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Prosperi’s Metro Bis Relocating To Simsbury 1820 House

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Courtesy of Chris Prosperi

Celebrity chef Chris Prosperi and his Metro Bis are on the move.

The well-known chef, whose Hopmeadow Street restaurant has been a dining landmark for the past 15 years, is moving down the road a bit it to another well-known Simsbury landmark, the Simsbury 1820 House.

“The current building needed some upgrades and the landlord didn’t want to do them,” said Prosperi. “Our lease is just about up so we started looking around for a new place and the 1820 House was available and it is the perfect marriage.” 

Prosperi expects to open the new place next month.


Courtesy of Chris Prosperi

Prosperi said renovations are underway to the first floor of the building where his restaurant will be located, complete with a “Cookbook Bar” featuring his extensive collection of cookbooks. The restaurant will seat about 60 people with a porch adding some seasonal seating as well, he said. The downstairs banquet room is also being renovated and will be available for parties of up to 100 people, Prosperi said. The guest rooms will still be available and Prosperi said he foresees dining/lodging packages as part of the new venture once all the renovation work is complete.  

 “I am so excited about this that I haven’t had time to be scared,” said Prosperi, whose current Metro Bis location will continue to be open for at least another few weeks. “We will be breathing new life into an old building.”