Capital Grille Makes It Official! It’s Coming to Hartford

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Chalk up another newcomer to Hartford’s Front Street Entertainment District.

The Capital Grille has officially announced  it will open its second Connecticut steakhouse as part of the Front Street complex.

It has been rumored for months that the well-known steakhouse was eyeing Hartford and company  president, John Martin has finally confirmed the plans.

“We are absolutely delighted to bring The Capital Grille experience to guests in Hartford,” Martin said. “Our convenient location adjacent to the Connecticut Convention Center offers us an amazing opportunity to be part of a bustling destination for shopping, business and entertainment.”


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17 thoughts on “Capital Grille Makes It Official! It’s Coming to Hartford

  1. Sandi

    Can’t wait for Capital Grille to open. They have a wine deal in the summer that is a great bargain……but doesn’t work when you have a 90 minute drive home after eating and drinking.

  2. Roseann Fitzgerald

    Any one remember the “Capitol Bar and Grill” that was in the old Brownstone Restaurant, across from the original Stackpoole, Moore and Tryon Clothing Store? It was the place to go for a great burger and remember the booths?

  3. Heaven Forbid! A City!

    I take it that was another CT suburban complaint? You have 90 minute commute home because you insist on living in the woods :)

    1. Love Cities!

      Wow – that’s quite a snobby comment! If you had any clue what you were talking about, you’d know that Capital Grille is a Boston restaurant. Even if someone lives in downtown Hartford, it’s going to take 90 minutes to drive home from Boston.

    1. Peter Mizla

      such negativity- its this kind of thinking that inhibits progress in Hartford and CT- cities are the future- the exurbs and suburbs the past.

  4. Jory Johnson

    I grew up in Simsbury. Our area has a sad tradition of suburban contempt for the city. People from other parts of the country who come here are puzzled by our suburbs hatred of the city. As an adult and as a parent, I have chosen to make Hartford my home. As racism fades, the cities will continue to grow and suburbs have less and less of a future.

    1. Thoughtful Comment

      I hope that this new development works but I would be surprised if it did. Back in the day, I used to go downtown 44 times a year for hockey games. After games i would go out to eat, and before games i would shop. But nothing draws me downtown since hockey left. Why would I go downtown when it is a hassle to park and a further drive? Infinity music is a possible draw and I’ll look forward to checking that out. But I don’t avoid Hartford out of some sort of ‘contempt’ or ‘racism’ as one poster implied. Rather, I don’t go downtown because it is inconvenient.

  5. JInCT

    Capital Grille in NYC is great, and I’ll definitely dine here once this one opens. I’ve been walking past the empty Front Street buildings ever since they were built, so it’s nice to see some real venues moving in.

  6. Downtown Resident

    As one of the many people to have moved downtown over the past several years, it is encouraging to see more progress in the Front Street district. Attracting the Capital Grille is a real coup, as it is a unique dining destination. The addition of new housing has been a major driver of the slow but steady expansion in retail activity downtown. It is encouraging to see plans for as many as another 2,000 residential units, as the demand is there (to wit, wait lists for one bedroom units in existing buildings) and having more people living downtown will catalyze further improvement in the retail space, which will in turn benefit the city’s streetscape and pedestrian appeal.

    1. Robert

      Although negativity and hatred are still a trend in these blogs, I see a positive trend in the other direction and appreciate seeing actual downtown residents adding positive comments. Too many ignorant suburbanites that fail to see how the success of the city is important to the entire region.

  7. Heaven Forbid! A City!

    I will admit when I misread something, I thought the person was indicating that when this CG opens in Hartford and has a this bargain wine thing, it’s too far away cause it’s in Hartford, etc and that the person was overstating the commute distance.

    In my defense though, the comment was left right after reading all the anti-Hartford comments after the article on Constitution Plaza from July.

  8. Heaven Forbid! A City!

    Thought comment:

    I understand where you are coming from, but it’s frankly an attitude I don’t understand. I’ll be fair though and tell you it’s because I grew up in downtown Boston and don’t consider it a hassle to park in a garage instead of a huge open lot. There isn’t a god given right to free parking in my book and I grew up thinking it was cool to be in the city.

  9. Interesting

    Wow! This is such a great idea. I really hope it brings more foot traffic to the city. Does anyone happen to know when it’s opening next year? Spring, Summer, Fall?

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