More WCCC Changes / Klonk “All the Time” And A.M. With Raven

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Klonkcollage[1]As Marlin Broadcasting’s  WCCC 106.9  expands its music library to the dismay of purists and delight of others,  there are some additional  changes going on at the Hartford rock station that is apparently reinventing itself amid the controversy.

Besides the addition of “old rock” to its usual “new rock” format, there will also be some program change-ups beginning Wednesday March 6. And the station, whose claim to fame was that it had no pre-recorded DJs, will apparently be stepping back  on that as well.

wccc_optThe most visible change will be for popular show host “Miss Klonk,” who, beginning Wednesday, will  join “Raven” in the 6 to 10 a.m. morning slot with djs filling in her 3 to 7 p.m. slot this week. Her “Klonk in the Afternoon”  midday show will have a new host and a new name beginning March 11 when, according to program director Mike Picozzi, station jock “Craig” moves from his 7 p.m. to midnight gig to her spot.

And that leaves Craig’s 7 p.m. to midnight slot open.

“We are exploring our options,” said Picozzi, about who will move to evening/nighttime.

However the word is out that it will be a pre-recorded Miss Klonk who will be featured  in the nighttime slot.

“If you heard it, it must be true,” quipped an evasive Picozzi about the rumors.  “We will use the phrase “All Klonk All the Time.”

craigSo if you need a score card or are just confused or whatever, the new morning show will be “Raven and Miss Klonk,”  the new afternoon show “Craig in the Afternoon” and the nighttime show, “Klonk at Night,” according to Picozzi.

For those who like stability at their stations, please be assured that Mike Karolyi will continue at his 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. slot, the one he has called his own at the station for the past 27 years.

And finally, if you are still one of the many who are not happy with the station’s new format,  a Facebook page “Save the Rock” has been set up at

Billed as a  “formal protest by listeners of 106.9 WCCC,”  the mantra is “We want our music back!!”
So far, nearly 3,000 followers.



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40 thoughts on “More WCCC Changes / Klonk “All the Time” And A.M. With Raven

    1. Lisa McLaughlin

      Lord only knows…but it doesn’t seem good. Where does this leave Slater? Kevin the Part Time Guy? Mattly Crue? Lurch? Sinna Min?

    2. Brian Hovey

      You need to show this station that we are the reason that they even are around. This station sucks now. Big Daddy thinks that Klonk is the new Jesus Christ and she has the saving grace to bring the rock to new hights. News flash, Jay Raven has the #1 show in the am. No question there. Klonk already tried her hand in mornings and fell flat. She is not funny and now will be trying to take over a formula that already is working. I dont see why we need yet another station in CT playing the same lame music that is already being played state wide. Its like getting another pizza place, same stuff just diffrent delivery.
      I can only urge everyone to come to

      and use your voice, let the shirts at CCC know what is good and what is bad for CT radio. Also please go to wccc and unlike their page, numbers seem to matter to them.

      1. gary b

        that whole group of people(Klonk,Picozzi) they all think they are funny and they just aren’t! when will they get it?

  1. Yo mama


    A MONOPOLY of 13 to 59 year-old rock/hard rock/metal listening audience abandoned by former radio station. There is no where else in CT that plays our music. We CAN generate revenue for you. It is all in the sales team. We have no where to turn now for our music, and some of us (like myself) do not wish to pay for satellite radio. Come grab us up while we are fresh and available. Opportunity only knocks once. This is your big chance!!! Hurry before we get impatient and begrudgingly join satellite radio.

  2. Rockman

    New show, “Picozzi, live from the Old Folks Home.”

    To paraphrase Dean Wormer, “At WCCC, fat, old and stupid is the way to go through life.”

  3. cougar_in_training

    i’m annoyed and upset by the format change at CCC.

    i’m not, however, annoyed nor upset by that yummy guy in the middle of this page. he’s scrumptious! who is he?

  4. David Kelly

    Way to go “Anonymous”. Showing you have as much balls as you have brains. Is that really the only possible way someone gets ahead in this world? It couldn’t possibly be the fact that she works her tail off day after day, actually cares about her listeners, and has a ton of people willing to attend her promotions and events, just to meet her…, she must be sleeping with someone, of course. To address the other criticisms about Klonk, “she’s not funny”, “she’s fallen flat in mornings before”….obviously there’s a lot more people that want to hear her. A station trying to increase it’s revenue isn’t going to highlight someone without talent, doesn’t make good business sense, does it. Look, shout your opposition all you want regarding the music on the station, demonstrate, do what you want, but leave the jocks out of it. These are people with real feelings, with real passion for what they do, and that is to entertain every one of us. Try showing them some love.

      1. Rich

        Yes, and obviously the reason they are playing more classic rock is because everyone asked for that too…

  5. Tina

    David Kelly I applaud you!!! Thank you for saying what needed to be said!! That Anonymous comment was completely asinine!

  6. Lynn

    David Kelly & Tina – I understand and respect your “Klonk” fans, but I’m not along w/ Anonymous. Plain & simple we have the right to not be fans. I disagree that their has to be “tons” of people coming out to “just see her” — I think everyone has enjoyed most of the jocks and there out to see them all, but you can’t disagree Klonk fell flat in the AM and Raven having the #1 show one would think – why mess with a good thing? I don’t think Raven needed Sinn & Crue but I don’t see him being a good fit with Klonk – she likes the limelight and it’s his show.

    Either way hope the rock figures it out because right now, they don’t have it together and they are losing customers to Radio104 which was defunct for many years, so what that tells me is everyone missed Holden … ?

    1. Tina

      Lynn, in response to your post, I am not just a “Klonk” fan, I am a fan of WCCC. I have been a listener for many years and have enjoyed listening to many of their Jocks over the years. I enjoy and can relate to one or most of the Jocks on WCCC, your assumption that I am not a Raven fan is also very wrong. I actually hired him to DJ my wedding so I am a Raven fan as well as a fan of so many other Jocks there. I completely agree with you, we all have the right to be or not to be fans of whomever we choose but as a woman I take offense to that comment made by Anonymous because it was completely uncalled for. What I agree with David on is that people are making this personal and attacking the Jocks which I think is very unfair to them. They all work hard, are extremely talented in their own right and don’t deserve to have such nasty comments made when this was not their doing. This is my personal opinion and if someone disagrees with it then that’s their right. I just think people need to stop and think instead of attacking innocent people.

    2. David Kelly

      I have to respectfully disagree. Whether or not WCCC’s current listener base approves of the music change, the station feels it’s doing what it must do to increase it’s customer base, thus increasing it’s revenue. That is also true of the station’s use of it’s on-air talent for broadcast and off air promotions. If Klonk wasn’t an icredible draw, they wouldn’t be using her in the capacity they are planning to. Case closed. She’s not sleeping her way to the top, there isn’t some unfair favoritism going on, it’s what’s good for business.
      The other point I have to remark on is “she likes the limelight”. Lynn, does that not go hand in hand with the business they’re in? Would you want an on-air personality that also hosts off site promotions that likes to hide in the shadows and not be seen? Liking the limelight is a prerequisite for the job, if you want to do what they do successfully.

  7. Frank

    The station is terrible… They play more 80’s hairband rock than anything else. Most of that 80’s rock sucked anyway. Unfortunately, if you want to listen to good music, you have to pay for it!

  8. .45 on target

    -1 listener. I’m sure I’m not the only one. So sick of all the damn changes there. I really do hope they fail just for the simple fact of abandoning their listeners and messing with a good thing. The ONLY reason why I listened to CCC is because it was live with real people and not some prerecorded crap. Good job guys for screwing it up.

  9. larry_w14

    sad, but all about money I am sure. We don’t need another classic rock station, there is one in Springfield. Knew was all ending with totally commercial sounding male voice identifying the station couple of weeks ago…and seemed like every time turned on, and old rock song. I am sure Steven Wayne bailed before told goodby…he got class at least.
    Independent radio? not in CT anymore.

  10. William Mackie

    Sounds absolutely ridiculous that I have no desire to listen to. I’m officially done with WCCC and I hope it along with its sponsors drop off the face of the earth!!!

  11. ramdude

    After I started hearing the cheesy voice-overs doing the station ID, I was thinking “Wow, sounds like these guys have finally gone corporate – when do the computers take over?.” Then the music – am I in an elevator?

    Not sure if I have listened to CCC because of the jocks or the music first, but I can listen to my iPod for the music.

    CCC, don’t take what you have for granted. I know you have to do what you have to do to survive, but baby and bath water come to mind. Jussayin.

  12. Abe FroMan

    I’d rather listen to Steven Wayne 24-7, 365. The last hard rock station I listened to that executed a format change sold out to clear channel. How long until that happens? They have to be making the change for some reason. Trying to pilfer other listeners from other rock stations in a saturated market is fairly futile unless you are trying to sell, sell, sell!

  13. bruce

    I’m done with listening to WCCC after 11 years. I just subscribed to Sirius XM. I’m never listening to WCCC again unless they fire that jerk Alan.

  14. Mike

    I just noticed the change today when they were playing awful 80s rock and changed their slogan to “rock of all ages”. It’s like they’re trying to be a sucky version of 99.1.

  15. Karen

    Alan is a major player at Marlin Broadcasting. He’s not going to get fired. He’s the second in command. He’s basically untouchable.

  16. Adam

    All the talent on this station is terrible, and I believe that is what can be attributed to the low arbitron ratings, not the format. CCC never recovered from the talent vacuum left by Howard Stern leaving the syndicated morning slot. CCC’s talent are nice people, but hardly a compelling listen.

  17. Confused

    I’m very confused as to why they would dismantle the only thing that was good….the morning show!? Klonk has already failed once in the morning, so why put her there again? So Raven can carry her? This morning’s drive was not the same at all! I’m more upset over the change in the jocks than the format. And to top it off, Raven in the Morning just won Best Radio Show for the advocate’s Best Of. What morons to split them up!

    1. More Confused - Was I listening to the same show??

      I changed the station during mornings a while ago, there was too much “chatter” on Raven’s morning show and it got annoying. I tried listening again this week and I still can’t find myself being able to. I actually timed it and on a 15 min drive not ONE song was played, he talked through it all. Is this radio or a talk show? Disappointed, was hoping that not having the interns would lesson the jibberish but no such luck. Time to change the station for good.

  18. B

    So Now What Station Is Everyone Turning To? The Only One I Can Ever Half Way Tolerate Is 104.1. And That Is Only Some Of The Time.

  19. Tony Manning

    I have listened to the Hill Man Morning Show on WAAF for YEARS. Its hilarious. Thats from 6-10. For music I play mp3s since most stations don’t play prog/metal.

  20. Bob F

    The station started going down hill when they let go Holden Johnson who is now on 104.1.

    I don’t think moving Klonk to mornings is a good idea she is fine in the afternoon.

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