Simsbury High School Goats On Cover of USA Today

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Simsbury High School is famous! Or rather those goats are.

In a story today in USA Today on graduating seniors and the pranks pulled  to mark the occasion, Connecticut’s Simsbury High School and the four goats that were plopped on the roof a couple of weeks ago open the story!

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29 thoughts on “Simsbury High School Goats On Cover of USA Today

  1. Christine

    Was I the only one who thought that this was animal cruelty? And now the press can continue glorify animal cruelty on a national stage. Just what needs to happen. Any one or all of those goats could have fallen, been injured or killed. So, sure, give these kids more glory so next time they will do something even more cruel to animals.

    1. Angie

      hmmm. I graduated from SHS, live in CO – and you, dear lady, do not know goats. Goats don’t fall. Other than a bird, this was a most excellent choice for a little high altitude prank. Go Seniors.

      1. Deb

        I’m with Angie. As an SHS alum, as is my son, the Senior prank couldn’t have made us prouder of these “kids” :)

        1. Carolyn

          And we wonder why the world is in such a state. When parnets are “proud of these kids” what does that say about them? Maybe if we tought our kids respect and responsiblty our world would be a better place to live.

  2. Mary

    But, in fact, none of those things did happen. No goats fell, were injured or killed, so you can stop wringing your hands.

  3. Dwight

    I thought goats were pretty sure-footed animals. They are only up about 8 feet, I didn’t think it was a big deal. Certainly not a prank on par with what kids at MIT do every year. But I do agree with Christine on one point, that continuing to publicize this is going to lead to more and larger pranks – and surely one of them will go wrong. I bet rising seniors at SHS are already planning their prank next year based on the publicity this got and the fact that there was no punishment (I’m told).

  4. Heidi

    Goats actually like heights. They have excellent depth perception and height awareness. They would not have fallen off the roof. And someone surely would have seen them before hunger or dehydration would become an issue. While I don’t support the idea of senior pranks, this is not an animal cruelty issue.

  5. david

    Hi Christine,

    I had a beautiful cat who died last summer and I miss him dearly. I am an animal lover, still…

    kids are kids ( get the pun ?) goats ARE funny and you can stop and worry and be serious or you can lighten up a bit and find humor in things. Life is short… have a great summer and keep up your interest in animals…


  6. Karen

    Deb – glad that you are proud of seniors stealing. Maybe next year they can stick your dog/cat/kid/mother/grandmother up on the roof and we can all have a great laugh over it. Spoiled kids with parents who don’t hold them accountable – they have a great future ahead of them. I suspect the goat owner knows where the goats went and was in on the prank — easy way to dump your unwanted goats. More irresponsiblity … The goats were safe – we got that.

    In Essex last winter, the alpapcas that were the target of two men in their 20s did not fare as well as the goats – they were beaten and stabbed to death for fun. The men liked to go out and steal people’s belongings (chain saw, lawn ornaments and so forth) and escalated to killing alpacas – just a prank …. No big deal – just being kids…

    1. Barbara

      I’m with Karen and Christine. I did not find this funny in the least. And parents who sanction this behavior should be stuck on a roof and left there. Haha. Now, that’s funny.

      1. Karin

        Yup, that’s a mature response….this has nothing to do with parental sanctions….it was a harmless prank that was actually thought through….no harm done….

  7. Lynn

    I’m with Christine and Jenavieve. Humor at the expense of compassion is not something to be proud of.

  8. Jim

    These goats are a “Gateway” animal for pranks. Next thing you know… sheep, horses, cows, elephants. Where will it stop? I hope the kids are in animal prank rehab now. Seriously, it was only a joke. As the disclaimer in movies says, “No animals were injured during the filming of this movie”. Laugh (or don’t laugh) and move on to the next potentially humorous event. It’s better than sulking and pooh-poohing everything.

  9. Jason

    Karen: do you really think the Simsbury PD is wasting resources on this???? And Christine, You obviously know nothing about goats at all… Domestic goats which are close relatives to a strange creature called MOUNTAIN GOATs, which live on cliffs, are natural climbers. Have you ever been to a goat farm? I have and have seen several goats on roofs (taller than this one)that have gotten up there themselves. Goats, as stated before, do have an excellent sense of height and would not have fallen off. This was a well thought out prank, had they used pigs, I would agree animal cruelty, but this is not such a travesty. Please stop humanizing every animal and making uneducated comments about things you clearly know little to nothing about

  10. Karin

    No Karen, I don’t care to share (implying that i know something more than the news)…the news reported that they were purchased in Goshen and returned to their owners….and as stated before these animals were not harmed….I seriously think in the scheme of things you need to readdress your energy….

    1. Karin

      And I do not agree that killing Alpacas and this prank are any where near the same thing. And implying that is way off base.

  11. Karen

    A lot of people making uncalled for comments here. Not worth my time. Karin – dont tell me how to direct my energy. You are posting away here also – perhaps you need to take your own advice. Have fun all – enjoy the pranks

  12. Dan

    I went to Simsbury High and my senior prank was much worse than what these kids did. In hindsight I wish I had gone with the goat thing. At no time were those precious little goats in harms way and the ladies who were against this prank need to lighten up and laugh a little. Perhaps you should focus on the real issues like high taxes, crazy gas prices, the wars going on…just sayin…chillax a little ladies

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