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Scanlon New Morning Show Co-Host At WRCH

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mary scanlon WRCH SlideRadio show personality Mary Scanlon is going back on the air.

It was announced Thursday that Scanlon will be the new third in the morning show threesome at WRCH.

The veteran radio personality is replacing former morning show co-host Allison Demers who stepped down last month  from the 100.5 WRCH-FM Morning Show with “Allan, Mike, and Allison” with Allan Camp and Mike Stacy.

Scanlon was the station’s traffic reporter once upon a time, worked at KC 101 in New Haven and  WCCC-FM in Hartford .

In 2010, she and Holden, part of a WCCC morning show triumvirate with Mike Picozzi, were both sent packing.

Scanlon’s new WRCH gig,100.5 WRCH-FM Morning Show with “Allan, Mike and Mary,” begins next week from 5:30 to 9 a.m.


TV/Radio Hello/Goodbye CT

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Lots of changes over the summer in local television and radio as people come and go.

Among those who have gone were NBC CT’s investigative team members Chris Coffey, now at WMAQ in Chicago and Monica Buchanan, named media relations manager at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

One of those positions has been filled by George Colli, formerly with Fox Ct.


Courtesy of WTNH

Meanwhile over at WTNH, news director Erik Schrader has been named president and general manager of KSNW in Wichita. Taking over his job at the New Haven-based station is Al Carl. Carl has been at WTNH for over a year and is has previous experience as an executive producer and assistant news director at several other stations.


Courtesy of WRCH

And in case you haven’t heard, Friday marks longtime morning show co-host Allison Demers last day on the job at WRCH-FM. Demers, who has been at CBS’s WRCH for 13 years and co-hosts the morning show “Allan, Mike and Allison” with Allan Campo and Mike Stacy, is stepping down to do “mommy” things, she said. An ordained minister in the First Assembly of God, Demers said she will continue her missionary work when she leaves the station.

“That’s it,” said Demers as she counts down her final hours. “I couldn’t wait for the day to come so I can have a normal life, but now I am overwhelmed. It’s bittersweet,” she said. “I will miss it, but will like not getting up early or driving in blizzards,” she said. “And I will miss Allan and Mike. I grew up with them.”

Steve Salhany, operations manager for CBS Radio’s four stations in the Hartford market (WTIC-AM, WTIC-FM, WRCH-FM and WZMX-FM), said Demers’ replacement is expected to be named in the next few weeks.

Allison Demers Leaving WRCH

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For 13 years she has been the kind, sweet one… the eternal optimist who rarely had a bad word about anything or anyone, and approached her on-air job at WRCH each day with spirit and enthusiasm.

But longtime radio morning host Allison Demers has announced she is leaving the station.

“My oldest is going to be a senior in high school and I want to be there to do things like visiting colleges with her and being home with them and just doing “mommy” things,” said Demers, who, with husband Frank Campagna, also has a 9-year-old. “I have been in the radio business for 20 years and done so many wonderful things, I want to do this too to feel accomplished.”

Demers, who also worked at KC 101,  is part of the popular 5:30 to 9 a.m. CBS Connecticut Lite 100.5 WRCH-FM Morning Show “Allan, Mike, and Allison” with Allan Camp and Mike Stacy.

“We are crying buckets of tears,” said Stacy about Demers decision to step down. “She is irreplaceable.”

“We will miss her, she has been part of our family for a long time,” said station manager Steve Salhany.

But the search is on for a new morning show co-host with try-outs and guest hosts beginning at the end of the month.

“We really need the estrogen to balance us off,” joked Camp.

Demers, who gets to work around 5 a.m. each and leaves at noon, said she also spends time at special events and watches late night shows so they can be discussed on radio the next day.

“The hours are crazy and I just want a normal life,” she said about the decision she had been contemplating for a while.

Demers, who was recently ordained as a minister in the First Assembly of God, said she will continue her missionary work after she leaves the station. She has agreed to stay on the show until her replacement is found.

“The kids are excited about having me home and it means a more normal life and going to bed at the same time as my husband,” she said laughing. “I’m excited about the new door that has opened.”