Irvine and ‘Restaurant Impossible’ Coming Back To CT

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irvineGet ready Windsor. Celebrity chef and tv personality Robert Irvine is coming back to Connecticut to fix up an ailing restaurant in your area for an episode of his “Restaurant Impossible.”

The lucky place? The Windsor 75 Diner and Restaurant.

And the show is looking for diners who will be willing to be part of the restaurant’s grand reveal on Aug. 8.

In case you never saw the show, Irvine and a crew go around the country doing mega make-overs of restaurants in need, addressing everything from menu to decor with a $10,000 budget. Other Connecticut restaurants that have been featured on Irvine’s show on The Food Network include Pastori’s in Ellington.

Preparation for the makeover begins Aug. 6.

“Theirvine (2) Windsor 75 Diner and Restaurant offers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a variety of special items such as Eggs Benedict, Belgium Waffles, Yogurt & Fresh Fruit Parfait, Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Gyros, Reubens and Craisin Walnut Salad,” its website notes. “Besides our Daily Specials, we serve house made lasagna, seafood, pork chops and steaks. Enjoy a glass of beer, wine or martini with your meal. Tiramisu, chocolate cake, and carrot cake are among our specialty desserts to top off your dinner.”

Am guessing that will be changing once Irvine is done!

The restaurant is located at 35 Poquonock Ave.

Those Interested in reservations for the grand reopening should call 860-925-6256 by Monday.


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37 thoughts on “Irvine and ‘Restaurant Impossible’ Coming Back To CT

  1. Jason

    Trying to call this morning (Friday, Aug. 2) to make a reservation for the big reveal next week, and the person responsible for taking those reservations is not there! Could be a sign of why they need Mr. Irvine’s help? (Step 1: Hire a host/manager to take reservations.)

    1. Jason

      Just to follow up … we were at the Big Reveal last night, and it was awesome. We did have to wait over an hour to get in – I thought my son was going to fall asleep standing in line – but it was totally worth it! We had a great meal, brought home super cake, and the place looks amazing inside. A beautiful makeover. And, Mr. Irvine was very gracious with his time – taking pictures with all the guests, talking to people. We had a ball!

  2. Michele

    The reveal is actually Thursday August 8th and doesn’t sound like there are many seats left!

  3. sharon gauthier

    He does some fabulous improvements I’m looking forward to it as I have eaten there before and would like to see what they do


    1. p. hofperson

      well he sure made a mess of the Flood Tide in Mystic. it used to be a classy place where you went for a special occasion dinner, now it’s just a restaurant near a motel.

      1. Stephen

        Really?…that place was a mess before he got his hands on it.
        Nothing could save that dump but a bulldozer and a fresh start.
        Anyway I think the restaurant and hotel are for sale now.

        1. p. hofperson

          well I guess being older than you, I remember it a different way. we went back in the day when you dressed to go out on a Fri. or Sat. night. have to admit it’s been a while but was sad to watch what he did to it on TV

          1. Thelma Quartz

            You’re both right! p. hofperson – it used to be a special place at a wonderful location. On that reputation I went there about 8 years ago and it was a depressing dump. Stephen – yup, a fresh start is needed, bulldozer included. A multi-million dollar location, though!

  4. Sharon

    I am biased because the owners are good friends of mine…We are coming up for the big reveal from FL. I don’t think there are many spaces left, but call and ask for Therese…she is the owner. If not, come by after the reveal and check it out. They are wonderful people.

    1. Lisa

      omg George and Therese are wonderful! have been catering for years for us as well as my family loving to go there. a great meal, warm hospitality and a great value!

  5. Peter

    That place was sooo boring and bland for sooo long, I cant wait to see what they are going to do with it!

  6. Roberta

    I just tried calling , it’s a fax machine
    Would love to see the change! I stopped going years ago, food was blah and boring. Like from the 70’s! Hopefully and I’m sure he will Chef Robert Irvine will create a keeper
    Love the show

  7. Brian

    I lived in Windsor for over 40 years and after they closed the florist shop they put restaurant after restaurant in there. None of them really lasted. I hope Robert Irvine and the show ‘Restaurant Impossible’ can help make something of it. I just want to say good luck to Robert Irvine and his crew and also to the restaurant owners.
    Love the Show
    Good Luck

  8. Steve

    It’s been about 2 years since he redid Stella’s in Stratford. I was there a few weeks ago and the food and service are still wonderful. Hope he can do as well in Windsor!

  9. Dan

    I look forward to see what they do with the place. The owners are really nice people. I wish them the best with the makeover. They deserve it. All of Windsor should get behind them and support this local business.

  10. Steve

    It’s a great breakfast place, great food and GREAT owners! My family’s been going there for years, I’m surprised Robert is coming, but excited for a facelift and some new additions to the menu! Hope to get in for the reveal.

  11. Angela

    We used to go to Windsor 75 all the time. Food and service was good in the beginning, then went completely down hill. Called ahead for reservations on Mothers Day. Had to wait 30 minutes once we got there. Asked for a specific meal when the reservations were made only to be told on the day that they had run out. Never went back. Hope Robert Irvine can help.

  12. sharon

    great people! Called but no answer so we could not get a reservation for the reveal. Best Wishes on the makeover!

  13. Dorothy E.

    Love the show! Wish we could get in for the big reveal, but the voice mailbox is full. :(

  14. Jean

    Tried to get reservations mailbox not accepting calls I was sad because my late I laws lived in Windsor and ate there a lot we would often go with them I would have loved to be at the opening I know my in laws will be looking down they really liked the owners

  15. Susan Donnelly

    Been trying to get reservations however the persons vm is full. SO want to take my son and mother. It is one of the few shows that all three generations can watch together, we have DVR’d all of them!! Let me know if you cant use your reservation!

  16. Melinda Braccia

    Just tried calling, been trying all day, all I get is mailbox is full. It’s my husband’s 37th birthday and he is a huge fan of Robert Irvine’s. We were hoping to book a table of 6 with 4 kids who just worship the ground he walks on! Watch every week! If anyone can’t make it would you please let us know we would fly up there instantly!!! It would so make my husband’s birthday (fyi he’s also in the food business and runs both Tunxis Community College and Gillete Castle’s food )

    Either way I wish this place the best! It doesn’t get any better with Robert there!!!

  17. lll

    I called many times yesterday and was finally able to get ahold of someone. She put my name on the “long” waiting list so I’m sure we won’t get in.

  18. Nereida mojica

    Its exciting to have a famous chef in windsor ct. We always end up eating out away from windsor because of limited selection of eateries. I would love to attend this reveal this thurs. Its days away from our 35 anniversary and would love to come. Im excited for our town.It would be a pleasure to attend.

  19. Louise

    Wish all the best to George and Theresa, miss you in the home town. Hope you have a wonderful night and a great makeover.

  20. amy

    I am bringing my boys! My 9yr old wants to be like CHEF! We are coming! No more reservations!

  21. Debbie

    Tried making reservations on the 8th when I heard on the news but none were left. I was so hoping to go and see what they did with the place. We went their when they first opened but only went back a few times. We are Foodies who just adore the Food Network Station and so enjoy watching Restaurant Impossible. Drove by afterwork yesterday and saw Chef Irvine and Mike but I didn’t get any pics. The food showed up so off they went to eat. Maybe I can stop by tonight and meet him. If anyone has a couple of extra chairs for tonight we would love to join you.

  22. Jack Valinho

    I called on Monday to make reservations for 3 people for Thursday’s reveal. The lady that answered took my name, phone # and email and said, ‘OK, You are on the list’. I just assumed that I was on the list of people with reservations and that I would either get a phone call or an email with instructions for attending the ‘reveal’. However, it is 4pm on Thursday and I have not received anything., so now I am not so sure that I do have reservations for tonight. Fortunately I am only a few mintues away fron Windsor 75 so I will just go there and see what happens.

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