Keselowski Races Through ESPN ‘Carwash’

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Brad Keselowski is tearing it up when it comes to the 2014 NASCAR race car season. The 30-year-old, 2012 Sprint Cup champion recently had a perfect racing weekend in Loudon, New Hampshire as he pursues the 2014 championship. In the wake of headline-grabbing celebratory antics including a broken champagne bottle injury, sweeping up confetti, a dropped American flag and waving a lobster around Victory Lane, Keselowski stopped by Bristol’s ESPN Wednesday to do the all-inclusive “carwash” of shows there. In between radio and television appearances he checked out the new and impressive ESPN DC2 building, admiring the furniture and flooring and Spilling the Beans with Java.

Q:  What with the Loudon sweep and your point standing you’ve become a kind of race car superhero.  So what will your superhero cartoon name be?

A: I need more time to think about that. I mean everyone likes (he drops his voice and growls)  ‘Baaaad Braaaad.’ You have to say it like that. I don’t really care for it but everyone else does so I guess that would be it. I mean that is what others call me. You can’t control that.

Q: The Victory Lane antics lead some to believe you are a bit a show-off on the track. Are you?

A: We are all showmen. NASCAR racing is a show and that is what we do. We entertain fans. That is what drives the sport. I chose to be a race car driver because I love race car driving but there is more to the sport than that.

Q: Connecticut’s Joey Logano was a bit irked after he wrecked with 72-year-old Morgan Shepherd in New Hampshire, and commented there should be mandatory testing for drivers in Cup Car races. What do you think?

A: I’m a little confused by what he meant about that. Drivers do pass a test in the lower series of NASCAR. I’m not sure what he means.

Q: You are on winning roll this season. What comes next?

A: It’s Indianapolis this weekend for Sunday’s Brickyard 400.  I feel very, very positive considering how well we ran the past few weeks.

Q: One article about your year so far refers to you as a “ruffian.” Are you?

A: What does ruffian mean?

Q: A tough guy, a bit of a bully, a naughty boy, a rule breaker.

A: Yeah, I like to stir it up. I don’t like the status quo about anything, not just in racing

Q: There are also articles where you have flatly insisted you will be single and stay that way. What about Paige White. She’s been in all the Victory Lane pictures with you lately.

A: I am definitely dating Paige. And yes, she was in victory lane in Loudon. I am happily dating.

Q: So is it a committed relationship?

A: What does that mean?

Q: It means you are only dating each other. So are you?

A: Yes, I am dating just her. It’s good.

Q: You are from a racing family so I guess going into the sport is a natural. But if you could not be a race car driver, what do you think you would want to do professionally?

A: I just did this vacation where I went to an island, Ocracoke, in North Carolina. There were a bunch of people who, like, own shops along the beach. That looks like fun. I think I would want to own a surf shop.

Q; Do you surf?

A: No, but I would just want to own the shop and manage it and sit outside and not do a whole lot.

Q: What do you think of ESPN’s new building?

A: This is my fourth or fifth visit here but the first time I am in this building. It’s very impressive. And I really like these red and gray chairs. They are really comfortable and I like the color.




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