“Fifty Shades” Just A Love Story Insists E.L. James

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I’ll admit it. Java could not wait to talk to E. L. “Erica” James, that naughty English author whose “Fifty Shades” trilogy about Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is burning up the bestseller lists these days! (I am up to Book 3, which by the way has a partial story line that takes place in Hamden, CT??? but the Kindle died and I have to wait for it to recharge to find out what that is all about.)

Funny, unassuming and genuinely perplexed at all the political hullabaloo about her salacious story line, the 40-something-year-old James is a married former TV exec, housewife and mother to two teenagers who has written erotica before. Her life, though, has changed 180 degrees since Grey and his dominant/submissive relationship with Ana hit American bookstore shelves last month. Her limited United States book tour includes a stop Wednesday at the Omni Hotel in New Haven, where Roxanne Coady’s R.J. Julia Bookstore is hosting a sold-out ladies night that includes a reception and discussion about the book with the famed author. Java can’t wait!

In in the meantime, James, at home in West London, England, graciously took a call from Hartford CT and was more than happy to talk (in her delightful English accent) about silver ties, red rooms and what she categorizes as mere “romance” novels, as she Spilled the Beans with Java.

Q: I want to ask the really interesting questions first. Do your own books excite you?

A: Yes. Especially when I had to re-edit them. I did find myself getting quite horny.

Q: Is there a red “play” room in your house?

A: No.

Q: Does your husband own a silver tie?

A: He does now…several of them.

Q: Is he intimidated by Christian Grey’s, uhhh, expertise?

A: No, he’s good with it. He is actually very supportive of me. He always has been.

Q: You have two teenage sons. What do they say when they have to explain what Mom does for a living?

A: The boys are 15 and 17 and they have known for ages that the books were quite racy. Mydesk is positioned so that my computer faces the wall, and I wear headphones and listen to classical music while I write, so often they would pop up behind me while I was typing and I did not know they were there. When I would realize it, I would shut down the screen so they could not see. They are very supportive and do slightly roll their eyes about some of it all. And really, what teenager is really interested in what Mum is doing. I did, however, tell my older son’s girlfriend that she is not allowed to read the books until she is 18.

Q: More seriously, I am getting hammered with comments and emails that your books have set women back 100 years, that the story line turns women into property, that the dominant/submissive story line is twisted and that the writing just downright stinks. And then there is the other side, experts and women applauding it as “mommy porn” that is reigniting relationships. Television shows have trotted out sex therapists, psychologists, doctors and whatever other experts they can dig up to weigh in on both sides. What’s your response to it all?

A: It is just a love story. That is all. I have no idea why everyone feels the need to dissect it. It is being overanalyzed. It is just a love story with a little bit of kink. I never dreamed the books would turn into all of this. I find it very difficult to get my head around the reaction of some people to the story. It blows my mind the way some people are trying to get underneath the books. It was just great fun to write, and that is what the books are, just fun books. It’s not my job to get into it with those who think otherwise. It is just a fancy, romantic, fictional, love story

Q: How exciting is this all for you?

A: Again, I am just blown away by what has happened to the books. But I have to say I am so tired, between putting three books out in such a short time, and the touring and the interviews and now the movie. I have not slept much in the past three days because of all the publicity and requests and it all is still so surprising to me. Everything has happened so fast.

Q: You mentioned the movie, which of course has created a buzz of its own, especially when it comes to casting Christian. Will you be involved, and while he does not quite fit the age demographic, I have read that you are a huge Brad Pitt fan.

A: The movie, I hope, will be a collaborative effort with the studios.

Q: And Pitt as the leading role, or perhaps Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron or someone else?

A: I have no one in mind and have to plead the Fifth. (Then she begins chuckling).

Q: Are you excited about the U.S. tour?

A: I am kind of excited and kind of terrified. It is very daunting it is very difficult to do it all. This has all happened so fast. I just haven’t had a chance to step back.

Q: What did you buy as the money started rolling in?

A: I haven’t really bought anything yet but would like to plan a nice holiday with my family soon, perhaps to the Caribbean. Somewhere I can lie down and the kids can run about.

Q: Will there be a fourth in the “Shades of Grey” series. A story line like, they have a couple of kids and the “red room” is redone into a pink or blue nursery?

A: I don’t know yet about another book, although everyone is hollering for a book written from Christian’s point of view.

Q: Are you an imaginative person or a very experienced one?

A: When I worked in TV as a producer, I handled logistics and the business side of things. Writing these books and others is the creative side of me and it has been nice to finally channel my creativity. And as far as being autobiographical, maybe a very little.

Q: Are there other books in your head?

A: I actually have three I have written but never published. Two of them are the same genre as “Fifty Shades,” the second is a young adults’ book. I am going back to the first one and will re-edit it. I think readers would like it.

Q: Something no one knows about you?

A: I am so untidy. You should see my bedroom. Christian really wouldn’t like it.

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96 thoughts on ““Fifty Shades” Just A Love Story Insists E.L. James

  1. Fiona Davies

    Just finished reading the trilogy, thoroughly enjoyed them and may even plan to go to book signing in Philly on may 3rd. I’m a Brit and have lived in the USA for 6 years, and everyone I know is enthralled by this series and can’t wait for the movie so Im sure e.l. James will be a huge hit over here as well as everywhere else!!!!

    Thank you for writing!!!

  2. Shirley Musumeci

    Earth to MaryEllen: It’s Robert PattiNson with an N! Lordy, how could any living female not know that!!! LOL!

        1. Cindi Becker

          please book 4…I have to have more. I have enjoyed them so much. thank you EL James…you’re are amazing. :)

    1. Diana Wanzer

      Me too! I could not put the books down, but once I was done reading I hated myself for reading them so fast.

  3. Joanne

    Q: And Pitt as the leading role, or perhaps Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron or someone else?

    A: I have no one in mind and have to plead the Fifth. (Then she begins chuckling).

    If they picked Robert Pattinson I would be a pool of mush on the floor. I first read and fell in love with the book’s when they where a Twilight Fanfiction so that would be amazing. Apart from Robert playing the role I would love an unknown actor.

    1. jocelyn

      I would prefer Christian Bale (though maybe not age appropriate) to Robert Pattinson. For me Robert is Edward (from Twilight) and it would be just too weird to take him in as Christian

  4. Beth B.

    Read the trilogy 3x already and discovered an audiobook version on YouTube! It’s sa not having to read more…the Trilogy on Christian’s point of view would be great! Thanks you EL James for opening and rediscovering our inner goddesses once again! <3 It really is a very passionate LOVE STORY…just w/ kinky f^ckery that's all!! ;)

  5. Carrie

    Oh my goodness, I am so in love with these books (or is it Christian?) So well written, I feel like I am eating, breathing and sleeping Mr Grey :-)
    Actually don’t think I could bring myself to watch the film though – as with Twilight, the films never catch the subtleties that makes the books so magical- and I can’t picture anyone beautiful enough to play Christian!
    Thanks for such fantastic books.

      1. Lea

        You are SO RIGHT Kelly – Ian Sommerhalder is plenty hot enough to play Christian – he’d be perfect!

        1. Kelly x

          AGREED! Ian Sommerhalder would make a great Christian! Although I think I would find it difficult to see him as anyone but Damon Salvatore! Hmm, maybe the roles should be completely random, fresh faces! I reallyyyy want EL James to write the books from Christians point of view, similar to Stephenie Meyers ‘Midnight Sun’ told from Edwards perspective!!

  6. Susie C

    First Love…Loved the Books.. as did every women I know… We are planning a 50 Shades Girls night at my house complete with Wine and Champange and some kink!!;) I AGREE Totally with Joanne.. Both Christian and Ana should be no names so you can grip them from inception. And not have all their other movies ruin the image we ALL have in our heads. NO BRAD PITT please he’s not the right fit too old..(although I love him )

  7. Alicia R.

    This was a fantastic series! I love her writing style and want so much more. I’m obsessed I think. My inner goddess is grinning from ear to ear, so is the hubs!

  8. Kim Sirrah

    As a new writer myself, from the start I was enthralled with the characters. As a hopless romantic,I received from the author exactly what I want in a good love story; fantasy. The building and excitment of a physical growing relationship,hope that love can heal all things, and the emotional euphoria that grabs a hold of your heart as you laugh, cry, and gasp.I loved Fifty Shades, and admire E.L. James great talent. I would love to meet her someday.

  9. Yolanda B.

    I love all three books!!! I’ve read them twice already and now I have my husband reading them. Honestly, I can’t picture an actual current Hollywood Star that could play the Christian Grey’s Role. I guess I picture him differently from the guys name above. Can’t wait until the movie!!!

  10. JAMIE

    Absolutely loved the Fifty Shades series. Was so upset when I was done reading, but they were too good to put down. I would be so thrilled with a series based from Christian’s point of view, getting the little insight we did from the final book just made me want more. I feel so overwhelmed by these books and the fantasy of Mr. Grey and his Kinky F*ckery and of course the love story….what woman doesn’t want a man like Christian Grey and his smoky grey eyes staring her down!!
    Thank you E.L. James for this fantastic series, please write more….

    1. Andrea

      I am with you. I am wanting to see these books in Christian’s point of view because the teaser at the end of the 3rd book is kinda HOT and they didn’t even do anything.

      1. Barbara Bourdages

        I have finished the trilogy and I indeed want more!!! 3 books in 5 days is a record for me!! I’m with you Andrea I also would like a trilogy from Christians point of view!! I think I will have to read these again! The actor that plays Christian Grey in the movie will have a big order to fill!! I think everyone who has read these books has fallen for Christian. Thank you E.L. James for writing this trilogy.

  11. Linda Levins

    I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed reading a book or books as much as this trilogy. I just began #3 & can’t put it down-but then I’ll be done & just might start over! I think
    Ryan Gossling would be a perfect
    Christian & Amanda Freytag would be a
    great Ana!

  12. Michelle Young

    Love the books ..i am rereading them because i didn’t want them to end..please write more..Christian’s view would be awesome. Ian somerhauder and amanda seyfried are who i imagine when i read them…please dont use robert pattison..we get enough of him in twlight.

    1. zn

      don’t you wish you’d forget the story so you can re-read the book like it was your first time?

  13. Jessica

    So sad to be done….readthe first in one day and finished the series in 6 only because I wanted to savor it all. Not since Twilight have I been so attached, addicted and overcome by 2 characters and their world! It has consumed me. I thank EL James for bring ing out my inner goddess but sadly it is sort of depressing to know that no matter how hot your husband or boyfriend may be in bed….he can never be Christian Grey. Looking forward to more….hopefully Christianspoint of view! And as fir my vote on who plays Christian ina movie…Matt Bomeris the epitomy of Mr. Grey!

    1. Yrene

      Jessica… you were reading my mind and heart when you wrote this…. I read the books in spanish version, paper the first… finished in two nights, then I couldn’t find second and third so I got Kindle for pc and started reading and I didn’t went to bed until the sun showed thru my window… the third one I tried to take my time… two days too and when I read the last word I felt that sadness had find me, not for them but for myself… I ran to Costco and get the english edition.. but I haven’t feel strong enough to start reading again and get hooked…now… since I finished two days ago … I feel as I’m mouring… really wierd… I also love Matt Bommer as my Christian.. even I thought Christian is a little taller and maybe bulkier but Matt is in the brink (that’s the word, sorry if not) of getting too old… how long it will take to start shooting the movie if they don’t have yet a adapted screenplay… Ian S … is darker than I think Christian looks, but is younger than Matt… But Matt will be just great! Hope he is interested to play it…

    2. Dani

      Yes!! Matt Bomer is deff christan grey!!I hope he plays him in the movie!! LOVE these books! Hope we get Christian’s point of view!

  14. Aundy

    I am writhing in my seat for a fourth book from Christians view! I love the two chapters of that at the end of book three and NEED more!!!! Please!!

  15. jane

    absolutly amazing. i read all 3 books in about 2 weeks couldnt put them down. i cant wait to read other work that uv done, i really truely hope that u do a 4th book on christians point of view. i have a young family and husband in army so i need a good read lol xxxxx

  16. LC Cooper

    Finished the series in 3 days. Not since my high school and college days have I read so much. I have a beautiful, hot, and devoted husband of my own. This series of books has reignited my mind body and soul more than a therapist ever could lol… Please write a book from Christian’s view including all 3 books into one. Good God Jesus the women of the world wont be able to handle it!

    & please please please dont screw up a beautiful love story by casting known Hollywood actors that we’ve characterized in movies like Mean Girls or Dear John lol… Zac Efron?? Really come on, wasnt he in High School Musical a few yrs back…. Lol not Christian at ALL… Get unknown actors that truly fit the imagery amd characterization of this couple. <3

  17. Christina

    kudos to E.L. James. You got me reading again. I read all three books in record breaking time. It was absolutely wonderful getting lost in those books. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TALENT.

  18. Sharonda

    I loved these books, and I really hope she continues. I would love to read Fifty Shades from Christian’s point of view. The end of the third book really left me hanging! I picture Simon Baker as Christian. My images of Ana changed along the way, but I mostly pictured Nina Dobrev. I can’t wait to see what comes next, and in the meantime, I have to find something else to read…not so easy!

  19. Clare

    I’m totally in love with mr Gray!
    just finished the second book and I’m so scared that he dies in the 3rd book, I think I’d rather not read it if he does please someone tell me!!!!

  20. LC Cooper

    Clare!!! Read the third!!! Dont worry, it’s probably the best for.character developement!!!

  21. Meagan

    I loved the trilogy! Just finished reading the 3rd book last night, and can’t wait to start all over again! Thank you E. L. James!! A 4th book from Christian’s point of view would be fantastic! I’m so hooked on Christian :)

    As for who I think should portray Christian in the movie, my vote is for Matt Bomer. He’s exactly what I pictured Christian to look like through out the series (http://i51.tinypic.com/2vvwduw.jpg) Completely Christian Grey! :)

  22. Jessica

    Absolutely loved the trilogy and will be reading them again. Would love, love, love Christian’s version of things. I miss him already. I think Chris Pines would be a great Christian Grey! Beautiful eyes. Yumo! Please finish Christian’s trilogy :)

  23. Shannon

    I love all 3 books! Christians point of view would be very interesting! I cannot help myself but to picture Bradley Cooper being Christian, he is so sexy!!

  24. Sandie

    you introduced mr. grey to us!! please don’t stop writing about him. Men get better with age and I would love to read about him for years to come. It’s not even the sex parts I enjoyed reading but the loving parts between two people. Plus it brought back many great loving memories of someone from my past. Thank You!! please more!!!! must I Beg!!

    1. Shannon

      I totally agree! Even if there were no juicy sex scenes, I would still definitely read another whole book (or 10) about Ana and Christian! It definitely wasn’t the sex part that I loved…just loved them and their relationship….and the sex was just part of their relationship!!!!

  25. Sharleen

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Write another book on Christians point of view.. The ended of the 3rd book where you gave a tidbit into his side of it all was such a tease!!! I have been searching the web in hopes you will mention its in the works.. I would buy those books from his point of view in a heart beat!! tx

  26. Allison walker

    I have the two characters:
    Christian should be p,ayed by Ryan Evans. I agree R Pat shouldn’t be considered. And for Ana, Allison Williams. I actually would be okay with someone that we don’t know, possibly. brad Pitt is too old for this role. Maybe Chance Crawford…..? Yes, icansee him as a great Christian. I just hope that a movie can be pulled of in a good way.

  27. Ernie

    Great books and it would be good to explore how he saw things and how he finally decided to get emotionally involved and also delve more into the sessions he had with the Dr. and his liasions with the other ladies…

  28. Krystal


  29. Mary Ritter

    Loved,loved loved all the books! He is the full package. Christian should be played by Collin egglessfield! And Ana should be played by Lucy hales from pretty little liars….ages are perfect!

  30. Kirstie williams

    I have never read a book that pulled me into it as much as this!! I’ve read all 3 books within 6 days and although I’ve been sleep deprived for almost a week Lol I want more!! Would love to hear Christians side of the story to be more involved in the way he thinks. super excited about the movie rumours although I doubt any actor could live up to the expectations of Christian in your book… Please write another book Based on this story.

  31. Jessica

    OMG!! I love these books!! I read all three books in less that a week. I really truly hope that there is another book–soon! I was thinking maybe Leonardo DeCaprio would be a good Christian in the movie and maybe Natalie Portman as Anastasia. Please write more!!

  32. Jen

    I loved the books and have read them 3 times as well, planning on reading them again in the future! I think Ryan Phillipe will be a great Christian!

  33. Kelly

    I started reading these books after quite a few of my female friends on Facebook talking about them. OMG WOW!!
    I’ve read all 3 in a week, and having withdrawal symptoms already! I may just have to re-read. I’d very much love to read more – please ESP from Christians side. The teaser at the end from his view, it simply can’t be stopped just like that?? :-D I found myself enjoying the storyline (instead of the sex scenes) just to see what is actually wrong with Mr Grey. Please please please write more, us ladies need more of Mr Grey!! X

  34. Amy

    Absolutely love the books! Read them in four days and I am depressed now that they are over, completely in love with Cristain!! A book from his view would be even hotter than the first. As for who to play him check out Jonathan Rhys Meyers, he is hot and a disturbed bad boy himself!

  35. Lexie

    After my friend told me how great the first book was. i had to buy it. i read the book in one day not putting it down. I had to buy the next two.i finished reading them in two days sleeping only one. I hope you write the next. It would be much more erotic in christians point of view.I would have to agree Ian Somerhalder and Henry Cavill would be great.They can pull off the seductive look.After reading christians point of view i YEARN for more.

  36. Susan Alcock

    I loved the books you must do one on Christians thoughts and soon and as for the movie we don’t want a list film stars we need some new blood this would help people relate to Christian and ana more, well done fantastic books

  37. Lilyflowers

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write another three books from
    Christians point of view and Thank you for writing the first three books has opened me up to a whole new world
    And I know I’m one of millions who would say the same so again a big THANK YOU :)

  38. Tamara

    Would you be able to write all three books in Christians point of view with out repeating yourself?

  39. Emma

    I loved these books so much, could not put them down. The teaser ‘Meet fifty shades’ just left me wanting more of the same. The same books from Christians point of view would be amazing and I can imagine them selling just as well as Ana’s version. Please please please write more, I miss Christian and Ana xx

  40. Jodie


    I’ve just finished reading all 3 books – in 2 days! I might be totally sleep deprived but it’s been well worth it.

    I have to agree that a trilogy from Christian’s point of view would be fantastic, I’d buy them in a heartbeat! I’m having withdrawal symptoms already and need another fix of Mr Grey!

    I don’t know who I pictured as Ana but I pictured Ryan Reynolds playing Christan, although Mr Grey is so perfect I’m not sure there’s anyone in the world who could live up to my expectations!

    Oh well, until (hopefully) the next book, I’ll see you in my dreams Fifty!

  41. Pam

    Never has a book or books, consumed me the way this trilogy has. I’ve read all 2 books twice, and still want “more” of Christian Grey!
    It is such a great love story, with a lot of drama.
    It has changed the way I view love, and what I want in my own relationship for the better.
    Matt Bomer is my Christian Grey

  42. Pamela

    Never has a book or books, consumed me the way this trilogy has. I’ve read all 3 books twice, and still want “more” of Christian Grey!

    It is such a great love story, with a lot of drama.

    It has changed the way I view love, and what I want in my own relationship for the better.

    Matt Bomer is my Christian Grey

  43. Pam M.

    Never has a book or books, consumed me the way this trilogy has. I’ve read all 3 books twice, and still want “more” of Christian Grey!
    It is such a great love story, with a lot of drama.
    It has changed the way I view love, and what I want in my own relationship for the better.
    Matt Bomer is my Christian Grey

  44. Tootie

    First ive been reading erotica all my life and if anyone thinks these books are racy they obviously haven’t checked out any Zane books. In my opinion the only book thats super racy is thee first book. I think its ok though. Only because it bring you into Mr.Grey’s world, and bring you to better understand him. I agree with Mrs.James when she says that readers are digging a little too deep. Plainly written to understand if you ask me. Only part that bums me out is the fact that there may not be any more Fifty Shades books, being that i’ve read alot of trilogies and it had got to be on my top10 list. Cant wait for the movie. I mis-read the first part of the first book, and was mislead by myself thinking Christian was a black man. It made reading a little better for me and I think it made for a better read. In my opinion I believe Micheal Ealy would portray Christian beautifully, and I believe Emma Stone would play a perfect Ana.

  45. Kylie

    Can u please write number 4 “Christian point of view” pretty pretty please I loved the ending of the 3 rd book (:

  46. michelle campbell

    Just read the trilogy in a weekend. The storylines were so gripping from being held up at gun point in her room, the hellicopter crash, the kidnap especial was a heart in the mouth moment.I was left wanting more after i started to read christians version of events.You need to bring out a fourth book please…..a fourth book..please waiting in antisipation.

  47. Amanda

    I just finished reading the trilogy and am quite sad that I am not involved in the playing out of the Grey’s life now. I would love to read the books in Christian’s voice. Such a tease at the end of the book, don’t you think? Always leave them wanting! Very erotic and such a beautiful love story, for what more can any woman dream?

    1. Dori

      I would love to read books that go into the orgins of Christian Grey, such as his relationship with Elena and the fifteen. The making of Christian Grey so to speak. Also would love to read a Christian pov book.

  48. Vicky fletcher

    I think the trilogy was fantastically wrote and it is a truly gripping love story I was nearly in tears a few times the relationship is so realistic and a joy to read and there is nothing wrong with abit of kink. I absolutely would love to be able to read a few more fifty shades. Especially from Christians past and the books written from his view as we all know men have a different perspective to women absolutly brilliant books. And deffinatly want a red room.

  49. shannon c

    I found out about 50 shades of grey only a few days ago from my sister and within 3 days I have read the trilogy. And I find myself on the brink of depression!!! I cannot believe the trilogy is over I’m completley obsessed with christian and ana’s relationship, it had me from the get go and I fell in love with these books, much to my partners disproval in me ignoring him the whole time “holy fuck” these books were amazing! Reading from christians point of view at the end of the 50 shades freed, is driving me crazy , please please please write a 4th book! Until then I will be re-reading , absloutely amazing story! Big fan james!<3 ian somarholder or matt bomber for christian grey! Anyone other than those too will be a big dissapointment!

  50. donna

    Dear E,L JAMES I split up from my long term partner a year ago and I am a single mom I’ve spent the last year unhappy
    now since reading your 50 shades of grey books its changed everything am happy because the books have gave me hope that it doesn’t matter who u are and what problems you have there’s always some one out there that will accept them accept that its part of who you are I hope that one day I shal find my own mr grey and have the happy ending like mr grey and ana did but all in all I take my hat of to you your books are the best reads ever and I’m with all the other people really hope you do a book 4 5 and 6 on christains side of the story call them 50 shades steel50 shades lighter and 50 shades heaven lol we all know you have what it takes to do these books of christains side of story and u have left all your readers hanging with the ending on book 3 ie with the start to book 4 so please put us all out our minds will look forward to mr greys side of story and the movie thank you for getting me out my unhappy little hole I was stuck in your books saved me

  51. Marianne

    Please a 4th book!! Please please please! I did not want to finish reading the third book, I knew I was going to feel so sad when the story was going to end!!! And I do, when I get home I feel like going to my room to keep reading and then I remember that I finished reading them!!! Is so sad! :( I be they had at least 4 kids hahahaha please!! 4th! 4th! 4th! :D thank you for writing them EL James! U rock!

  52. Cynthia C.

    I’ve got to admit, all three books were amaaaazing! I fell in love with Mr. Grey. I would really love a 4th book, and from Christian’s perspective would be great! I’m not to excited about a movie coming out, movies always suck compared to the books. But oh well, definitely DON’T cast Robert Pattinson, he is already Edward, and it would just be weird. NOO not Brad Pitt either. I honestly can’t think of any celebrity that is as beautiful as I picture Mr. Grey, he has to be perfect! And there is no one. fresh new faces would be good I think for both Christian and Ana.

  53. Vicky

    OMG, I only like to read non-fiction books. However, I fell in love with Christian Grey and now I want MORE!!!

  54. Karin Mclane

    I love the books. i have read all 3 twice now… i am looking forward to a forth one hopefully… even would enjoy the books from christians point of view….. hard to put down.. thinking about re-reading for a forth… keep us up todate regarding a forth!

  55. sarah

    I really hope you do the books from christians point of view. The ending of fifty shades freed was amazing. I really want to know what else christian was thinking and also to hear more about his past with Elena, the submissives etc. Please write a 4th, 5th and a 6th and maybe even more. Lol. I would deffo buy them and read them. Until then ill just have to keep re reading them. :-) xx

  56. Amber

    I love love love this trilogy! I feel quite different after reading those books. Love Christian Grey!! Why can’t men out there be like him? I know he’s fictional but still. I know what I’ll now be looking for a man that I have the spark with, the intense energy that Christian and Ana have together. I feel like I’m going through withdrawal!! Please please please make more books!!!!!
    Definitely favorite books of all time. I feel kinda lost now without them… Can’t wait for the movie!!!!

  57. Hearts and Flowers

    I love these books!!!!!!! Thanks you E. L. James for writing them! It woke up my inner goddess that has been asleep for awhile. My hubby thanks you too. :-) I love the love story between Christian and Ana mixed with the kinky f*ckery! Please, (I’m begging) write a 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th…to continue their story. Christian’s point of view would be very interesting to read though.

    Christian Grey: HENRY CAVILL!!!!!!!!!! (without a doubt)
    Ana Steele: Felicity Jones



  59. CAY...

    I loved your books to bits!!!:) They were unbelievably amazing!!!:) I would have to say that I’d love to see Ian Somerhalder OR Chace Crawford OR Matt Bomer as Christain Grey and Lucy Hale as Ana!!! They are the best people for a the roles in the movie!!! Please write for books from Christian’s point of view!!!:)

  60. Samantha

    I loved the first two books I need to buy the 3rd. But so far they are amazing! They don’t remind me of twilight at all which is great! It’s so unique. I do say I would love ERIC WINTER & CAMILLA BELLE to play the roles of Christian & Ana. I imagine them when I’m reading the books. I don’t think I could bear seeing anyone else play them in the movie but Eric and Camilla. Thank you James!

  61. Sheryl

    Just finished reading the series for the 2nd time!! The kink is very erotic but the love story is what drew me in. I too would love to see more books in the series. Christians point if view his sessions with Dr. Flynn, the other 15 women, what happens when he destroys Lincoln, what did Leila take from the safe and what else does Hyde know!!! There were several storylines left open!! Great series, thanks EL James! Hopefully the movie will maintain the intensity of the book, can’t wait to see.

  62. Brittany

    I just finished the last book yesterday. They were amazing!!! Would love love love a FOURTH book from Christians point of view!! It would be so amazing reading things from his side, we always knew what Ana was thinking. And she was always wondering what Christian was thinking. How wonderful it would be to finally know!

    I hate that I finished these books so fast. I just want it to go on forever and ever. But I could not stop reading! The last book was the best in my opinion. He finally realized she truly loves him. Ahhhh it was just so wonderful, all 3 books! I don’t want to be finished, all I’ve thought about for a week is Christian and Ana. Now it’s over, I feel lonely, sad, like I’ve lost friends! Never in my life would I have imagined that 3 books could make me feel this way. I truly became addicted and I just want to feel normal again!! But now that I’m done reading all I do is read about it online! Will it ever end?!!

    PLEASE write a fourth book from Christians side!!!

  63. tbibb

    The trilogy was great. Totally fascinated with the Christian. Admire his willingness to make himself vulnerable in the name of love. Not sure I fancy Ana. Thought she was somewhat insensitive and selfish. She painted a negative picture of Christian to Kate. Also the wedding vows. Would looove to read the book from Christian’s side. His memory of his formative years, his Foster parents, Elena, his submissives, his businesses, was he sexually abused by his mother’s pimp? Why was he so ‘cool’ towards Kate? Would be intriguing if he found out that Ana had a little secret. Take a little of the innocent miss perfect from her character.

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