Scot Haney/Paul Marte Split

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They met in New York 19 years ago and now one of Hartford’s most well-known power couples, WFSB personality Scot Haney and Bushnell ‘s communications manager Paul Marte, has called it quits.

The couple, considered A-listers when it came to the invitation lists of the area’s most prestigious non-profit events and private parties, are parting amicably, according to Haney.

 “After 19 years of happiness and sadness,  funny times and rough times, and  literally most of our adult lives together, Paul  and I have decided to part ways,” said Haney. ” It has been a very difficult time for both of us as we try to remain best friends. We will always be in each other’s lives and now it’s back to therapy.”

The two, who were not legally married,  regularly attended events together, and together donated cocktail parties at their Canton home as a gala  auction prize for some of their favorite charities.  Marte was occassionally  a guest host on Haney’s “Better Connecticut” show , when show co-host Kara Sundlun was out. Their annual Christmas cards were considered collector’s  items.  Their Halloween parties, a “must go.”

Haney was the comic and  an admitted neat freak when it came to the house, while Marte was the cook and  host for parties there.

“My mother visited over the weekend and took me to the grocery store to acquaint me with the frozen food aisle because I don’t cook,” Haney said  Tuesday half-heartedly joking. “She says I can cook for myself.”

Haney said the two will continue to reside in the Hartford area.”We will be trying to maintain a relationship,” Haney said about Marte who could not be reached for comment. “He is still my best friend.”


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122 thoughts on “Scot Haney/Paul Marte Split

    1. Janet

      So Sad! But hang in there Scot!! Better days are right around the corner!!
      I will keep you in my prayers!!

  1. Linda

    I agree, how sad. I love watching Scot on WFSB 3, he just makes the news/weather much more interesting to watch. I wish the best for both Scot and Paul. After 19 years it must be hard to split, maybe they will reconcile in the future.

      1. Dave

        Sharon, how exactly does that make Bob a bigot? Quit looking for something that isn’t there.

    1. MomOf3

      I care. I love watching the channel 3 news in the morning. Mostly because I love Scot Haney. It’s sad that he and his partner split. And…..while some people may not care, well, the news is full of stuff I simply could care less about.

    2. MissyLynn

      Why comment if you don’t care? And why so evil?
      Why not just move on to something you have an interest? Or is that your issue? Maybe you don’t give a Rats a$$ about anything so you just go around making evil comments.

    3. rose normandie

      I have to agree. I have watched Scot for a lot of years and lately just getting sick of hearing about his lovelife. I don’t think that’s something that belongs with the weather, and neither does that pic of the other one with his cutoff sleeves. Maybe those two can get together….

  2. Mike D

    No one care but the liberal elite, and nosey stay at home house wives, Its sad day in Sadam and Gamorah

    1. Frank

      The liberal elite spend their time reading books and know how to spell “Sodom and Gomorrah” correctly.

      1. William Donovan

        Best comment ever written. Most liberal elite’s are educated, much more then the Fright Wing.

        1. Bobby

          Actually your comment is better – claiming liberal “elite’s” are educated while showing no knowledge of proper punctuation. LOL

        2. Walt of

          Yup, proof positive that a expensive education usually wasted on the inherently stupid. Look no further than the fool in the White House. They all just become Educated Fools or Useful idiots as Stalin used to say. I would wager that the “right” is far and away better educated than the left..Why..? Most of the Right is still working and paying most of the Tax..
          Bob got it “right”.

          1. MissyLynn

            WOW Now its to bigotry and politics.
            Scary nothing positive to say
            This is an example of the future.

      2. Smitty

        EVERY day is a sad day for Sadam and Gamorah, what with Sadam having been executed and Gamorah constantly getting his turtley butt kicked by Godzilla.

    2. Bob Thomson

      Hey Walt, You aren’t much better! Is it “a expensive” or is an an expensive? Not matter left or right, when you are going to judge and criticize you really ought to get it correct yourself…Dope!

  3. Tim

    I’d like to point out a bigger problem here: the disgusting notion that something very private between two people constitutes “news.” This is supposed to be one of the nation’s oldest most respected news sources, not TMZ. I’m cancelling my subscription.


      This is news, actually. Because these two pass for celebrities in this pathetic state. Haney’s on the news, local TV shows, and just about any place where he can score a free martini.

      1. Tim

        You’re probably right, sadly. I just think there’s more important news to be covered: violence in Syria, the BP Oil Spill trial, tracking the U.S. election for example.

        But you have a point. “Celebrity” gossip is sadly seen as news.

        1. Carol

          Tim, news consists of many subjects both happy and sad, political and sports, etc., etc. There is something in the news for everyone. Read only the topics you are interested in. No need to put down the news publication because they printed something that you have not interest in.

    2. Sharon

      if Gerry Brooks and wife separated I have a feeling you would tolerate that type of news better. Why else would you whine and carry on and cancel your subscription. I touched a nerve?

      1. ForReal?

        Why can’t people just think this isn’t news? This is a dumb story about a weatherman. Get a grip. It’s not a political statement or judgment on lifestyle. Or, did I touch a nerve?

      2. Tim

        What does it matter if it’s Scot and Paul or, hypothetically, Gerry and his wife? No one deserves to have their relationship troubles plastered all over the Internet.

        And I canceled my weekend subscription because if I’m paying for a NEWSpaper, I’d prefer to hear the news. I think there’s a lack of editorial oversight here.

  4. KathyC

    I am so sorry to hear this. I hope they are able to remain friends. They are both great guys and after 19 years it is so hard to adjust to being alone. When my husband and I divorced after twenty something years it was so devastating for me. Best of luck to both of them.

    1. Sharon

      I’m sorry to hear that. We do have a bunch of doozy’s who live in CT, they can’t allow people to love. Always a nasty comment.

    2. Linda P

      I agree with Kathy C, like you divorced and devastaed after 20 something yrs, when a marriage/relationship is someone’s entire adult life and trust is built on one person, you better believe all the well wishes are needed. Scot and Paul are great guys and human beings, they deserve support and respect during this time. Healing and moving on from such a change takes a very, very long time! Unless one goes through this, do not put your negative opinions out here.

      1. mamarosaone

        You don’t need to live in podunk to believe that marriage is between a man and woman. Wish I were young enough to get on that bandwagon. The country is going down the tubes in more ways than one!

    1. Carol

      Who are you to say what is and is not a sickness because you do not believe in another person’s sexuality?

  5. Bocephus

    This is news, as Scot Haney is a public figure.

    Scot raises more money for charity than most anyone in Hartford. Hope this loss in his personal life doesn’t get in the way of all the good he does.

    On another point, as a conservative / libertarian, I don’t like bullies telling people what to do in their private lives. If Scot is gay and you’re not, that’s his deal — leave him alone. If gay people make you nervous or angry, you’re probably repressing something. Spend your emotional energy working on that, not picking on other people.

    1. Sharon

      the only thing I can say to you is BRAVO! I wish every person felt like this…it surely would be a better world.

      1. Aussiemom

        Agreed!! I feel that if people have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!! All you haters should just go away and keep your nasty opinions to yourselves!! Best wishes to you Scot!! <3

    2. Walt of Prospect

      It doesn’t matter if Scott is Gay, Straight, chaist, or Hermaphroditic. Many of us just don’t like him. I am one of them. I know of no other celebrites in this State that use their sexuality as a qualifer for their obvious shortcomings as a professional like Scott does..
      We also have a Freedom of religion in this Country.It may surprise a few here but many religions do not accept Homosexuality as being right. Now I may not agree with them but they still have a “right” in this Country to believe so. This is what seperates us libertarians from the pack of hypocrites and bigots on the right and the left LMAO!!

      1. Carol

        I say to each their own. If they are not harming anyone leave them alone. There are so many other issues in the world that need the public’s energy, who cares who’s straight abd who’s gay and who’s bi. If they are not having sex with me I do not care and it is none of my business.

      2. MissyLynn

        What ???? lol Because Scott is not ashamed of who he is constitutes using his sexuality.
        How deep in the stink is that comment.
        Don’t like him, why bother reading about him?
        What does religious views have to do with anything. Each person should live their life within their own religious views and not put it on others. If you believe that loving a person of the same sex is a sin and you will be punished by God, then I would suggest you don’t do it. But that is for each individual to decide based on there relationship with God and Jesus. There can be only one Judge and he is not human.

  6. Sharon

    Sorry to read this. I have to echo ther posters who say- try to work it out if you can. I got divorced after 19 years of marriage and it is really hard to get back out there, be the odd duck at parties with couples, etc. Everyone’s situation is different and I hope you and Paul will both find happiness in your future.

  7. Jane

    Mary Ellen, have you no shame? This is a private matter. No one – public figure or not – deserves to have their private lives trumpeted as “news” headlines. The level of gossip to which the Courant has slid is appalling.

    1. Laralu

      Since Scot was more than happy to give a statement I don’t think that Mary Ellen is to blame. He could have just said “no comment”, or asked that she not write about it. It clearly doesn’t bother him so why does it bother you?

  8. Mike D

    Frank as for my spelleng, it might have been incorrect but you figured it out with out useing too much brain power. Was youproblem with with my spelling or my comment?
    The Liberal elietist don’t read more than your common man. They just think they do, and look down thier noses at others who don’t attend thier “cocktail parties” and gossip about which power couple has broken up and what rich old hag has had botox. You don’ fool each other and you don’t fool Joe Six Pack, as you snobs refer to us.

    1. John K

      “Joe Six Pack” was used extensively by Sarah Palin in the last election, not liberals or snobs. She used it as a badge of honor. It’s okay to make any argument you like, but please get your information correct, otherwise your argument appears weak.

      1. Mike D

        Good arguement John K.,I don’t think Sara Palin coined the term “Joe Six Pack” She stole the insult and made it a badge of honor. Like Yankee Doodle.

  9. Ethel

    And this is news why? I’m sure those who still watch channel 3 in the morning will be subjected to the entire saga between caberet acts…..

    What happened to the real news shows that didn’t feel the need to entertain the viewers while delivering actual newsworthy content?

  10. Shelby

    Who really cares? This isn’t news, this is just tabloid crap. Every relationship/marriage/partnership has highs/lows, good/bad, etc – this doesn’t make them special at all. It also doesn’t means they have to have their private matters splashed across the front page of the courant. It’s sad – but after meeting Scott twice at one of his parties (and observing his catty, immature, and rude behavior) – i say – no sympathy from me.

  11. Ted neald

    Maryellen should be ashamed for putting this garbage in her blog

    Who gives a shit bout these two?
    Maryellen does its evident how many times a week she posted about those two

  12. susan smith

    Not too long ago i was at Foxwoods walking from MGM Grand to the Pequot area. Well if it wasn’t Scot Haney walking toward me with two other people. He was looking away, as if he’s so famous, he couldn’t even look straight and just say “Hi”. Needless to say, I didn’t even want to say hello to him either. He should learn a little humility in his life. Maybe someone’s head in that relationship was getting a little too big.

    1. Becky

      My sister and I were in shop rite in Canton and saw Scot and Paul, my sister spoke up and said hi to both of them and they were very polite and friendly, I’m sure if you spoke up and said hi to Scot he would have treated you the same way! Why would you expect him to say hi first if he didn’t have any idea of who you were?? Just sayin.

  13. Jason

    Oh come on these two had an open relationship.. They often times sought out guys on websites like grinder etc
    Soo maryellen stop crying and painting your fairytale story..

  14. Carol Szymannski

    I once stayed home because Scoot Hooney predicted THIRTEEN INCHES of snow. Not a flake fell. He cannot pronounce anyone’s name apparently having been born in the land of Jones and Smith, but he did once put a BIG smile on my friend’s grandma’s face when he announced her 99th birthday and sincerely wished her well. So, I forgive Scott and pray that you will find deep meaningful love again in this big, wide world. Choose happiness and it will find you too.

  15. Ron

    I agree: who cares? Whenever the self-obsessed Scot Haney comes on Channel 3, I immeidately lunge for the remote and change to any other channel I can find. As a member of the GLBT community, I don’t mind his life-style – shame on the homophobe who has posted here – but I simply cannot stand his fascination with his limited talents. I’m sorry for the break-up. If he chooses to take his act elsewhere, that would be fine with me.

    1. Jeff

      Well said Ron!!!! 10 minutes into a first date with Scot and I would have run for the hills.

  16. mary

    It’s JAVA, folks. The gossip column for The Courant. No, it’s not news. It’s JAVA….get a grip.

  17. carly tenney

    So sorry to hear this. After 19 years together this must have been such a painful decision. I wish them both well.

  18. Laura

    This breaks my heart to hear as they were such an inspirational couple. I’m very saddened by the news and hope that in time they can work things out. Wishing them both the best!

  19. cheryl

    Paul got smart and left that guy. He is probably much more happier. Hope WFSB gives him the boot also.

  20. Lisa

    Sad news, I just heard you on WPLR, so I had to look up
    article. I like Scot he does a lot for charity. I know
    sometimes he is a little too much but he seems like a
    great person who has done a lot for the community. I wish
    them the best 19 years is a long time.

  21. pam mcniff

    i’m so saddened to hear the news. scot helped me through a very difficult time in my life. i wish them all the best but after 19 years together it must be so hard. maybe marte was tired of all the time scot spends working and attending charity events

  22. Christine

    How interesting that those who support the Haney lifestyle are “enlightened,” while those who don’t are “bigots” or disgraceful. It’s sad that a person can’t express their opinion without being trashed. While I don’t condone the lifestyle, and also believe that marriage is between a man and a woman (Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve), let those peter puffers live as they will, and hopefully the rest of the world will leave them alone.

  23. Donna

    How Sad. But I have heard Scot say that he wishes Paul would marry him and since Paul hasn’t that could be the reason. Paul may not want to commit or doesn’t feel the same way about Scot anymore.. it is sad.. I love Scot and wish him the very best.

  24. ctyankee1776

    When two people decide to abandon their unnatural and abhorrent lifestyle, it should be cause for celebration! Come on people, this is the “land of steady habits” (even if the habits are unconscionable)

    1. Anna

      I take such comfort in the fact that small-minded people like you and Christine are losing your place in the majority. It must be upsetting, but it just goes to show that fear and intolerance usually lose in the end.

      I have met Scot on many occasions and found him to be warm, fun, and funny.

  25. ctmom

    As a faithful viewer, I am very sad to hear this news. From the outside, it seemed this couple had everything…just goes to show that you never know. I really hope they can remain an important part of each other’s lives. I wish them both the very best of everything as they build new lives separately.

  26. Rosemary

    I wish Scot and Paul all the best. I’m sorry that this is all so public, but that’s inevitable with public figures.

    I do feel badly for them, they are both good people that do so much good for so many. Scot helped me tremendously with fund raising for a very good cause and volunteered to do it when he heard help was needed. Not many would do that and not many donate as much time as he does to help others.

  27. Judy

    The main reason I watch Channel 3 news is because Scot Haney is on it! Why shouldn’t a newspaper post their split. They are well known. Who decides who should be reported on and who shouldn’t. How can people be so hurtful in their comments. It’s okay not to care for someone, but you don’t have to be so mean about it.

    1. Judy Knapp

      The main reason I watch Channel 3 news is because Scot Haney is on it! Why shouldn’t a newspaper post their split. They are well known. Who decides who should be reported on and who shouldn’t. How can people be so hurtful in their comments. It’s okay not to care for someone, but you don’t have to be so mean about it.

  28. Harry Caprilozzi

    I am curious to see what if anything happens to there home in Ogunquit Maine. I know they just purchased it in November 2010.

  29. Harry

    I know these gentlemen personally and this decision was not only an excruciating one but theirs alone.
    The negative comments above, while expected, are made by those who don’t have the slightest idea what kind of people Scot and Paul are.
    As for the article, the fact is it was going to be written with or without their consent, so give them a break and wish then well.

  30. Raybo

    Scott and Paul both go to my gym. They’re the nicest and friendliest guys you’ll ever meet. Nineteen years was a good run, guys! Best of luck to the both of you…

  31. Dwight

    I think this is news. When public figures divorce, marry, have a baby, etc, it makes the news. Ok, not front page material, but it is in Java, and how many stories get 77 comments and counting? Obviously people are moved enough to comment, even if they say: “this isn’t news!”, or “I’m cancelling my subscription!” (but still obviously reading the courant online for free…) so I find it funny when folks rant that something isn’t news, but take the time and effort to comment.

  32. Andrew

    Hooray for Paul! He was the nice and kind one in this relationship. I have been to many events at their home and I can tell you that Scot only becomes human after he has downed his 5th cocktail! Yes, he does a lot for charitable causes, but in reality it’s all about doing things that garner him more attention, press and adulation. He is a narcissistic, self important snob and who possesses virtually zero talent (has anyone ever sat through one of his Christmas Shows???) But, this hardly important news! Who cares??? Sounds like Scot needs some attention to feed his enormous ego. So, Paul, relish your freedom and let your wings fly!!! And Scot, good riddance!!!

  33. Roger

    Have never been one to enjoy Scot Haney and like previous posters, have ran world record dashes to change the channel if he should happen to be on, but even he doesn’t deserve some of this. Everyone at work says he enjoys publicity, even if it is this type of publicity, but i have to disagree.

  34. Wayne

    You guys have to much time invested in this try to work things out. If you can’t good luck to both of you.

  35. Sandy

    Scot constantly publicized the relationship, so why wouldn’t it’s demise be news? If they kept it private I’d agree but when you put it out there, it’s all out there.

  36. loveyouscot

    scot, if you are reading these comments, know that you have brought life and joy in many hearts and those hearts are breaking for you and hoping you will get thru with the love of those around you. xoxo

  37. marilyn clark

    My husband woke me this morning with the news that Paul and Scot had split. We watch Scot every morning and he always starts our day with a smile.
    Ending a long-term relationship is always hard no matter what the circumstances and we wish them both the best.

  38. Lleidy

    I wish them both peace with their new single lives. They are both very attractive respected men and they will find their mate if they cant work things out!

  39. Caterina

    I am soo so sorry to hear of this breakup!!I love Scot, so would love Paul for loving my Scot!!I can’t believe all the rude, tacky, & sad messages left here for Scot or paul to read!! CT RESIDENTS SHOULD BE ASHAMED!! I love you Scot & will always be in you’re corner.. Best wishes to you in the future!! Just heard today, most people find 4 great loves in their lives,, Hang in there!! I wish I could give you a GIANT HUG!!

  40. marie

    I met him at a charity event with my daughter and he couldn’t have been nicer, she drew a picture for him and he acted like it was a Picasso! He is fabulous and I only hope he gets over and is able to move’s hard no matter who you are. I hope he kept the Rolex….love and hugs to you Scott!

  41. Carol Russo

    Feel badly, went through a divorce, nothing wonderful about that. Hope they reconcile or at least stay friends. Love to Scott and best wishes for a bright futute.

  42. alison

    Love is love. Everyone needs to chill out about the gays. There are more important things in the world to be upset about. Live and let live. My husband and I have six children, who we are trying to raise to be tolerant, compassionate people. Apparently, we have our work cut out for us!

  43. saraj

    I think MaryEllen could have kept her poison pen quiet for once.
    Lady, there is far more important things going on in Ct that need attention.
    I like Scot, never met him or Paul, but have seen them on air. What they do in their own time is none of our business.
    So if anyone should be raked over the coals it should be MaryEllen for thinking she has a right to air their breakup.
    Whats is your closet, MaryEllen?

    1. Janet Easton

      I think Scott is a very person and his personal life is none of our business!! Find someone else to pick on and while you are at it get a life!

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