Erica Hill Replaced on “CBS This Morning”

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Connecticut was pretty excited when “CBS This Morning” gave it a double dose of celeb by naming former WFSB anchor Gayle King and Connecticut native Erica Hill as co-hosts (with Charlie Rose) for its reformatted morning show.

Seven months in,  the network has announced Hill is being replaced by chief White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell.

See what the New York Times has to say:

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129 thoughts on “Erica Hill Replaced on “CBS This Morning”

  1. Jean Doyle

    Just changed to CBS Morning after the Today Show dumped Ann Curry. Now they dump Erica Hill so I guess I will try ABC. Not happy with these changes at all!

    1. Nell Summerour

      Need to get Erica and Chris back. I’m not sure which network to watch for morning news now. Do not like any of them really. You really messed up by letting these two go. Do not like Nora or Gayle – too vocal with their personal opinions.

      1. judith cooney

        I completely agree. It drives me nuts when they talk over top of the invited guest. I understand they need to manage the interview times, but often times they are just interfecting their opinions and it appears just plain rude

    2. sandy peccerillo

      in my opinion, she was the only one on that show that had any kind of charisma and the ability to speak well. gayle king is the one they should have gotten rid of. she does not seem genuine in her interviews and mostly screws up her lines. too bad, i’m switching, will give one of the other morning shows a try. i have been with cbs for a long time. they really missed the mark on this one

      1. Pamela Slocumb

        I agree with you, Sandy. CBS should have axed Gayle, not Erica and I too am switching to a different morning news. Or better yet, I’ll just watch our local news and quit watching such biased national news. I loved Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, and Dave Price! PLEASE bring them back!!!

        1. Emma Nutter

          I so agree with you! Harry, Dave and Maggie were the best! Whom ever made that change should have been the one let go!!

      2. Yvonne Cooke

        I agree!! Erica Hill was a plus to the CBS morning news. The only reason I don’t change is because my husband and I both like
        Charlie. I don’t feel the changes are necessarily improvements.

      3. mitch38

        I wasnt happy when Gayls was placed on the show because I didnt see what she could add to the progra. I loved that show; however, after her arrival it became apparent to me that Erica dulled next to Gayle due to Gayle’s vast experiences, the people she has met, the places she has gone, the books she has read..she is so much hard hitting and knowledgeable. Erica seemed to trip over he tongue a lot. They needed someone who could hold her own next to Gayle and come across just as forceful and effective. I am sorry I liked Erica BUT I felt she needed to step up her game… the next thing I knew she was gone.

    3. Patt Hodgson

      Why would you replace Erica Hill. She’s great. I’ve followed her from CNN. I am very disappointed and don’t like how you handle people.
      Nora ODonnell is good, but no better
      than Erica?? Consider your watchers.
      You have ruined the show for me.

    4. N.A.Jones

      I remember Erica Hill, many years ago, on a computer based show called “Call For Help” with Leo LaPort. And was happy when she advanced her carear to CNN and then to CBS, where Bob Schiffer is stabled.(class act)
      When they let Erica go, ther was no reason to stay tuned, with the obnoxious Galye King and Mrs.(Know it all)Nora O’Donald—with a laugh
      that you would most likely heard in a Three Stooge’s Movie—So CBS ask yourself, WHY?

  2. joan

    why? I really enjoyed Erica & Charly Rose. Another favorite is being replaced. After Ann Curry was dismissed, I began watching CBS.

  3. Coke

    CBS should bring back Erica Hill and Chris Wragge. They were both enjoyable to watch and funny. I became a CBS fan when they were there.

    1. roseroutte

      I am very disappointed about both Erica and Chris being replaced. They do wonderful at their jobs. I am a CBS watcher but might look at other channels after this big mistake.

      Big mistake replaceing Chris and Erica on CBS. They where doing great jobs and I am very disappointed. I have always watched CBS and might start watching other channels after this big mistake.

    2. Lori

      I agree, I had been watching The early show for a long time and switched to the today show when the brought on Gayle King and Charlie Rose! I can’t stand Gayle King and why would I Want to look at Charlie Rose’s grumpy face over a good looking guy like Chris Ragge!! The only good one was Erica Hill now she is gone too!! What is CBS thinking!!

    3. Cesare

      Absolutely! I’ve been missing Erica and hadn’t realized she was fired! I am not watching CBS this morning anymore. They have no clue what to do for ratings, but firing anchors we like is not the solution.

  4. John

    Main reason I changed from “Today” was Erica Hill….so now what? She and Charley Rose were a good team…Disappointing.

    1. Joyce Lawson

      I have also stopped watching CBS this morning since they replaced Erica Hill. Bring herand Cris Ragge back.

  5. joy yaw

    wow. i thought they were paying attention when TODAY finally dumped ann curry. but what are they (CBS) thinking? clearly gayle king has the heebie-jeebies, she’s nervous as a cat now. and rightly so. she is the weak link. but erica gave just the right tone of confidence and accessibility. erica and charlie were a pleasant pair. i was shocked, really. and very sorry for this turn.

  6. victoria winter

    I think think they made the wrong call. Loved Erica Hill and Charlie, never happy when it was time for Gayle to come on. Gayle is too flirty and a little too
    much about herself. My chanel will be changing!

    1. joy smith

      My husband and I enjoyed the morning show with Erica Hill and Charlie Rose. Big mistake replacing Erica. Why didn’t you replace King???

  7. aburrell

    Who is the bird brain that makes these decisions? Charlie Rose is not near as smart and charming as he thinks he is. Gayle King is not near as cute and “hip” as she thinks she is. And could someone please tell her how irritating her lilting speech pattern is and her obvious need for all eyes to be on her?The one gracious, professional and non-judgemental person the show had was Erica Hill. Norah is rude and clearly sleeping among Obama’s minions. Let’s just be real and call the show what it will be – Obama’s News and Political Platform, This Morning”. GoodbyeCBS.

    1. Kupton

      Amen, aburrell….I couldn’t have said it better! The liberal bias toward Obama is painfully obvious on the Morning Show and gets worse each week.

    2. Kathryn

      I loved the Morning Show with Harry and Maggie (I’m not a huge fan of Mr. Price). I was sad they revamped the show, but was okay with Charlie, Erica Hill and Gayle, as Erica reminded me of a Kathy Gifford with similar mannurisms. Nora O’Donnell, however, is always argumentative. I don’t like starting my day with such hostility. Reporters should be unbiased and she obviously isn’t. I am an Obama girl and I find her behavior offensive!

  8. harry rich

    I am so saddened to learn That Erica Hill
    Has been taken off the CBS This Morning Show.
    If anyone needs to be replaced. It should be charged rose.
    I have really enjoyed the show since he has been on VC been on vacation.
    All three crews at the FIRE Station. Watched Erica on the CBS this morning. Every day You’ve lost 21 dedicated members. You really should reconsider! We will be Watching for our next move..

  9. Ann Roark

    I agree who are these bozos who keep changing the players I stopped watching the today show because they dumped and Ann curry. I’m just about over watching the morning news shows you watch one story then another commercial and another story another commercial it’s so boring I think I’ll just get my news on the Internet from now on. They all laugh at their silly jokes and do all kinds of dumb skits when you finally find intelligent people they let go of them. The networks just want people that are their puppets what egos they have. Turn off the morning shows.


    CBS HAS SHOT THE WRONG PERSON> ERICA HILL WAS THE CATALYST THAT HAS HELD THE PROGRAM TOGETHER AND THE ONLY PROFESSIONAL NEWS PERSON ON THE PROGRAM> charlie rose and she were an excellent pairing. gayle king is the weak link. she is entertainment tonight in the AM. CBS will remain in the hole with the new lineup.

  11. ghall

    I really didn’t and don’t like any of the boring CBS morning anchors. Charlie Rose acts half dead, Erica Hill had “helmet hair” and Gayle King is a no-talent, Oprah wanna-be!

  12. TM/DFW

    Bill MoranFlorida
    Replacing Erica Hill was the last straw – I’ll never watch CBS again. You had a good team with Wraggie, Jarvis, Hill and Quinn. Now you got Rose who slurs his words, Gayle who would rather be with Oprah, and rude smart mouth Norah who always interupts her target( guest ). So does know it all Charlie. You guys will get what you deserve – last place. Someone needs t fire the exec’s.
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:35 a.m.REPLYRECOMMEND

    jameslions ks.
    who is charly rose, and if it wasn’t for oprha there wouldn’t have been a gayle. you did bad cbs.
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:35 a.m.REPLYRECOMMEND

    I have watched whatever CBS broadcasted on the morning since the Sixties. There have been good times and bad t imes. I will not say where I think things are now, but Erica Hill is a person of intelligence and class. Her loss on this program will be felt. For the first time in more than fifties years of viewership I am thinking of abandoning CBS in the morning.
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:35 a.m.REPLYRECOMMEND

    Beth ApholzAmsterdam, NY
    I have always watched CBS in the AM even though I never cared for Charlie rose or Gayle King..King can’t say anything without saying it a second time….Erica was the only good thing that she is gone, so am I..I will watch ABC or NBC from now on!
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:35 a.m.REPLYRECOMMEND

    Brian GreenBranchburg, NJ
    It is truly unfortunate that CBS has again chosen to release the wrong person! Erika Hill, with Charlie Rose made the program and kept it legitimate. Gayle King continues to inject her opinion and asks Charlie and Erika for theirs (which as professionals, they correctly refuse to share). The role of reporter is to remain objective, not injecting thier position and opinion!! I am sure the only reason Gayle King is still there is because of her friendship with Oprah. CBS, you have successfully removed the last positive anchor to retain viewers! Like other viewers, I will now be going back to Good Morning America!! Bad move CBS!!!!
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:34 a.m.REPLYRECOMMEND

    With Erica Hill gone, I will definitely change the channel. Gayle’s foul mouth, her ignorance of many subjects and her constant interruptions of the guests annoys me. I do enjoy Carlie Rose, but he is condesending to most of the guests. Erica ws my favorite – a class act. Sorry to see Eria leaving the show.
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:34 a.m.REPLYRECOMMEND

    Kathy DiLorenzoPittsburgh
    I was a “Today” show fan for almost three decades. I switched over to CBS This Morning about a year ago and loved the previous line-up of Jeff Glor, Erica Hill and Chris Wragge. I was glad to see Erica Hill come through the transition and Jeff Glor at least in a correspondent’s role – he was my favorite just because of his wit. I’ll be honest, though I knew of Charlie Rose, I was not familiar with his work, nor of Gayle King’s work. But since Erica was still there, I decided to hang in there and give it a chance. Here I am several months later, loving the show, the format, a nice balance of news, entertainment and down-to-earth, yet knowledgeable co-hosts. I’m now a big fan of Charlie Rose, Gayle King continues to grow on me, and I thought Erica Hill perfected the mix. I must say, though, that the ONLY thing that I don’t like about the show is when Norah O’Donnell fills in at the host desk. Guests are on the show to give their viewpoints — not to hear the host’s opinion. She’s combative and, in my opinion, appears to be defensive, which is not an appealing attribute for a journalist. I didn’t mind her at all as the White House correspondent, because she’s good in a reporter’s role, where inserting one’s opinion into the mix is inappropriate and out of order. I can’t imagine I’ll continue to watch the show with Norah now on the front lines. Good luck, CBS, but at least this viewer thinks it was a bad move.
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:34 a.m.REPLYRECOMMEND
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    45gibbyDallas/Ft Worth
    See my comments below re: Gayle King, the “Trump” of the cbs castle….Kathy DiL, you nailed it….my thoughts, exactly, and more below (8/7/2012 circa 2:55 p.m.)

    linda k alvismattoon,il.
    I will no longer watch the CBS Morning Show. Erica Hill is the ONLY reason I did watch. Why would you keep a nobody like Gayle King over Erica Hill. Are the CBS execs afraid of her (O) friend? Erica is a thousand times better than Gayle or Charlie Rose.
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:31 a.m.REPLYYou recommended this1

    cmirasolNew York City
    Whaat?!? No Erica Hill? What have you done again? She was the only bright star on that show! Charlie Rose is good but he’s too high-brow (and he seems to flaunt it without even trying) and! too tired-looking for a morning show. And Gayle King? She as exciting as a wet rag. No wonder you keep hugging the bottom of the barrel.
    Aug. 6, 2012 at 8:31 a.m.REPLYYou recommended this1
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    45gibbyDallas/Ft Worth
    Gayle King should have been shipped to ABC (Always Being a Clown).with zero player to be named later…she fits best in that 14-19 age dynamic…I have watched C.Rose gristle at many of the sophomoric, “glib” comments by King in several “duel” interviews with Rose and a guest. Having watched Rose since 1991, his body language tells it all with Gayle “Queen.” Note how Charlie seems to disappear during the show’s second hour: “On Gayle Being Oprah.” Now to Erica Hill, who I/we all believed was a perfect complement to Charlie Rose….she let him drive when needed, and knew perfectly well when it was “his” story or “hers.”She knew how to lead, follow, insert pertinent questions or intelligent commentary. The fireworks will start with “Libbie” Nora O’Donnell and Gayle King trying to outmuscle each other to sit closest to Charlie, and of course, try to overtalk and “outwit” him.. With what started as great promise in its first month, the new format is rapidly deteriorating to “copy-cat” journalism, and losing any freshness appeal it was hoping to achieve. Well, there’s always “Charlie Rose” You Tube for substantive news and Q+A. Keep your night job, Charlie. At 70 you don’t have to play anymore with children interns, or trying to satisfy idiot/desperate cbs executives…yea, the network is still lower case…Remember, they thought Scott Pelley (sic) was “the Bomb.”
    Speaking of dropped bombs, how appropriate the “weak” of August 6th and 9th as another example of dropped bombs.

    1. Sunstyle

      Erica Hill was weak and lacking in confidence. I knew her days were numbered. The new line up is great. If you don’t like it watch Fox News.

  13. Mike

    CBS, YOU IDIOTS! We stopped watching NBC after they dumped Ann Curry, then switched to CBS. Loved the new format. Now you’ve dumped Erica Hill for Nora. Who’s the Nimrod that made that decision. Looks like I’ll switch to ABC. See Ya CBS.

  14. robert chase

    So what ever happened to listening to the viewer. It seems that the heads are out to shoot themselves in the foot like they did at the today show when they fired Ann Curry!

  15. Rich Kleven

    I think they screwed up when they let Harry Smith go. I thought he was smoother and better than Charlie Rose, and Erica Hill worked very good with him. I think they are really struggling. Too bad.

  16. Glennie

    I am not particularly sad to see Erica go. I never liked her from the previous show. CBS goofed up when they let Harry Smith go. I thought he was one of the best and had been at CBS for a long time. I thought they had a good fit with Harry, Maggie Rodriquez and a little be of Erica mixed in. To me Maggie was like a breath of fresh air. I think I’ll be changing my station again. I’m not impressed with Charlie either. Jeff Glor works well on there.

  17. Joanne

    You made a HUGE mistake getting rid of Erika Hill – she felt like a friend over morning coffee. Very disappointing, and since more than 1/2 of the show is commercials, I will just turn to the internet for my news.

  18. Joanne Krajcir

    August 14, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    You made a HUGE mistake getting rid of Erika Hill – she felt like a friend over morning coffee. Very disappointing, and since more than 1/2 of the show is commercials, I will just turn to the internet for my news.

  19. Joanne Krajcir

    You made a HUGE mistake getting rid of Erika Hill – she felt like a friend over morning coffee. Very disappointing, and since more than 1/2 of the show is commercials, I will just turn to the internet for my news.

  20. JUliet SIlfvast

    I am very dissappointed with CBS. I have been a fan of the show for almost 30 years and Loved Harry Smith. I was really he was let go as he was what anchored that show through all the changes. I do not like Charlie Rose, he always looks sleepy and is condescending to guests. Bring Harry Smith back!

  21. Blanch Altdhulrt

    I agree -Erica was the best Get rid of Gayle King. Never liked her on Ophra She has no class. Charley is ok and I do enjoy him. But Gayle King is nothing and a nobody.

  22. Gail

    I’m extremely disappointed in CBS This Morning! Norah O’Donnell is very qualified but so was Erica Hill. What is the point of changing all the time. This format does not work well with Charlie Rose even though I’m a huge fan of his. Gayle King is another story. She really should be doing entertainment in the early evenings. She seems just a wee bit too silly for the morning venue. My last comment is there are too many commercials so I’m switching to the internet for my news where I can control what I watch. Sorry but you guys can’t make a firm decision on the morning show and you’ve lost me!

  23. su

    So sorry to see Erica go…..I really enjoyed her interaction with both Charlie and Gayle. Can’t stand to watch ABC and NBC morning show with all the audience hollering all the time. Enjoy the more sophisticated format with CBS and Erica was part of that.

  24. Maria Herbert

    I use to watch NBC religiously until Gayle was hired at CBS. I use to turn the channel over to CBS at 8 am. I could not take the program before than because it was too dry. Then NBC fired Ann and I was mad and I switched to CBS. I always felt that Erica seemed lost in the mix. I did not care for her hair (sorry looks are important). I thought that she was competent but very dry. The morning war is a tough game and it requires a delicate balance. In my opinion the “Today Show” had the balance. They went wrong when they fired Ann. It was hurtful and painful to watch as the drama unfolded. I understand and respect their rights to make changes. As a business person you have to be able to make the hard decisions but I just hate the way that they treated her after 15 years of service. There was no dignity in the exit. They should have waited and made the announcement in August for the season premiere. On the other hand I think that CBS did the right thing in replacing Erica. And they have done it with grace. They did it in such a way that I did not even notice it until she just stops being mentioned and on the air. Also it was a perfect time to release her because ABC is receiving so much flack that Erica’s termination would go slightly unnoticed. I applaud their efforts to remain current. Keep working it! I love the set and the program however there needs to be just a bit more than just straight news.

    Maria Herbert

  25. A. Thacker

    Glad Erica Hill has moved on. Her condescending glances at people were annoying. Erica was to easy to read on where she stands on political issues.

    Love love love Gail King, she’s real!


  26. lynn

    The only reason I stayed with cbs was they kept Erica Hill. Eric was the rock and really had a gift of keeping the show on track.
    Gail should of gone. Always felt she was full of herself. Charlie is aloof and condescending. I will be changing the station

  27. Gloria Cortese

    I can’t believe CBS didn’t learn from the debacle on NBC …I’m sure they picked up viewers from NBC for what they did to Ann Curry. This will now turn into CNN or MSNBC with the LIBERAL Norah O’Donnell….guess CBS wants to get a biased reported in the morning to get their unsuccessful president re-elected. I watch CBS almost religiously, especially the Morning Show, even though I missed Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez when you replaced them. I definitely will be going to ABC if O’Donnell spews the liberal BS continuously. Why not beat all the other networks to the punch and put on REAL reporters who give the news and not their own side of the news. Come on CBS WAKE UP!!!!!!

  28. Disgusted

    I am so disappointed Erica Hill was replaced. I agree Erica and Chris were great. Did not like the Gayle King addition! GMA here I come!!

  29. Lynn

    Erica Hill was the shining star of CBS thismorning. Now, it’s just boring and more of an entertainment show tnan a news show.

  30. FLO Domijan

    Really sorry to see Erica Hill replaced..BIG mistake, CBS!! Nora& Gayle are both a good fit for Entertainment news in the evening.. Erica was a great fit for AM NEWS!!!

  31. Evelyn A

    I loved watching the show until Erica Hill waa replaced.
    Very bad move. If anyone should have been replaced it should have been Gayle. I keep turning back to see if see is back and when I see she isn’t I turn it to another station. Couldn’t believe what happend.Loved Erica!!!!!

  32. Ed D

    Too bad Erica’s gone. Really enjoyed the Wragge/Glor/Hill team and am not impressed with Rose/King… We’ve switched to Fox… Bye CBS This Morning.

  33. Jeannie stratton

    I’m glad Erica Hill is gone-I couldn’t stand looking at her bad hair-poof! She was better with Anderson Cooper-
    I don’t really like CBS morning show at all-Wayyy too serious-I want to be informed & entertained-If I just want serious news, I’ll read my local newspaper-I bet we’ll see her back-with her own talk show. Norah O’donnell is much better!!

  34. R. Will

    CBS…gotta tell you…Erica and Charlie…I enjoyed. Gayle on the other hand…you gotta be kidding me!!! I understand your efforts to get ratings up by hiring Oprah’s bff. But, if she is improving the ratings, it’s only because people tune in to see how goofy she is. And you only need a couple of viewings at most to see that. More than that causes gagging. She might become a big star on radio…maybe. But TV…no…no…no. I thought is was me. But, it appears that over 90% of the commentary about her agrees. And for those of you who hate on O’Donnell…get a life. Not everyone in a lying FOX-loving republican. This is America and the truth is still the truth. CBS…keep Rose and O’Donnell…and add Hill. Gayle…no offense…but go home…or go to radio.

  35. R. Sinclair

    We watched Good Morning America for over 10 years. When they started pushing their own network shows more than give news and offered gosh awful music segments, we switched to CBS. LOVED Erica Hill! What a mistake to remove her from the show! If you want to lose more market share, decisions like this will do it! I’m ready to try something new again. ABC, here we come…..

  36. Sandi

    Erika Hill was the best part of CBS AM News. She is talented, bright and poised. You made a bad decision to fire her. Your ratings will certainly be hurt by this decision. I for one will no longer be watching CBS in the AM. I suggest you fire the Executive who made the decision to terminate her.

  37. Stephen Rouse

    I thought it was fairly obvious that Erica didn’t really fit in with Charlie and Gayle. Gayle and Charlie are both ranting liberals and Nora will be a perfect fit for them. They can kiss it up and bash conservatives all they want now … but they’ll do it without me. (and Nora is such a BITCH)

  38. Norma

    Soon you will find out your mistake of letting Erica go when you see your ratings go down.
    The morning is not the same with the panel that you have now.
    So sorry!

  39. Roy Pierce

    CBS has been getting it wrong on the weekday morning news
    for sometime. I was ok with Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez. I was also ok with Erica Hill and Chris Wragge.
    But the mix of Charlie Rose & Gayle King just doesn’t get it for me or the format. When I turn on the news in the morning I want at least 10 minutes that summarizes what is happening in the world overnight . Not the “World In 90 Seconds”

    How can a great news organization like CBS be so bad in the morning news segment. Since this latest fiasco at CBS I only watch HLN now in the morning.

  40. andibandi

    WOW!!!! CBS must want to keep last place to their self. Doing a good job there. Having Erica on the tv in the morning while getting ready for work and getting the kids ready for school was like having a bubbly friend with me. Now I feel like I’m getting ready to be arrested with Nora’s uptight interruptive self.Guess I have to find something else or the radio

  41. Pilar Lantro

    Hey, John Peck! Your reply that people are working really hard to bring us the news that matters was way off the mark! I completely disagree matters to who Oprah and Gayle! Face CBS screwed up! What are you there lackey! Like I said it started with Katie Couric and continued to spiral out of control with firing Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, and Dave Price! Wipe your slate clean you can keep Scott Pelley if you must (I will stick with Brian Williams) and get rid of the morning Bozo the clowns show! Have you listened to them? They need speech therapy! We only watch intermittently for laughs and to critique the fools! Nice job trying to appease me, didn’t buy it!

  42. wendi

    Hmmm. I started watching CBS This Morning after Diane Sawyer left. I was not impressed with Robbin Roberts at all. She didn’t seem to have her heart into it. Then Erica Hill is THE reason I stopped watching CBS This Morning. She talked waaaay to fast to understand half of what she said. I thought she looked exhausted, run down and too tired for that show since her 2nd child. I don’t think she could keep up with the pace (except her talking). Replacing her was a good idea. I like what’s there now. Gayle is a little “folksy” and the new one seems to be a little tighter, but all balances out with Charlie Rose (a rose between two thorns?). Now I am back to watching CBS This Morning and so far like it. :)

  43. Shirley Nettleton

    Really enjoyed Erica Hill. Gayle to much personal opinion. Thinking about changing and trying out other stations. To bad long time watcher.

  44. Robin

    Obviously the CBS executives that make these decisions need to be fired, because as long as they are in charge, CBS will be in last place. Who wants to watch a show with Charlie “the walking dead”, Gayle, “miss I have an opinion and you’re going to hear it” and now Nora with the annoying laugh. At least Erika Hill was a true professional.

  45. Kathy

    CBS This Morning just keeps getting worse. Their first mistake was letting Maggie Rodriguez, David Price and Harry Smith go…been a train wreck ever since.

  46. Vicki Moore

    OMG! What are you all thinking. Replacing Erica Hill was a big mistake. Charlie Rose is okay but Gayle is awful. I was very upset when you broke up Chris, Erica & Jeff. You need to get them back together. I am going to start watching something else. If you really want your ratings to improve get Erika, Chris and jeff back together.

  47. celine de rosa

    I really miss Erica Hill on CBS news. I think they should have included Norah Odonald by replacing her with Gayle King. Charlie Erica and Norah would have been much better. Gayle is a nice person, but after all the silly stuff she went through in the other show she was in, she cant be taken seriously

  48. Connie

    Cbs lost me too. Gayle is annoying.. dresses like she is going to a cocktail party. Too much makeup . Been wearing that same dress in different colors..who dresses her?? Tone it down..over powering jewelry for morning show.. Besides that..speaks over Charlie and Erica..knows nothing about everything ..way too opinionated.. Bye bye Charlie and CBS…blah blah…NYSE Erica and chris were a nice way to start the day..can’t stand gayle’s look, knowledge ..pushy.. Calm it down gayle

  49. Crowd Control

    Erica and Chris added a bright spot to my mornings. Now it appears the chemistry is not as tight and watchable as it once was. Such a shame to let good talent and charming personalities go to waste. CBS has put a lot of knowledgeable and likeable folks out to pasture. I thought Harry, Erica, Maggie and Dave were a good team. Whoever is making these decisions needs to stay on the golf course and out of the boardroom.

  50. Judy Allen-Emerson

    What have you done? Replacing Erica Hill was a Terrible mistake…Charlie’s great, Gail and Nora just okay, both sometimes annoying, and the chemistry now sucks…Charlie and Erica had some good synergy going, but now…? Bad move, bring her back, I’ve already starting channel-surfing the other morning shows, and I’ll definitely be looking for Erica to surface elsewhere, she’s got it all, as far as I’m concerned. Boo for that decision…

  51. Brenda-South Dakota


  52. China

    I enjoyed looking at CBS in the morning with Charlie, Erica, and Gayle. The change in morning hosts, caught me off guard. I thought Erica was on special assignment or personal leave. Noah is competent yet stiff for early morning. I wish many doors of opportunity will open for Erica while executives figure out who to replace next. This trio doesn’t jell.

  53. Rachelle

    Absolutely ridiculous to replace Erica Hill. I never post on these type of decisions, but cannot get over how disappointed I am. The big change to launch CBS This Morning and break up Erica and Chris Wragge was the first big disappointment. Charlie Rose is a dry stick compared to Chris. Now seeing Erica’s charm and grace yanked out and replaced makes this such a frustrating experience to tune into every morning. I have pretty much stopped watching.

  54. Barbara Rosasco

    Very disappointed that Erica Hill has been replace by Norah O’Donnall. Erica, to me, has the character, intelligence and charm and was the more interesting of hosts on the show. Charlie Rose is OK, Gayle not so good (she interrupts and cuts off conversations with the guest). I will be switching my morning news network to GMA. I’m not happy that I HAVE to switch but very unhappy with CBS’s David Rhodes and others who made the decision to remove Erica.

  55. Elle

    CAN’T STAND Nora whatever-her-name-is! She’s SUCH a political hack and way too opinionated to be an anchor! So disappointed to find out Erica Hill was replaced. She was classy and did a great job. Loved Chris Wragge, too. Switched to CBS when Meredith left THE TODAY SHOW…couldn’t stand Ann Curry. Now that she’s gone, I’m goin back.

  56. Kim Calicchio

    CBS made a mistake replacing Erica Hill with Nora. She was very good and brought some fun and personality to the show. I am not a fan of the new show because it is too “dry” and serious. I like a little humor and fun in the morning. you’ve gone from one extreme to another. The best team was Harry Smith, Dave Price and Maggie Rodriguez. If anyone should have been “canned” it should have been Gayle King. She is a talentless marble mouth and cannot hold a candle to Erica Hill. Bring back the old crew and stop messing with it. After many loyal years of watching, I’ve had enough. I will no longer be tuning into CBS in the morning until you improve the format and the hosts.

  57. Karen Johnson

    I first gave up on NBC as Al Roker who is supposed to be a weatherman took on a bigger role and I don’t care for him, switched to CBS and all was well until they got rid of Harry Smith, Maggie and Dave Price. When I saw Gayle, Charlie and Erica I tried it for awhile however I think Gayle’s where she is ONLY because of Oprah, Charlie has terrible posture and it seems like he’s going to fall asleep…..switched to ABC, check it out, it’s pretty good!!

  58. christine

    I cannot believe they replaced Erica Hill, ! They really must be stupid ! I will no longer watch CBS. Erica Hill was the only one who didn’t wear her politics on her forehead but obviously that is a No NO at CBS.

  59. Sharon

    I’m very disappointed in CBS for releasing Erica Hill! She was a breath of fresh air in the morning… calm and natural and worth listening to. Both she and Chris should still be on the morning show! No need to watch, now.

  60. Sharon

    I forgot to mention in my previous comment that Nora’s expression does not start my day on a happy note…..she belongs with the politicians in Washington. She may be good at what she does, but not for a morning show! Bring back Erica’s smile.

  61. Elaine

    I guess I am late to the conversation but I agree that Erica Hill should have stayed and Gayle King should have been released. As many of you have commented, Gayle King speaks over the guests as if what she has to say is more important. Yes, she does love to drop Oprah’s name over and over again. She should be used as an entertainment commentator and then, only on special occasions. I do admire the approach CBS is taking with the morning news and I will continue to watch. There are only so many times I can stand to see so-called morning “news” shows dedicated to cooking and whatever the latest fashion fad is. America is losing its sense of direction and with so many reality TV shows, these morning news offerings are trying to reach that certain audience but I would offer – it is not for most of us. CBS Morning News is definitely for those of us who still read. I would have preferred Erica Hill in the mix but perhaps two brunettes would have been too much.

  62. susan

    I don’t like Charlie, and have never liked Gayle. When they replaced Harry, Maggie, and Dave I tried to continue watching and grew to like Erica and Chris. They seemed to work well together, interacting well with each other, and they were funny. Since, Charlie and Gayle came on I bascially quit watching and when I did it was because of Erica. Now, I have totally switched to Good Morning America (ABC). You have ruined the show.

  63. Michael

    Erica Hill is a consumate professional. . .
    She was always prepared, knowledgeable and poised. She comported herself with dignity and always had a smile on her face. She will be sorely missed. But I will not miss the program with the new cast they have now !

  64. Jake Luis

    Who’s running the network? They should be fired! We loved Erica! She was also the hottest morning anchor! Now what will I do?? Erica: let us know where you will turn up so we can switch… By the way, 86 Gayle King!! She’s not a reporter

  65. Barb Z

    The only reason I watched CBS was because Erica was on there. I will now watch ABC, NBC, or CNN. At least the anchors on those morning shows smile and laugh. Who wants to get up and watch those serious old crows.

  66. Linda

    I am so disappointed to see Erica Hill gone from CBS. I enjoyed her unbiased reporting, charisma, and intelligence. Her humor was also refreshing and always well timed. I feel that Gayle King can be rather rude and interruptive. I detest Nora Odonnell. She is one of the most biased reporters I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. Her arrogance is always evident in her questions and in the way she represents herself. Charlie is tolerable, but nothing special as far as I am concerned. The individuals making these decisions should take the time to read these comments and reviews. Today was my last day watching CBS Morning News.

  67. Pdiane

    The entire show SMELLED/SMELLS. So miss the Harry Smith and crew days. I know changes happen to improve business, but CBS lost me with the overly tanned/orange,, permanent fake smile Chris Raggey and stiff snotty Erica Hill and she and Chris were very weak in presentation, played and giggled a lot …it is okay to have light moments, but the news. . Glad they both got the boot. Gaye King makes numerous errors and NEVER knows where the camera is and constantly interrupts people in interviews. Charlie is good on PBS only. Erica Hill was always angry, rolling her eyes, acted like she hated being there (guess she couldn’t function without Chris), you could actually see her pouting like a spoiled brat –GLAD she is gone! As much as I dispise Matt and that turn coat midget George Steponaopous (sp), if i felt the need to check the a.m. news, I would pick either of their shows.

  68. Teresa Lawson

    I too was a fan of the CBS morning show,WAS,not anylonger..I continued to watch because of Erika Hill.I like Charlie Rose,but not on a morning show,Gayle King?well automatically you think”oprah” Norah well Its like watching Face The Nation,every morning.Sorry,but we want a little news,a little variety with our mornings,and a few smiles didn’t hurt! My friends and I will be watching something else in the mornings from now on!Erika Hill We Miss You!!! We want to be awaken in the mornings,not put to SLEEP!

  69. tracy

    Replacing Erica Hill- what a disappointment. She was the only spunk on that revamped, terrible show.

  70. Clem

    I’m tuning out now too since you axed Erica.
    How could you?
    What a stupid move!
    Hope she shows up on another network soon!

  71. Polly Jackson

    I felt Erica Hill spoke too fast! I could barely understand her most of the time! She rushed through everything. It was exhausting to watch her!
    However, I get the feeling there is friction between Gayle and Norah O’Donnell (who I don’t like). Watching O’Donnell interview the President of Iran (with Charlie Rose), she appeared condescending and too young, too uninformed to handle the job. I wish they would now replace O’Donnell.

  72. David Janssen

    Gayle King is AWFUL…She should be replaced, It actually is painful to watch her botch words and screw up interviews, If shew weren’t Oprah’s friend she would be doing news on some local TV station in the midwest, which is where she belongs

  73. keith

    Erica was the only reason I’d watch CBS after Harry and company got replaced. ABC is ok, CNN with Robin Meade is where I’ll stay for now I guess.

  74. Eleanor Wallace

    It just seemed as if Erica suddenly disappeared, not a professional way of doing business. I always felt the the chemestry between Erica and Gayle was strained. Don’t much care for Nora, and Charlie is Charlie. Guess I will give ABC my attention for the time being.

  75. Richard Jobson

    A great improvement, Nora ODonnell is great and she has valueable in sight into the Washington political scene. Bravo to CBS for recognizing Nora’s superior talents for CBS this Morning. Too bad for Erica, she should return to CNN as the AC360 sidekick to Anderson Cooper where she was really in her element. I watch CBS every morning now.

  76. sandra hartman

    I miss Erica Hill. She was classy and genuine and, while she had a great sense of humor, she knew how to give the news. I don’t care much for Gayle King; she seems to be too enamored with the “hollywood types” and is somewhat ditzy. This is a news show folks, and I don’t like her contribution to the program. Charley Rose is enjoyable but Nora O’Donnell seems more concerned about what she has to say than what their guests contribute. Guess I’ll try ABC Good Morning America.
    PS: why is it we hear so little about all the issues surrounding President Obama? Could your show/network be somewhat biased?

  77. DeeMarie

    What a sad move! Whom ever or who ever had the last say, they should have replayed all the wonderful reporting videos,etc.,of that superb,Erica!
    Nora, should have stayed in Washington where she was, and Gayle should have stayed behind the scenes, way behind the scenes!…in helping with the Oprah Show.
    Mistake, a very bad mistake, the ratings are not going anywhere but down; just watch and see! So, very sad, it use to be at the top of most listings for morning shows..but, no longer will this be true.
    Erica, where ever you go..all will follow!

  78. Susan M Wade

    I am so disappointed with CBS getting rid go Erica Hill. I would like to see her back. Gayle really needs to go. She is only on the CBS show due to her association with Oprah. To rid Erica Hill after she basically was the program really discusses me. Please reconsider bringing her back to replace Gayle. I really miss her expertice and knowledge she brings to the show. You have lost a viewer, until I see Erica Hill back in her seat.

  79. Susan M Wade

    I do like Charlie Rose and I believe Charlie and Erica is all you need on the show. Seriously, axe Gail she does nothing for the show!

  80. mitch38

    I love the Morning show and Erica..and I didnt know why they would add Gayle to the format…After a while I came to realize that Gayle was well rounded, well read, well traveled, and well educated. She had either been there or done that or know someone who did and that gave her an edge. I felt that too often Erica paled next to Gayle who was hard hitting and fast talking. I told someone that Erica needed to step up her game…the next thing I knew she was gone but that’s not Gayle’s fault.. Dan Rather stated it in his book about the interworkings of CBS… here today, gone tomorrow.

  81. MARSHA


  82. ANA

    I really enjoyed watching the show when it was Harry and Maggie. Erica and Chris worked good together. These four were very relaxed and it was obvious they enjoyed their jobs. I don’t like Charlie Rose he is to STUFFY. Nora is argumentative and Gayle needs to do some role playing when it comes to interviews. I’m switching. Need to get back on track CBS with the right crew.

  83. jay

    I would not be sending this email if I had not seen Erica Hill on the TODAY show. What a shock! She seems tamer now! After many years of watching CBS morning news exclusively, I watched the new team of Erica and Chris for less than 30 minutes, and reluctantly switched to watching the TODAY news. The new team did not feel like a family, and Erica impressed me as being overbearing in an anchor setting. I have an idea! FIRE THE EXECS AND BRING BACK HARRY SMITH AND DAVE PRICE, THEN I WILL GO BACK TO WATCHING CBS news;Their warmth and professionalism was unbeatable.

  84. KB

    When I heard Gayle King was joining CBS I changed to Good Morning America, I liked the crew better than NBC, though I was saddened when I saw they replaced Anne Curray. Maybe the reason GMA has the highest rating is because they aren’t nearly a fickle and constantly replacing crew. Really CBS??? Erica goes on vacation and comes back to being replaced by her stand in?? Talk about NO CLASS. Even if you did get rid of Gayle King I couldn’t support a group who has so little respect for their viewers or employees. In addition, how can they expect to gain viewers when viewers can’t have any confidence in the cast being the same. Take a lesson from ABC. Robin is out sick and they mention her each morning making it absolutely clear that they expect her back once she is done with her treatment, now there is a class act.

  85. TM

    Okay, it’s been a while and I have to say, Norah is totally not right for this show. She continues to be rude and is always interrupting the guests, even the really prominent ones. There is no warmth coming from Norah, and she is a big know-it-all. Erica Hill, on the other hand, was very warm and friendly, and just as knowledgeable as Norah. Now that the election is over, Norah should go back to being a Washington correspondent. I can see why they got rid of Chris W.-he looks like he’s 15 yrs old and maybe it’s hard to take such a young face seriously (as cute as it is). Charlie is at the other end of the spectrum, but he is ok… he gets and deserves a lot of respect from his colleagues and guests. I love Gayle because she is REAL. Sure she flubs her words sometimes and may make personal opinion comments… but she is a real woman, with a real woman’s figure and she wears great colors and she has the most genuine smile on t.v., and that’s nice to see in the morning.

  86. Connie

    Erica Hill was such a sourpuss on CBS. She seemed so miserable in the job. I didn’t enjoy watching her but now she seems so happy at NBC or maybe that is just because she knows it ticks Jenna Wolfe off that she got her job.

  87. Chris

    Didn’t like Erica, glad to see her go. I don’t think Matt likes working with her either. No chemistry between the two.

  88. jacquie kendall

    I am not sure why I keep watching.Once again gayle ruined an interview with jalo, Talked about what she wanted to drink and eat for lunch. who cares .I doubt if I watch This Morning again.You lost me when you replaced Harry Smith,Maggie,Erica,Dave Price and Chris Raggi.That was a morning show to get up for.Time for me to change channels.

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