Hillary Clinton Dines At Litchfield’s West Street Grill

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Hillary Clinton and Charlie

Courtesy of West Street Grill

Charlie Kafferman and James O’Shea, owners of the famed West Street Grill in Litchfield, are pretty used to having at least one or two well-known celebrities in the dining room each night. The place is a star-gazing Mecca with an “A-list” reputation.

But the two were pleasantly surprised and impressed  Sunday night when a celebrity politician stopped by, the nation’s former secretary of state, former U.S. senator  and potential Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

“We weren’t sure she was coming but had an idea she might,” said Kafferman, about Clinton, who was also the nation’s First Lady as the wife of former U.S.President Bill Clinton. “But when the Secret Service showed up just before 8 p.m. we knew for sure.”

Hillary Clinton and James

Courtesy of West Street Grill

Clinton, it seems, was the guest of well-known Massachusetts doctor, Mark Hyman, a family friend. Clinton, Dr. Hyman and the entourage dined in the restaurant’s  private “Monkey Club Room.”

“She was wonderful,” said O’Shea, noting that Clinton nodded and smiled as she was escorted through the main dining room that became uncommonly quiet as diners realized who had walked in. 

Clinton dined on salmon and tomato salad and loved the whimsy of the sophisticated private dining room with its hand painted monkey murals.

“We had met her before at a neighbor’s house,” said O’Shea about what he considered one of the restaurant’s most exciting guests. “She is so down to earth and she makes people feel like they have known her forever.”

So Java had to ask. Was there any concrete info on what the elusive Clinton might be planning when it comes to her political future?

“No, we did our best to make sure they had privacy,”  said O’Shea. “But she did mention that her husband was in Africa with Chelsea,” he said, referring to the Clinton’s daughter. 



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22 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Dines At Litchfield’s West Street Grill

  1. K

    If you are not on the A list, don’t bother to go here. We did and were treated like we were mere beggars who should have gone around to the back door for scraps.

    1. Chester Washburn

      This place is a pretentious snob hole. The owners are rude, the food is mediocre, and the prices are exorbitant.

  2. disgusted

    There is one place to avoid. Please keep us informed before she shows up somewhere so we can be sure to avoid those establishments/towns.

  3. Richard Horwitz

    I dined there with my daughter a few months ago and we were treated like the stars that frequent this most awesome place. We had a wonderful conversation with James O’Shea after our meal. He is a most hospitable host and made us want to come back when we are in the area. The food is 5 stars as is the service. Everyone is treated like a star. Can’t wait to go back.

  4. Rob

    Who the hell cares where a lying worthless piece of protoplasm dines…and who ever allowed that idiot to come to Connecticut??? Should have built the fence higher…don’t need worthless immigration to this state…we already have Malloy:-)

  5. bahmi

    It’s rare and wonderful when you can entertain and feed a bloated war criminal. Lying since her teens, Hilly certainly deserves a crowd. Then again, she should be shown the interior decoration down at York Correctional…..

      1. disgusted

        She should be getting booed louder than Alex Rodriguez every place she goes. It is no surprise that the clueless voters of Ct. are fawning over her while they ought to be crossing the street to avoid her.

  6. Mr. Nobody

    “What difference does it Make”
    She’s a lying Sack of Shi… just like her husband and most liberals. At least now I know why there was a stench in the air.

  7. Linda in CT

    I ate there once and had the famous salmon burger. Was treated well. Personally I think the restaurant is WAY overrated. I overheard a conversation at another table with the owner loudly arguing with a customer about their bill. It really ruined my meal having to listen to someone getting yelled at like that. Never went back. I now eat at the Litchfield Saltwater Grille which is down the street a bit. The staff there seems much more customer friendly and no loud arguments to ruin your meal.

  8. pete

    Like others have stated WHO THE F CARES. I DON’T. Hey maybe she is looking for the mulas who gang raped and murdered our ambassador in Libya. Who was she with. Give me another line and babe Bubba or maybe Weiner’s pathetic wife

  9. sue

    Like Chester stated the prices are a rip off. There is a great barbecue place no too far in batnam where REAL AMERICANS GO NOT THE ELITIST SNOBS

  10. steve

    Hey Hillary

    how’s the search for the ambassador’s killer going. CNN found them. Are they hiding in Litchfield County

  11. IQsearcher

    I am amazed that some of these commentators can even read let alone find this article on a website. What are they going to do when their “conservative” elected representatives take away their food stamps?

    1. disgusted

      Food stamp recipients do not vote for conservatives EVER. It sounds like you are the one who should do some reading…..opening your eyes and looking at what is happening around you would be a start.

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