Dan Lovallo Gone From WDRC

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Brass will not say why, but apparently Buckley Radio’s longtime WDRC-AM afternoon talk show host Dan Lovallo is gone as of today.

Station boss  Eric Fahnoe wrote via text that he had no comment on Lovallo’s departure.

Lovallo however, said he was notified Monday that he was being let go as part of a budgetary move.

“The station has decided to go in a different direction and I understand that,” said Lovallo who joined the station in 1996 as news and sports director. Lovallo  went  on to land his own afternoon talk show as part of WDRC’s  Talk of Connecticut in 2006, billing himself as “Connecticut radio’s true conservative voice.

 “I’m going to miss the show, the calls and the listeners but I understand the station management’s discretion to change programming,” he said. “So now I am a free agent.”

References to his show has been removed from the talkofconnecticut.com website.CBS syndicated show with Rita Cosby is being broadcast right now (Monday afternoon)  in Lovallo’s usual time slot. 

Fahnoe has not announced what will permanently replace Lovallo’s  show.  


Last evening, by the way, this was posted on the Talk of Connecticut Facebook page.

“Due to budgetary constraints the Dan Lovallo show is no longer on the air on The TALK of Connecticut. We wish Dan nothing but the best in his future endeavors.”





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102 thoughts on “Dan Lovallo Gone From WDRC

  1. mfs

    Sad, sad news. He did a great job. He’ll brush himself off and come out on top again. All the best to Dan.

    1. Irv Winsome

      Not sure I agree about Lovallo being so great. I thought he was kind of sophomoric and a bit of a bully when in front of a microphone, especially with his references to intelligent people like the Governor, the President and the former Connecticut Attorney General. He patronized people like Sarah Palin, Linda McMahon, Laura Ingraham and Martha Deane. Lotta good they’re doing him now.

      1. Bill from Middletown

        You don’t know what you are talking about, Winsome. Dan never patronized anyone and he most certainly never supported Linda McMahon. Nor did he allow anyone to get away with spinning the issue or dodging the question. That is what makes Dan a good interviewer.

        Friday, Brad had a caller on the program wondering why we never heard from certain callers anymore, including Elaine from Southington. Brad had no answer. I called him later, and ‘splained that the reason Elaine et al stopped calling, was because they stopped listening. Coincidentally, they stopped listening/calling when Dan was fired. No one believes that was not a politically motivated firing, no matter what Fanhoe says.

        1. Bill from Middletown

          PS I listen to Brad in the AM, but less than before, and once he signs off, I turn to Jim V at 1080. Once Brad leaves DRC, I’ll be done with them for good.

          1. Irv Winsome

            I agree WDRC isn’t much worth listening to. Brad’s a tired old fossil who’s job is basically that of a booster. Lovallo screened out anyone who didn’t agree with him. He only interviewed wingnuts and conservative politicos or those from right wing organizations with an agenda. Where he’d come down on an issue was always predictable.

            Until 1080 gets rid of the felon ex-gov, I’ll pass on them too. Can’t listen to all that hatred during the workday.

  2. J. Stan McCauley

    I don’t know the internal decision making process that goes into the decision at WDRC 1360 am side of the radio network, but to not have Dan Lovallo on the air doing what was that last radio show that called it like it is, is quite simply outrageous!

  3. toni from whart

    this is the most dumb-ass move this station has ever made, & there have been a few. i have no reason to tune-in anymore, drc is stabbing their listeners in the back. sorry, i enjoyed the station in it’s heyday. i am posting a BOYCOTT on fb for ALL SHOWS on this station, & all you have to do is ask jim vicevich to see if it works. am gonna miss ya, drc, but 1080— here i come!

    1. Irv Winsome

      It was done for solid business reasons: Dan wasn’t selling anything for them. Decent sponsors found him too controversial. Too much of a hate monger, and they had quite enough of that coming off the syndicated shows like Ingraham and that other sociopath, Savage without Dan doing his wannabe routine. He should have learned from Brad, and stuck to the crass boosterism the station is known for.

      Dan: Connecticut isn’t a red state, no matter how much you wish it was, it will never be.

  4. john z

    Station had to cave in to the state. Will tell any sponser i will not buy any product from them.Bad enough you have INFO MERCHIL Davis on in the am with his co host who brings nothing to the table.

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  6. Karen

    Eric, what are you thinking? In case you haven’t noticed Dan was the best thing you had. It looks like you’re station will not be one I’ll get news from anymore. Looks like the higher-ups in the state have spoken. Budget cuts, I don’t think so. Not listening any more. As you loose your listening audience, You won’t need to worry about your budget cuts.

  7. Robert Johns

    So long, WDRC. Lovallo was your best asset. Want to be serious about budget cuts? Retire self-important Brad Davis.

    1. Victoria1555

      I so agree……it is long past time for Brad to “go fishing” RETIRE!! I’m not going to turn the station on every again…..Thank God I’m moving to another state. :)

  8. DJB

    Just like “Talk of the Town” radio show was removed from the air years ago by a liberal for getting to close to the truth now Dan is being taken of the air. Looking forward to his new show hopefully in the area. By the way I will not only not listen to the replacement show I will make it a point to switch my purchases to his new sponsors. Put that in your pipe Mr Fahnoe.

  9. Jennifer

    this is horrible news for the conservative listeners in CT.

    Dan’s show offered wisdom, intelligence and information for anyone who tuned in to make responsible informed choices on the many aspects that make up this impossible world we live in. The show offered insight on some of the details of government we may never have known about, the loopholes in bills/laws that were hidden in jumbled legal jargon….offered interesting and unique guests and was he was quite up front with callers.

    He has a strong following of intelligent and faithful listeners, myself included, who will follow his broadcast no matter where it lands. My hope is to see him run for office.

  10. Dobbs

    They should have given him a raise in pay. My radio dial will be moving in another direction, toward WTIC 1080. Nothing left for me here.

      1. Bill from Middletown

        You mean like how YOU don’t have both ores in the water, Irv? Either you listen to AM radio or you are running your mouth without any first hand “knowledge” whatsoever, repeating someone else’s ramblings.

        Either way, liberalism is a mental disorder!

        1. Irv Winsome

          Oh, I listen often enough to be qualified to make the kinds of statements I do. There’s no mystery about why Lovallo got the boot: Look at the 10-15 repeat call-in members of his audience who he always thought were so brilliant. They were imbeciles! Most of them didn’t have two nickels to rub together, and Buckley needs an audience that has the money to buy its sponsors’ products, while all Dan needed was an amen corner. No doubt about it,(as Brad Davis would say) Lovallo was talking to himself by the time they let him go. Art Horn, the hippy, dippy weatherman ought to be next out the door. I don’t want to listen to climate change deniers trying to fake it as scientists.

  11. Dan Mihai

    I cannot believe this!!! Dan was shut down because we have a state run by a bunch of hyenas that love to ruin the state without someone calling on what they are doing. I hope Malloy & Obama to be let go next election.

    I will not listen to 1360 anymore and I hope they go bankrupt. Oh, wait they won’t since the are kissing Malloys ring…

  12. marky maypo

    What a stupid move, DRC is afraid of the liberal Malloy who stole the election, and is running the state into the ground, just like the idiot from Kenya is ruining the country. Dan was the only one telling the truth on DRC, as Davis tries to white wash everything and make nice with the libs! Then the AP news is nothing but a Obummer pep rally every half hour! I’m moving my dial to the left permently, apparently TIC has the guts to take on Malloy the liar. The free loader democrats won’t have any more money to steal soon, as all of the money makers leave this state in droves to protect their assets. I’m otta here ASAP, and taking jobs with me when I do! How you going to get money out of the illegals Malloy, have fun with that you dumb a–.

    1. Irv Winsome

      I see Markey has memorized the Lovallo rant. It’s not becoming, Markey. Makes you come off like an idiot and a hater.

  13. Donald K. Martin

    Dan Lovallo is “the best”! WDRC has Brad Davis and Mary Jones, both are “pathetic at best” and cater to a small fringe group of seniors and little old ladies! Dan listens to callers while Brad argues with them when they disagree with his views. GoodBye WDRC and welcome WTIC 1080! Sounds like the Buckley/WDRC Management “caved into someone’s demands”!

  14. Ted

    Too much negative talk on the radio. If I were an advertiser, I don’t think I would want constant complainers like the ones on radical right, my way or the highway, negative shows.

  15. Robert Johns

    Ted, your sweeping generalizations reveal far more about your own complaining “my way or the highway” attitude than they do about Lovallo or his listeners.

    1. Tony L

      It’s too bad Dad was let go. He was the last bit of consertive talk on your morning show. Now all that is left is Jim viceavich. Won’t miss DRC in the morning anymore. I use to tune the morning show when Dan was on. Sorry bad move for DRC but great for other networks.

  16. Lin Remington

    Yesterday I listened to John Rowland. I’m very disappointed in WDRC! Ditto to most of the sentiments above.

  17. Grace Lineberry

    So sorry that Dan has been silenced. His true conservatism was a breath of good air. I’ll be looking for him to return to “open” airwaves.

    1. Irv Winsome

      Shutting Dan up cooled down the haters a few degrees, and for that we thank you WDRC.

  18. Northwest Listener

    It is troubling that conservative radio is not only forced to the am dial, but once it arrives great hosts such as Dan are removed from their post. He was and still remains the voice of reason. He would identify with fact, the issues that mattered most to his conservative audience. I predict that he will be hired by a competitor and succeed beyond his previous level. I now have little to no reason to listen to 610am.

  19. Frank Bares

    Too bad! Dan was the best thing for DRC. I would switch to WTIC but to many commercials (W=World T=tops I=in C= Commercials). Good luck Dan. Let us know where you will be going. A good man, bad Decision DRC and goodbye DRC

  20. Joe Walton

    Ted has it right. Among other reasons, Dan’s excessive political bias and negative outlook, e.g., constant bashing of Connecticut, helped to drive me away from WDRC and the station’s sponsors.

    Conversatives have an obsession for certitude and find it on DRC talk-radio with Dan and Brad Davis. Unfortunatly for them, too many Connecticut residents prefer balanced radio broadcast by NPR or reliance on the Wall street Journal or the New Nork Times to gather facts and arrive at their own conclusions.

    Perhaps Dan will find a new job and happiness in a culture that states like Mississippi or Alabama offer. I certaily hope so! Perhaps in the near future Brad can join him.

    1. Robert Johns

      “NPR is balanced?” “Dan belongs in Alabama or Mississippi?” Haha! You’re funny, Joe. And, obviously, you’re a classic leftist elitist who can only argue through insult.

      Of course you dislike certitude. That’s because the left can only support high taxes and big government with barrages of misinformation, while the right prefers to argue based on specifics.

      As for “bashing Connecticut”, when you live in the highest taxed state in the country, only fools pretend there’s not plenty of room for challenging our union run government.

      1. Joe Walton

        Perhaps you might consider joining Dan and Brad in Alabama or Misssissippi. Lots of people there to join conservatives that only agrue based on specifics, e,g, Obama is not a citizen !

      1. bOb

        As for “bashing Connecticut”, it needs to be done and Dan did it well. Liberals have made this among the highest taxed states in the union and the worst state for seniors to retire. The economy is the worst in the history of the state and jobs are still scarce. And our Liberal “leaders” want more tax money, more laws to control our lives and if that isn’t enough, they’ll get more money out of us with cameras at intersections. Cameras that they’ll lease with our tax money. Sounds like an abusive relationship to me.

    2. Irv Winsome

      Couldn’t agree more, Joe. Seems like all these conservatives want to do is to blow up each other’s hate balloons. Facilitators of their animas for the real world like Dan are offering them hope. I say let them get that from their church pulpits. Leave the airwaves to discerning listeners and music lovers. We’ve got enough hate coming at us from Limbaugh, etal. to last us ten lifetimes.

  21. Jim

    Since you let Dan go with a phoney excuse.I Will be
    leaving also.I Hope wtic picks him up.stronger station
    stronger voice.You should have let Brad Go’first.

  22. Marcia

    I really miss Dan’s show. I thought he was respectful to all callers either liberal or conservative. It was the only time I listened to Talk of CT. Please bring him back!!!!

  23. dave

    I thought Dan went on a vacation. I was shocked when I read he got fired. I to will be leaving 1360 am. Dan was the best.

  24. norb

    i think dan tried to wake up people about the state and federal mess. republicans are not great but right now we are being governed by democrats.they need to be held to task for are taxes and spendind.

  25. honky

    all that’s happening here is the result of the buckley patriarch’s death not long ago. the organization is passing into the hands of the next generation whose values are significantly different and they are probably sprucing up the property for sale to venture capitalists or a large media organization. that involves re-imaging from right wing to indeterminate so as to widen the field of potential buyers as much as possible.

  26. Trudy

    I couldn’t do without listening to Brad!!! Very sorry about Dan but his on air time wasn’t good for me but when I could listen I like him but my favorite has always been Brad!

    1. Irv Winsome

      But Brad is such a neanderthal and misogynist. I don’t know how Mary Jones puts up with him. He borders on being abusive.

    1. Irv Winsome

      I think you mean “free lies” or maybe assault with a microphone. Pick one.

  27. dick n

    shame on you DRC. Being retired i looked forward to 3pm mon.-fri. Dan, i’ll miss you. hope you find a station to work at so i can “tune in”. HOPE TO HERE YOU SOON”

  28. Pete from Bristol

    I thought Dan was on vacation. Imagine my surprise when I heard Brad whining about how he was getting clobbered by callers!! Sorry, but Dan was the best show Drc, I really admired how he took on all the phony polititions in the state and in Washington. Chalk up another victory for the Liberals ( oops, I forgot they prefer to be called progressives now!!) Guess I’ll have to listen to WTIC from now on!! Goodbye WDRC!!

    1. Irv Winsome

      Between the antics of your wingnut school board and your jackbooted police force, I don’t see how anyone from Bristol has time to criticize the state Democrats for anything.

  29. Jack

    It would be one thing to say that Dan was just another conservative radio talk show host. The truth is that Dan researched the facts and drew upon these facts to support his positions. He derived the strength of his convictions from the strength of his facts. There was no easy, feel good rationale and political correctness in his making a point and taking a stance. That made his show controversial and so interesting.

    Some have confused Dan’s criticism of the state’s political situation and the rot within state agencies as a criticism of Connecticut. They assume that the individual citizen and the political system are one and the same. They also forget that Dan would take time on his radio show to invite citizens and citizen groups to openly discuss their points of view. And many times, he invited minority and disadvantaged groups to discuss their concerns and issues in a respectful and non political manner.

    There’s nothing left on WDRC to listen to, so I will be removing the station from my radio memory push buttons.

    As to WDRC’s improved financial situation, WTIC’s afternoon audience base will greatly benefit from Dan’s loss. So who wins? And who is Rita Cosby?


  30. Connecticut Yankee #19

    when you add the wattage of the four stations,
    it amounts to 9,500 plus,when the sun-sets I lose
    the stations recption.

    Buckley radio has sunk to a new low.

    All my radios have the pre-set station removed
    WDRC no longer both cars included.

    Keep holding your head high Dan soon we all
    will find you at another station,above 9500 Watts.

  31. Bill from Middletown

    Let’s keep the protest phone calls, email, etc. going to management at WDRC and Buckley Radio. Maybe we can get Dan back on the air.

  32. martin

    Dan’s was by far the best talk show on the station.His program was much,much more interesting then Brad’s.When Brad is on the conversation always comes back to him.He is terrible.Brad has stayed too long at the fair.

  33. LadyLovo

    I will miss Dan very much. He had wonderful insight and was a terrific interviewer – he actually would let his guest speak unlike some other talk show hosts who prefer to hear themselves speak than to listen to the views of their invited guest. Bye Bye WDRC….moving to 1080 with the Gov and Pastor Will.

        1. Sharon

          trying to compare Mallow vs Rowland is a joke. You may not like Malloy, but that’s not a reason to go to jail. Rowland didn’t commit crimes? You’re just like all the other tea baggers. I’ll bet you think Obama should be impeached. Get a grip

  34. rick dattilio

    the best one on radio is gone. I waited for Dan every afternoon but now like the others WDRC you’re gone. Thanks for nothing. We’ll find Dan again. He was too intelligent for you anyway. The poor governor couldn’t take the truth.

  35. Donald K. Martin

    Sharon is really Gov. Malloy in disguise! He writes his replies for Sharon after the Public Service Unions send him emails for their comments. After all, the CT State Legislature and the Gov. and the Agencies are “really run by the Unions”! Connecticut is now “a third-world State”!

  36. Mike Cascella

    As a 1st time voter in CT in 2010, Dan summed up my feelings about CT politics to a T …. “Dannel88″ said it all

  37. charles

    Too bad Gov.Malloy must be sleeping better.This state and their liberals.Highest tax in the country,Worst state for retirees,Still running a deficit.No wonder you want Dan off the air.

  38. Cathy

    I’m going nuts… no Dan… they chop Laura’s time and now they got MARY on in the afternoon.. Lost a very dedicated listener here!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Irv Winsome

      It’s Mary, cath. And you probably don’t patronize their tinfoil hat sponsors anyway, so they haven’t lost too much with you.

  39. Cathy

    or is her name Rita?? I cant listen to ither.. its like fingernails on a chalk board. I’m sure they are nice enough just personally I can’t listen to them in my car and not feel the need to drive into a wall!

        1. Bill from Midletown

          I’m listening to NPR, now; Wait, wait, Don’t Tel Me. For entertainment purposes, NPR is great, but as a credible, unbiased source of news, forgetaboutit! I.e., Ira Glass, This American Life, reporting a false story about Apple: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=ira%20glass&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CDUQqQIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.boston.com%2FBoston%2Fculturedesk%2F2012%2F03%2Fira-glass-mike-daisey-fabricated-parts-steve-jobs-monologue%2FZ9Zhu0zUTRxJ9sRHEo8OzJ%2F&ei=CAJmT53_Jejq0gHD2um2CA&usg=AFQjCNE8pi0zvD2BUDTxTPsTDgLzyGj55A&cad=rja

  40. lorraine foster

    Hi Dan…You had a great show. I listened as often as I could. I will miss your voice of reason. Hope you are on another radio talk show as you are very good. Good luck and all the best.


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