an inspiration to all of us. I love her dearly.

  2. IC

    These two have always craved and sought media attention. And Berman obviously employed her PR skills and contacts to get the couple into the media and magazines. So neither they nor anyone else can fault the media for reporting on their split. But the fact that divorce papers were filed a month before publication of a romantic puff piece about how they met certainly does not reflect well on Middleton’s candor. Did she not feel obligated to tell the magazine that a divorce was pending? Geez.

    1. Jane

      It takes comments like this to remind me that people like you (homophones) still exist in this state. How sad.

      1. DaTroof

        So if we don’t approve of the lifestyle we’re homophobes? Homophobe is liberal code for anyone who disapproves of the gay lifestyle.

        It takes comments like yours to remind me that there are people like you out there.

        1. Jane

          No, simply because you don’t think gays and lesbians should live their lives as gays and lesbians (which I think is what you mean by the “lifestyle”) doesn’t make one a homophobe. However, expressing disgust at it (such as the “ewww” comment) does. You need to actually read my comment rather than insert your own words into it.

          People like me? You mean the majority?

        2. Frank

          That’s exactly what it means. If you think people are gross because they’re gay you are, by actual dictionary definition, a bigot. That’s you. Own it.

  3. Kathy Payne

    Magazine issues are planned months in advance. It is likely that this article was written and pictures taken in October or even earlier.

    Even if the two couples had let the publisher know about their impending splits, it would have been too late to pull the piece.

  4. JASON

    blah blah blah….as a gay man why is it news that Scott has broken up with his partner and now these two….breakups transend sexual orientation. “Power couples”…what does that mean? what makes a power couple …couples who peddle their love as a marketing tool…really give me a break…seems to me these people are attention seekers and narcistic. I mean think about it…Faith and Fern obviously knew their relationship was in trouble yet they allow themselves to be feature in February’s CT Magazine…..lets move on peopl

  5. Tom

    I hope they remain friends & continue their good volunteer work. Other than that, who cares? It’s a matter between the 2 of them & their families. No one else’s, especailly mine!

  6. Jeff

    This is news?

    If Al Terzi got divorced, would it be a headline in the paper?

    Faith and friend and Scott and friend are people just like the rest of us and deserve their privacy. Were you giving them a promo ad that they are “back on the market”? Let them deal with the heartache in anonymity, just like everyone else.

    But the bottom line is….. except for them, who cares?

    1. susan

      Yes, yes it would along with every move of every other celebrity couple out there. You don’t see everyone’s business ready for you to read in the paper? Are brad and angie gay? You don’t really think this is a gay straight issue. Please.

  7. Jane

    For the second time this week, I will register my complete disgust at Java’s fixation on people’s personal lives, which are nobody else’s business. Particularly so, when the two people involved preferred not to comment. Shame on you.

  8. Barbara

    Why is this news? Two gay couples divorce..big deal.
    So what…must be a slow news day at the Courant.

  9. Cathy

    Has the “Java” column turned into the new”Divorcees”? Who really cares, and if they do, they really have to rechannel their intelect-if they have one.

    1. Klinares

      The dissolution of any relationship is always a sad event.

      Love cannot be legislated.

      Wish them well and support them in this stage of life as they were supported at another more joyful one.

  10. susan

    Kay Perry and Russell brand. Seal and heidi. These people are not gay folks and they all make the headlines. Sure faith and fern are local but they are celebrities nonetheless.

  11. Micky

    I agree these two are narcissists. They are always marketing themselves to the media; so their divorce gets media attention too. Stop the whining. They asked for it. Both are obnoxious.

  12. Micky

    As one familiar with the magazine business, it is not true that the paper goes to press a month before. Middleton should have disclosed that the couple were in the midst of splitting. She made a fool out of CT Mag.

  13. Local

    Middleton works for taxpayer subsidized NPR and her wife has a consulting business. And that makes them a “celebrity couple”? A grandiose description if ever there was one.

  14. ERBENA2

    Mary Ellen Filo is a power celebrity wannabe.
    And has difficulty using proper grammar and spelling, as do most writers over there on Broad Street.

  15. NPR listener

    NPR is not “taxpayer subsidized.” It depends on listener contributions and corporate sponsorship.

    Connecticut Magazine certainly buys into the idea that local broadcasters are local celebrities. The tv stations certainly promote that idea and there may be as many as a dozen readers who feel the same way, maybe more. In any case any newspaper contains many articles of limited interest and nobody expects that readers will read everything in the paper. Marriage equality means that gay people can marry and that means they can divorce. As has been observed before, they can now have the same joys as straight people and the same miseries as well. These two pairs of local celebrities may not be as famous as Brad and Angelina and Jennifer or the Gores or Melissa Etheridge but they are not strangers to local media. If you aren’t interested in the headline you don’t have to look further. Merely seeing the headline will not damage your eyes in any way or do harm to your own marriage. Grow up!

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