Changes At WCCC? The Rock Says It Is Here To Stay

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wccc_optCalm down all you WCCC 106.9 FM fans. “The Rock” active rock  isn’t going anywhere. Play lists will still include new rock from artists including Papa Roach and Stone Sour just as before.

A Facebook fire has ignited in the wake of Hartford’s WCCC radio station’s announcement that it is expanding its music library to also include “old” rock music as well.

“Today at 5 p.m.  through Tuesday at noon we begin non-stop, non-interrupted program of 1069  greatest rock songs of all time,” program director Mike Picozzi said Friday about the changes that are being made by station owner, Marlin Broadcasting. “And then we start using an expanded library that will include older rock music from rock stars like Eric Clapton, ZZ Top and Stevie Ray,” he said. “We will still be playing new rock music but old rock as well for a  broader audience of listeners . The Rock isn’t going anywhere.”

The independent station that markets itself as the only non-corporate operation in the state, has a  broadcasting stable of djs including Raven in the Morning, Klonk in the Afternoon and Mike Karolyi.

So why the change?

“Why not,” said Picozzi.

And as far as the logo? Still “The Rock” for now.

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77 thoughts on “Changes At WCCC? The Rock Says It Is Here To Stay

  1. Michael

    Do you really need to ask “Why?” It’s pretty obvious they just weren’t making enough money. If they think this is going to save the station they’re nuts.

  2. Chris

    Why change? We have ENOUGH classic rock stations in CT, we go to THE ROCK to listen to the stuff NOONE else plays, your DJs now sound like corporate drones, your station identifaction sounds like its being announced by the movie phone guy, you dont play listeners phone calls anymore, you took THE FUN out of THE ROCK. I hope the transition fails, you deserve it for alienating the core fan base for extra dollars, that means you sold out to try and grab the fans from the other stations that didnt listen to you for a reason, you didnt play what they liked, you played what we liked. Now you play what they like and dont play what we like AT ALL, you are NOT playing anything new or modern and I’ve been counting the days and I have yet to hear anything you used to play prior to the change. picozzi, you are better than this.

  3. Sam Steinberg

    How about digging a little deeper into this as this is nothing but corporate BS. How can it be “The Rock” when they’re not even calling themselves that any longer. Just simply 106.9 WCCC. Sorry, there are thousands upon thousands of people that want the truth and answers.

  4. Elohim Ekim

    If we wanted to hear artists like Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton, we’d listen to 105.9.

  5. eric guilmette

    I dont care if its old or not when ever I tune in now its a bunch of classic rock if want to hear alot of classic rock theres a station in Massachusetts called rock 102 Springfield classic rock i want more newer music not Clapton or bad company i want Disturbed art of dying papa roach stone sour bands from this century its 2013 not 1980

  6. Eric

    I never understood how a company could be non-corporate when their parent company, Marlin Broadcasting, is a subsidiary of Cox Radio.

    1. Zach

      You know that’s just a blatant lie, right? There’s absolutely no connection between Marlin (The Tanger family) and Cox?

  7. Rich

    oh yeah, they are going somewhere’s – right to the bottom of the Hartford Advocate’s poll – and every other poll. Congrats on selling no more advertising now that you lost your entire listener base.

  8. Becky Wilde

    Alienating the fan base and creating sponsor boycotts and Mike Picozzi says “Why not?”. Can’t believe they would implode like this.

  9. Radio Guy

    Eric, Marlin is not a subsidiary of COx Radio.. never has been. Marlin Broadcasting is owned by a family.

    THey did own a Miami, FL station which they sold to Cox.

    Get your facts straight before you complain.

  10. Alan Tolz

    My name is Alan Tolz and you may know me as Big Daddy on the air. I’ve been in the radio industry for over 30 years, and I am proud to serve as EVP/COO at Marlin Broadcasting. I am also an author, a music fan, and a faithful husband and father.

    Let me clear some things up here.

    First off, Marlin Broadcasting is not owned by Cox Radio.
    Secondly, while Michael Picozzi is 106.9 WCCC’s program director, he had little to do with the shift in our music to more of the greatest rock songs of all time. Michael serves in more of an administrative role at the station, and I (with the unwavering approval of our president Howard “Woody” Tanger) am ultimately in charge of programming.

    This is a very exciting time for 106.9 WCCC as we regain listeners in the valuable older male demographics. We no longer cater to the young “hard rock” fans, and quite frankly, we don’t care if they are upset with our new direction. That’s not what WCCC is anymore.

    106.9 WCCC believes that we have Connecticut’s brightest, most talented personality in our own Ms. Klonk. Look for her to take more of a lead role in growing our brand. Here’s a hint: set your alarms a little earlier!

    Thank you to all of our listeners and welcome to everyone who will be checking us out again!

    1. Jessica

      In response to that ignorant statement about how WCCC needs to cater to the older male audience; I would like to say that is a load of crap. We have radio stations in CT that cater to them, they are called WPLR and WHCN. Those are for the mindless drones of society. WCCC “was” special. The hard rock genre of music has some of the most loyal fan bases out there. In addition; Connecticut has an extremely up and coming local scene which will be totally shut out of any and all radio play with this change. I am a 41 year old woman and the ONLY radio station that I usually listen to is WCCC. Well no longer, I will now listen exclusively to satellite or my ipod. Kayla Riley and Shannon Gunz are the up and comers in the hard rock genre. I used to appreciate the fact that Miss Klonk was in touch with the girls that liked hard rock music. She gave us girls someone to connect with. Now you will just turn her into another drone. To say I am disgusted is an understatement, I think you all need to really think this out. You will fail if you make this change, the world does not need another WPLR, I can assure you of that. As of today I will no longer listen to WCCC and I will be sure that any friends no longer do. Break ups are hard, and I am sad to see it end, but I refuse to listen what is now mindless music. Goodbye WCCC, its been fun.

    2. U SUCK

      Maybe THIS will get your attention!!!! I HAVE A LIFETIME SUBSCRIBTION TO SATELLITE RADIO & STILL LISTENED TO CCC!!!!! THAT’S RIGHT… Listened to Howard Stern in the morning & then switched to CCC. Want to know why? Because the Jocks are great, I liked winning prizes & even supported your sponsors!!! I could have just switched over to “Octane” on satellite, but your format was almost exactly the same & loved your Jocks & the prizes! It wasn’t broke & u went & tried to fix it! HUGE MISTAKE!!! I’m 50 & all my friends are @ the same age. We USED TO LOVE CCC, but you ruined it!!! NEVER used to change the station & now I can’t even stomach it!!!! You have the BEST on-air personalities & USED TO have the best music (current HARD ROCK) IN THE COUNTRY!!! Now it is un listenable!!! Change the name of the station to “The Stream” cuz it’s WAY WORSE THAN “The River”! How can you say that you don’t care what the younger listeners think??? They are the VERY people that BUILT the station to what it is (or was)!!! And what makes you think it’s ONLY YOUNG people that listened??? Not only will I NO LONGER SUPPORT your sponsors, but I WILL ACTUALLY CALL EACH & EVERY ONE OF THEM & TELL THEM WHY!!!!!! I’m also spreading the word to EVERYONE I KNOW TO DO THE SAME THING!!!!! Without sponsors OR listener’s, where will you be then??? You won’t listen to us, so the only way to get our point across is to hit you where it hurts! IN THE POCKETBOOK!!!!! YOU HAVE FORCED ME TO GO BACK TO ONLY LISTENING TO SATELLITE RADIO!!! I encourage you to rethink your position on this matter & LISTEN to your fans!!! Better hurry tho, cuz we are ALMOST ALL GONE ALREADY!!!

    3. Chris

      Hey Alan, I’m 44, so I would guess I’m in that target audience you’re shooting for. . . well every single friend of mine (my age) are disappointed in the change. Just sayin!

    4. Mark K


      I’m sorry to say, you are clearly out of touch with your customer base. I am a 44 year old male, well educated, and I wear a corporate suit. I understand business, and the tough decisions that sometimes need to be made. In this instance, your decision to change the brand identity of The Rock will prove to be terribly miscalculated. I find it extremely ignorant of you to blatantly state you don’t care to cater to the young hard rock fans anymore, nor to care if they’re upset with it. In reality, there are both young and old fans that appreciate new and/or hard rock. I, along along with many of my fellow older male demographic friends, have been a fans of WCCC for many,many years. WCCC was in a league of its own, with some of the most talented and energetic DJs, and a music format that differentiated it from all of the other corporate cookie cutter stations in Connecticut. That is no more. Unfortunately, rather than gaining in an older demographic, you stand to lose listeners and sponsors of all demographics, as I and many loyal fans of WCCC are moving on. Your ignorance alone is reason enough to make the switch any other station. I wish the best of luck to the DJs.

      Mark K.

    5. Meg

      Glad to know where your loyal listeners stand with you. I am sure I am not the only one that won’t be back. Oh, that’s right, you don’t care!

  11. Chris

    Guess what, Alan, bad press is a horrible way to start a transition, eventually you’ll be crawling back to us to get back the listeners you were trying to force away from 3 different stations. Word of mouth will spread, you will have angry folk (I will not use the word “fan” as I no longer am one) and I guarantee you that you’ll pull a 104.1, who might I add returned to their original format after a drastic change.

    You obviously violated the WCCC mission statement by saying you dont care what we think, well we don’t care what you think and we’ll continue to support our “Hard Rock” WCCC, not this “just like the others” classic rock station

  12. Kerry

    @ Alan: This is insulting to your “Young Hard Rock Fans.” My husband and I are your typical DINKS (dual income, no kids) in our mid 30s who make a decent wage and like to SPEND our money on things we take an interest in – in our case, concerts. Music. The very restaurants and businesses who SPONSORED YOU. There are PLENTY out there like us who will be taking our business elsewhere and making the full move to satellite radio.

    As for the line of garbage about expanding the musical library – Um no. Personally, I called twice to request a song and was told that wasn’t possible. My husband and several others have as well, only to be told the same thing. That’s not expansion; that’s replacement.

    Now. As several people have pointed out on Facebook, had you guys leveled with the fans and given us a head’s up, this might have been received in a better light.

    When you even have well-known bands complaining and spreading the word on behalf of fans, I think that says quite a lot.

  13. eric guilmette

    Good bye Wccc you just conformed to the rest of the sorry stations in CT why change your format there is already 99.1 Wplr that has the same format 105.9 the river and Rock 102.1 in Springfield Mass so now you have sold your soul good bye farewell amen Wccc

  14. Bry

    Terrible idea Alan. Alienate the entire market of current WCCC listeners..If people had only read this article, they might not be so turned off by the changes and still give it a shot. But the fact that you decided to chime in will hopefully drive that entire market elsewhere. I hope you understand how truly stupid that was.

  15. jason

    Alan: I am 42 years old professional with disposable income and a former WCCC listener. I listened to WCCC since high school to hear new hard rock that no other station would play. There is no reason for me to listen to WCCC anymore. If I want to hear classic rock, I could just play CDs or listen to a different station.
    WCCC used to be “Plan B”. You are jealous of the money that McDonald’s (WHCN),Burger King (WAQY), and Wendy’s (WPLR) are making. You think you are Five Guys but you are just the second McDonald’s in town.

  16. Scott

    Connecticut does not need another “old fart” classic rock station. I am mid 40s and I can’t stand listening to music that’s 30 to 40 years old day after day after day after day after day on the radio. Santana? Really? If you just tune down the Dial to 102.1 and 99.1 you’ll find that exact same format. As a matter of fact my only FM radio contact now is about 30 minutes in the morning with Jay Raven. After that the rest of my day is Octane and Howard Stern on Sirius. Guess I’ll just get another sirius receiver for the bathroom! Enjoy the crash! Connecticut rock radio is truly doomed…

  17. Allie

    Wow Alan. Could you possibly have insulted More people?? “valuable older male demographic”??? and “We no longer cater to the young “hard rock” fans, and quite frankly, we don’t care if they are upset with our new direction.”???

    I’m an “older” woman and business owner, who listens to hard rock / metal.
    I guess I’m non-existent by your standards. I’m sure glad I never went ahead and bought Ad space on your station considering I’m not even in a demographic that you care about on any level.

    I’m sad to have to leave the wonderful DJs that I love. But I’m not wasting my time with a station who feels my opinion is worthless.

    I hope your sponsors get to see this and realize how many “valuable” listeners you just threw away.


  18. Morgan

    Strange on how the idea of this station was to hold on to a niche market that is obviously still there, and yet they put things up that state “we don’t care”. You don’t have to be a genius to recognize when saying something like that is a death knell. Not trying to be dramatic, but when their official page loses something like 20 thousand people in a few days, maybe it’s time to listen to the words coming at them? Very sad, and I will miss listening to them on my way to and from work.

  19. Alan Tolz

    While whoever went to my Facebook profile and posted information here in my name was very articulate, they were not ME. Please remove the post attributed to my name.
    Thank you,
    Alan Tolz
    Marlin Broadcasting, LLC

    1. Len Stetson

      Nice try trying to act like the first post is not your own whats a matter afraid you chased away everyone but old men (by the way i’m one of those old guys and you chased me away too)
      As for you Woody you might want to reconsider whos steering the ship.

  20. William Mackie

    My Comment to Alan Tolz, So proclaimed “Big Daddy”, your comments come across like a Pompess Ass. The only thing you will soon find out is when all your sponsors drop your station because us previous listeners refuse to listen to the crap your promoting. I say the hell with WCCC and the hell with you hello to Octane, the ones that didnt sell out!!!!

  21. Woody Tanger

    I’m Woody Tanger, the President of WCCC. During the past few days, I’ve been reaching out to some of you who’ve posted on the WCCC Facebook page. Not to placate but to explain some of what we’re doing and why. WCCC is and always has been a rock station. I just listened and that sure ‘ain’t’ classical music like on WCCC AM 1290. We are a local outfit, not one of the big groups. As I write this, we’re playing over 1,000 rock songs. When this ends Tuesday at 12 noon, I hope you’ll like the product on the other side. We’ve been the local owners, again local non corporate, for 15 years and each of our listeners is important. But, we also need to grow our audience with a wider appeal. Demonizing WCCC or any of our employees is just plain wrong. You know, to be blunt, the most important thing we do is our community service, not rock music. From helping Children’s Hospital on the past with our Hummer Fleet to raising money for local charities, that’s what really counts in life. And we don’t play second fiddle to anyone in the public service department. So lets keep things in perspective. Thanks, Woody

    1. Kerry

      @Woody Tanger – Gosh, is that why 104.1 stepped in to correct a so-called charitable act for a disabled woman a couple of months ago? You know, the one who won your contest to kit out her van so she could get around?

      Right. I don’t exactly think “community service” when I think of the Rock. That was sort of a PR nightmare, and you’re only digging yourselves deeper with comments like that.

      We don’t want your “product on the other side.” We want our rock music back. Being told we can’t hear songs we request or hearing nothing but silence on the Facebook page = very very unhappy, alienated listeners. Listen to you fans and to the bands who your station has helped bring front and center. Some pretty big names out there have this situation on their radar and they don’t like it either.

      This new format is a joke! Maybe your company needs some fresh new management, not some older guy pushing what -he- likes to hear.

  22. Bruce

    Alan, to say “we don’t care if they are upset” is the worst thing someone can say in ANY industry. You just turned your back on a devote user base and WCCC will surely suffer as a result. How do you think that affects your image? Your statement makes you sound like a complete jerk. You won’t be getting any of my listening time any longer.

  23. JD

    Radio 104 is a better sounding radio station anyway…they do more for the community, have a better staff, act more professional, and don’t violate FCC laws like The Rock does (I’m referring to the Planet of Sound CD money). Your product is bad, offensive, advertiser un-friendly, and your management is pathetic–from the PD to the salesmanger. Good luck selling your ads now…your product was bad before and it just got worse.

  24. Mike D

    The fact that no-one said anything or acknowledged the change until after it happened made it worse. Even if The original post wasn’t Alan, The listeners were already told how “important” they were when ignored until they started asking questions.

  25. Jason

    Come in guys. It’s a god damn “long con” April fools. You guys are so damn gullible.

    1. Len Stetson

      The best thing they could do to save face is to do just that call it an April fools joke

  26. Adam

    Should have gone all EDM and set a trend with all facets of electronica instead of whipping the guy that is beating the dead horse that is classic rock, or rock of ages or whatever we are supposed to be excited about. I used to work for WCCC and everyone from the top down were/are great people. Definitely not one of the big boy radio corporations. They are,however, in the game to make money and grab listeners. I do not agree with this backward-looking format change;as the goal should be to compete with mobile and digital media and capture that audience, instead of fighting for the over 40 crowd that does not want to hear Rod Stewart first thing in the morning. Time for some forward thinking young blood at Marlin and WCCC. Just my $.02

  27. Alan

    At some point on Friday night, someone posted on this blog in my name, and while some of what they posted was factually correct – the part they could find openly on my FB page – he or she said the following, “We no longer cater to the young “hard rock” fans, and quite frankly, we don’t care if they are upset with our new direction. That’s not what WCCC is anymore.” If I had said that, I would deserve everything that followed that post on this blog, and more. Now…here’s what that “imposter” didn’t know, because it’s not on my FB page…From August 9th to August 12th of 2009, I spent a lot of time listening to a Boston radio station where I used to work end a 41 year history of being “The Rock of Boston” on the FM band. The Company that owns that station and made that decision owns the most successful group of radio stations in Hartford, if you measure success by the amount of money they earn. They do it by doing everything they can to get the most “reported listening” which allows them to charge the most money per commercial. That same Company owns the Classic Rock station in Boston, and on that day, they said to me and every other “new rock music” fan in Boston, “you’re less valuable to us than someone else”, and that’s why I would NEVER say, “We no longer cater to the young “hard rock” fans, and quite frankly, we don’t care if they are upset with our new direction. That’s not what WCCC is anymore.” As part of the decision making team at WCCC, I’ve read many impassioned comments in many places about our radio station, its DJ’s, its management, its position in the marketplace, and the most passionate are about how we play music other stations don’t. That has become a problem for us, because it excludes many rock fans who don’t like a certain style of rock, and we can only survive economically if we compete for that “reported listening” among a bigger pool of rock listeners, but we’ll still do it. It’s a matter of balance, and that’s what we’re working on now. Here’s the real deal: After our “1,069 songs”, You’ll hear Godsmack, FFDP, Shinedown, and new ROCK music from others on WCCC that you won’t get elsewhere, but we have to stay in business so we will be playing rock that spans the history of rock music.
    And it’s important for fans of WCCC’s DJ’s to know that the reason we choose to rebalance our rock music rather than do something completely different is because the goal is to keep as many of those DJ’s employed as possible. On another note, at NO time during the “1,069 songs” have you heard the words “Classic Rock”. Each of those 1,069 songs has been a part of WCCC’s history right up until last Friday at 5 PM. Many of them will be a part of WCCC’s future. But that future will include NEW rock too. Rock has no age limit stamped on it. WCCC will still be a rock station, but we’re inviting more people to the party, and that’s no reason to leave, only to stay and meet new people.

    1. Len Stetson

      Whether or not you made the first post doesn’t matter at this point (If it wasn’t yours than I’m not sure why you haven’t asked the courant to remove it) what matters is you blindsided all your listeners with this format change without any explanation at all which judging by the response I’m not the only one that feels this way. Again judging by the response to this I’m not sure why you would want to make this change other than with money in mind not your loyal listeners. With four other major classic rock stations in the area I don’t understand why you think we need a fifth. As for the Boston market you absolutely cannot compare the Hartford market to theirs. Boston has 625,000 residents to Hartford’s 125,000 residents not including the suburbs so I do believe Boston can handle a few extra classic rock stations. Two of my sons live in the Boston area and when I travel to Boston and I no longer can get your signal I switch to WAAF 107.3 to listen to the same music format that you used to promote. Funny that 107.3 can keep with the rock metal format with all those classic rock stations in Boston.

  28. Walter

    Hey guys, you ever hear of Pandora? Maybe Spotify? Satellite radio dare I say? You DO have options now. There’s plenty of options out there that’s just as good as turning on a radio….and with these other options – YOU control the playlist! Radio is dead, and they know it, that’s why they’re going after the older audience who will listen to the radio and don’t know of the other options, and who will make the station money. That’s what has ALWAYS mattered. Wake up people!

    1. U SUCK

      I have a lifetime subscription to satellite radio. I still listened to CCC cuz I Love the jocks & because it’s local & a lot more personalized. Frankly, who wants to hear commercials when they can listen to commercial free radio? But it’s nice to hang with the Jocks at concerts, bars & fund raisers! They are truly friends of the listeners & the current HARD ROCK they USED to play was the very fabric of that relationship!!! Now the management has driven a wedge between us listeners & the on air personalities that we love so much! I am the guy that won the grand prize in the Rush Concert ticket giveaway! I took my 12 year old son who is a drummer & when we got to the venue, the arena said they didn’t have our meet & greet credentials. I called the station & Klonk said Lurch was there & would come find us & straighten everything out!!! NOW THAT’S BEYOND LOCAL!!! THAT’S LOVE & RESPECT!!! I TRULY feel sorry the Jocks. We all KNOW they HATE this as much as we do!!!!! Listeners don’t want a mix of new & old! It has to be all of one, or all of the other! Unfortunately, they made the wrong decision!!! So, to EVERYONE on the air & EVERYONE off the air & behind the scenes… We ALL LOVE YOU & WILL MISS YOU!!! IT WAS A GREAT RUN & SAD THAT IT HAS TO END THIS WAY!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU & REMEMBER THAT WE GENUINELY ENJOYED YOUR FRIENDSHIP!!! Steve from Wolcott.

  29. Bob

    WCCC hasn’t been relevant for years. After Howard mornings were gone, so was CCC. All respect to Mike Karolyi who is a hartford radio legend, everyone else, in my opinion would not get a job at any other radio station. They fit the Rock well, or they did, and now that the music change has been made, they will seem out of place. As for Picozzi, dinosaurs belong in museums bro. Listening to the two interns on without J Raven some mornings is a disgrace. I can see why ratings arnt good and the change was necessary. Do you expect that to compete with Gary Craig etc.

    1. Rachel Griffin

      WAAF’s signal can be heard in certain areas of CT. They still rock pretty hard. No one listens to them?

  30. Kelly

    Sounds like Alan is trying to back pedal. Are we suppose to believe someone posted here using your facebook account? Stop treating your listeners like they’re stupid. WCCC is pathetic. They got rid of loyal employees like Holden and Don Steele, but they kept that god awful Picozzi who has never been funny. Raven and Karoyli are the best on that station. WCCC used to make fun of other stations for playing classic rock, but now they’re playing classic rock? Makes no sense. You guys aren’t unique. You’re desperate because you’re ratings aren’t what they used to be. WMRQ has always been right behind you in the ratings and it was only a matter of time before they caught up to you. It’s been awhile since you guys chanted “We’re #1″. What’s up with that? You guys used to rock in 1999 but it’s 2013 and WCCC is having a mid life crisis.

  31. Rachel Griffin

    WAAF can be heard in some areas of CT. They have always rocked hard. No one here listens to them?

  32. AngryJohnnie

    I thought someone had snuck in my car and changed the radio station to the River when I heard Journey playing on Friday. Then Foreigner came on and I was like WTF! As a 52 year old rocker I grew up on Led Zeppelin, Santana, Clapton, SRV, Black Sabbath etc… They are all legends and were leaders of “new” music 30, sorry 40, years ago. They were cutting edge and started a revolution in rock music. The thing I “liked” most about ‘CCC was that they embraced the “new” music of this generation (2013) and played the music of the new revolutionaries. You promoted bands that were just getting started like Halestorm, who just won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance. Or when ‘CCC took a chance on bands like Shinedown or Staind. I understand the difficulty of sustaining a listenership these days but think going “old school” is a step backward. There are already 3 stations, ‘PLR, AQY, and the “River” that play “Classic” rock in our area and I listen to PLR and AQY when I’m looking for a flashback to my youth but I prefer to keep up with what is current, new, fresh and out of the “main stream” of today’s vanilla flavored commercial music offered. As many in the media business keep touting, “we need to attract the young people to our market or we will become a thing of the past”. With all the alternative means of listening to music today, iTunes, Pandora, Sirius/XM, I would think you would try and keep your listeners intact rather than send them searching for what you “used” to offer. Good luck with that! I’ll be looking elsewhere for my music entertainment…

  33. Nathaniel Peterson

    Thank goodness! You can never have too many radio stations that share the same format.

  34. Ryan

    Hey if you like the Rock 106.9 WCCC before they went classic rock, go to and show support, they’re up to over 2400 likes and counting and the more support the better. Hopefully this will show the Rock that people don’t want classic rock and love their old format.

  35. Reality

    Everyone is complaining about the loss the old WCCC. They miss hearing the heavy metal that made WCCC the lowest rated FM station in the Hartford Radio Market. If it’s not working does it make sense to keep doing it? Wouldn’t it have been nice if it did work but it didn’t. They still play 80% of what they did before with the exception of the screaming. I think we can finally put you back on in the office.

  36. Deb

    This is directed to Alan. I am 59 years old, only station I listened to was WCCC. I have switched to WAAF when I can get the signal. Internet radio at home. You say you are playing the history of rock. I lived it, some decades were great, some sucked. There are plenty of classic rock stations in the area, we didn’t need another. I have heard two Steve Miller Band songs on your station in the last.36 hours. Not a great decade. Please put it back the way it was. You have lost a listener here.

  37. Cindy Pinell

    WCCC has always been the “go to” station for good quality ROCK music. Since when has LOVERBOY been a rock group? It seems to me that WCCC has given up and turned to the lame “Rock of All Ages”format. In otherwords… you guys went to the same tired, corrodingly old, crap format that PLR and WAQY play. Although I give those stations credit because I’ve never heard ANY Loverbody songs on their stations and I’ve heard too many of them on CCC’s “1069
    Greatest Rock Songs of all Time.” REALLY GUYS? THIS is
    the format you think will bring in listeners? Well, I got hooked on the music you USED to play and now I have to find someother station to listen to. The new format sucks
    and so will WCCC if you stay with this “WDRC” FORMAT!!

    t hooked on WCCC and a lot of the bands you.,

  38. Hal

    This change is crap. 1069 songs was a dumnb idea, and if this keeps up, you’ve lost another listener, from back when picozzi was on a diffeerent (suckier) station. I can tune in to old rock elsewhere. I want a station that plays a majority of rock, hard rock, metal, not this crap. You’ve changed too much, go back.

  39. mike

    So you think your doing the listeners good with your all new format well your not….its good to see bands stepping up and wanting to save the rock…if your trying to get them not to play in ct then your doing a good job…I can’t believe you SOLD OUT and until further changes in your new format then that’s all you will now be known as and that’s SELLING OUT

  40. Bridget

    WHCN/The River is the “classic rock” station in this area. We don’t need two. If you want a good example of what a hard rock/metal station should sound like, look up KZRR out of Albuquerque, NM and stream that for a few hours. They play “classics” like Stevie Ray Vaughn and older Aerosmith….but also old Iron Maiden, Metallica, Y&T (the 80s stuff a good portion of the WCCC demographic grew up on…as well as Godsmack, Pantera and newer stuff. I have to stream a station that is 2500 miles away because there is no more rock and metal on the airwaves anymore. And that’s a damned shame.

  41. if it dies, it dies

    A rock radio station that uses Papa Roach as their example for rock deserves to fail.

  42. Mario

    Oh come off it alan!!!!!!

    Ive been told better lies by terrible politicians that sound better than the shit your trying to pass off.

    Wccc has never played Brian fucking adams in there musical library ever. But you do know whats in the library i didnt hear? Not one rob zombie not a single hatebreed. Not one switch. Yo know all those local bands you supported because you were non corporate.

    Dont lie to me like i am just some sheep being spoonfed bullshit answers. Its a format OVERHAUL. man up grab that shriveled penut you call a cock. And take responsibility.

  43. AJB

    I’m glad I can pick up Lazer 99.3, an actual station for the listeners! How sad, the one thing you could depend on, turns around and whacks you in the back of the head. It makes me wonder if they are trying to sink the station. Non-corporate my ass, they are owned by Marlin broadcasting! The only thing CCC stands for now is Constant, Corporate, Crap!

  44. Gone Galt

    I know we are all upset about the format change, but we must realize that what they were doing wasn’t working. Look up the Arbitron ratings, they almost lose to a college radio station. Hard Rock and metal are currently in a rut and are not as popular as they should be right now. So they need to change, I do not think the genre they chose was a good one, because of all the competition, but I guess we will see.

  45. BradM

    Not sure what “older” audience you were looking to capture. I am 48 and listened to WCCC because modern music, not the old rock, which is droning and grossly worn out. Too bad, there goes that last good station in CT.

  46. mike

    I have to agree with everybody’s comments,the classic crap your playing sucks,i could listen to 102.1 or the river if i want to hear that garbage.Are you kidding?the doors,steve miller,clapton.Those songs have been played a million times,thats why i don’t listen too those stations.I grew up on that when you were playing it the 70,s and 80,s,i can’t stand that overplayed crap anymore.What a dissapointment,im 46 and like hard rock and metal,not old crappy classic’s.Was a listener for 40 years but im done now!!!!

  47. VH

    Is this an early April fools joke? FYI – I’m a 51 year old female. I also have a satelite radio subscription to listen to Stern, but always tune to CCC after he’s over. I think you need to rethink your demographics. It gets so tiring hearing this old stuff over and over. Blah…guess it’s satelite from now on.

  48. Ernie

    Looking at the ratings, they are getting hammered, NPR is ahead of WCCC, pitiful. Because classic rock works in the Hartford Market doesn’t mean that WCCC should just try to steal some of their fan base. Many other markets have new rock in the top three station in the market. WAAF for example played music the same playlist as former WCCC and they had triple the ratings.

    Part of the problem that I have noticed is during Karolyi’s Commercial Free Lunch Hour was a solid commercial. No one was getting fooled by this, this was horribly dishonest. Karolyi’s entire shift was a full commerical, he was just the voice behind it. No one was fooled by this, which is a shame because he is a great DJ. I stopped listening during the day because of this. It’s been a downhill slide since Mary and Holden in the morning. Raven is a lot better than Klonk. Too many unprofessional interns as DJs. Nothing was wrong with the format, it was just the horrible management. The actual problem with the station isn’t fixed, so the downward spiral continues………….

    It is a safe bet to say you will lose about 50% of your fan base. I’m looking forward to seeing the next batch of ratings, oh and congrats on getting beat by NPR. Sucks to suck.

  49. Ryan

    I can’t believe how bad Wccc sold out! Remember in all their commercials you could hear picozzi making fun of other stations(the river). He would pride wccc in that they didn’t prerecord anything. Now he is saying “why not”. What a tool!

  50. Rob

    This is heartbreaking. I knew when I heard the 1069 greatest songs of all time, something bad was happening. The only REAL modern rock station is gone. I would rave about how awesome the station was, go to the concerts, etc. I guess this means the WCCC sponsored shows of bands like All That Remains and FFDP will be gone. And “Homegrown”…sucks all those band’s won’t get exposure. And “Metal at Midnight”…all gone. Time to sign up for XM, I don’t want to hear Eric Clapton or other classics. Mixed in its fine, but that’s every other station. RIP WCCC.

  51. angry listener

    everyone is mad at picozzi, but he must take orders from someone above his head, after all he doesn’t own CCC, he is just some fat ass old metal head that still thinks he is funny, Raven rocks, Steven Wayne rocks, i don’t mind Klonk

    there station manager is Boyd Arnold, someone should email this guy or call him

  52. Steve

    Wether any of those “Alan” comments were actually Alan Tolz or not doesnt really matter…you did not expand your music library, you replaced it. You say you will still play new rock music and hard rock music, yet when I asked to hear a Staind song I was told “we cant play that song”. Stop trying to blow smoke up our ass, you have no clue and no idea what you have done and that will be reflected in the next ratings period when you are below the crappy River. Hard rock and Metal fans are the most passionate and loyal music fans on the planet. Why do you think there are new hard rock and metal bands coming out everyday? When was the last time Foreigner or Journey or any of the other crap on your playlist had a top 50 or even a top 100 song?

  53. Tim

    Well, we now know “WCCC” stands for (W)e’ll, (C)opy, (C)opy, (C)opy, the crappy “River” station. Live, Local, but forget independent. 30 year listener says “CCC-ya”

  54. Kevin Mooney

    I’m probably in the demographic that WCCC is after (I’m 49). I grew up on music of the 70’s and 80’s. Some of it was pretty good and does deserve to be heard by a newer generation – and there are plenty of stations out there if you want to hear it. Personally, I always thought it was way over played, so I can’t stand that crap anymore. I want to hear something new. A lot of the newer metal sucks. Many of the bands are indistiguishable from each other. It seems to me that the station would be better off trying to find a unique brand once again. Offer something new and different. I’m pretty disappointed with the changes, so I’ve cut way back on listening to CCC; I’m listening a lot to 104.1, but that gets anoying as well. I’d like a verson of both: More alternative with a heavier feel.

  55. ml

    I am a 46 year old female and my son is 15. We both only listened to WCCC. WCCC is a way be bond together, we both love the music and personalities on our drive to work and school. We both are so pissed. The music is WPLR and it sucks. My son now plays his ipod and I channel surf. We no longer talk about “Five Finger Death Punch’s new song”. This blows, I feel lost, and I am pissed in the morning when I get to work because I wasn’t able to “rock out”.

  56. Dan

    34m Shoreline. The presets on my car stereo were 1-WCCC and 2-6 I have no idea.. The signal was limited at best down there in some areas, but I always had the app on by phone to get it just in case. Now, I switched to Pandora. I have heard those songs 543254326325 times before. I liked the “hit or dis” that Klonk had in the afternoon. I have a feeling the station is dead to me now. I guess I might as well switch to PLR since the signal is better down there. But I will still listen to the radio very little. And the App on my phone, I won’t bother using much, since the selection is poor at best. sigh.. I want to vent more, but I think this site shows enough. There is really no demographic for this station. I know people in there teens, and people retired that listen to WCCC. THere was no need for this.

  57. Not me

    I stopped listening to WCCC after the morning guy said that Lifetime network was only for women that have been raped because its full of drama. Also, Klonk needs to learn that the word is PICTURE, not piture or pitcher.

  58. 30 yr old Now x Listener

    I just wanted to say that I use to listen to WCCC ALLLLLLLL the time in the car and at work through their website…I can’t vent on facebook because its blocked at my work… Now with the recent format change I CAN’T STAND hardly anything you guys play anymore and it’s a shame! I’m about to give up even trying your station anymore to see if anything “good” is on. I loved listening to all the DJ’s/ radio personalities and don’t have an issue with any of them, but the music selection is just completely unappealing anymore. If I wanted to listen to horrible older music I would have been listening to 99 Rock or the river 105.9… But I chose to listen to WCCC guys because it WAS good newer rock music that I couldn’t hear on any other radio station in CT. Now you just play a bunch of horrible crap! UGHHHH!!!!!!!

    – Very disappointed, Soon to be X-Listener.
    Satellite Radio here I come!
    P.S. If you EVER get some sense to change your format BACK ide love for you to notify me because I dont think im going to be checking anytime soon!

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