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CT Heads To The President’s Inauguration

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barack_optBrush off the tux and find your highest heels. It’s almost inauguration time.

A contingent from Connecticut has tickets for President Barack Obama’s swearing-in on Monday, as well as tickets for one of the balls and plans for a Connecticut delegation-hosted party Sunday.

That, according to the state’s Democratic queen and the lady who should know, Nancy DiNardo.

DiNardo, who was elected to a fifth term this week as head of the state’s Democratic State Central Committee, said she will have company as she heads to Washington D.C. this weekend.

Among those going to the ceremony and the star-studded  festivities are Gov. Dannel Malloy, who is scheduled to meet again with lawmakers on gun reform, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman and state central committee vice chairman Nick Balletto. Taking a pass on the trip, according to DiNardo are Secretary of State Denise Merrill and state comptroller Kevin Lembo.

The Congressional delegation, including U.S. Senators Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal, and U.S. Reps. Elizabeth Estes, Rosa DeLauro, John Larson, Jim Himes and Joe Courtney along with the state Democratic party will host a reception at the Sonoma Restaurant Sunday night, DiNardo said.

DiNardo said the group has lawn tickets (with hopes of tickets that actually include a seat)  for the swearing-in ceremony and tickets for The Inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention Center, one of two official balls being held Monday night.

And the big question, what is she wearing?

“I have no idea,” said DiNardo.

QU Guest Charles Gibson Predicts Obama Win

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If you did not attend the lecture last week at Quinnipiac University featuring former “ABC World News” anchor Charles Gibson last week, you missed a tip. Democratic President Barack Obama is going to win in November.

That’s what he predicted in front of 800 people  anyway.

“Folks, Barack Obama is going to win,” Gibson said. “I don’t say that just because Mitt Romney is running an inept campaign which he is. He made a very maladroit statement on the Middle East and his 47 percent on the dole, etc. You now hear backstage rumblings from prominent Republicans who have basically written him off. But I say it because Barack Obama won 365 electoral votes in 2008. That’s 95 more than he needed for election. He can lose states like Indiana, Missouri and North Carolina, all of which he won four years ago, and still be elected comfortably. Every electoral map projection I’ve seen puts 237 electoral votes pretty solidly in the Obama column this year. That means he only needs to pick up 33 more.”

Watch the entire lecture. Gibson makes his prediction at the 23:10 mark of the video.


Obama Vs. Romney, Check Avery’s Poll

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Yeah, there are lots of polls to choose from when it comes to the upcoming presidential race between incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The AP poll, the Quinnipiac Poll, the UConn/Hartford Courant poll and more.

And then there is the Avery’s Beverage poll, the sweet  one at the New Britain soda company pitting  specially created candidate-themed drinks  against each other .

For the past several presidential elections, Avery’s owner Rob Metz and company has conducted the soda poll,  with sales of each used as an indicator of who is the people’s choice.

And like the more scientific polls this year, it appears the battle between the two men, and their sodas,   Barack O’Berry, a lemon & blue raspberry mix, and Cream de Mitt, a blend of peach and cream, is also very close .

Latest sales figures show Barack O’Berry is slightly leading with 171 “votes” vs. Cream de Mitt with 140 “votes”

Metz notes that while the Barack O’Berry label is a repeat of the one used four years ago, he and his team tapped their collective creative juices for the Romney drink.

“Peach & Cream is appropriate as we are being promised that everything will be Peachy Creamy if we just vote for Mitt!,” said Metz.

And while the presidential election is center stage nationally, here in Connecticut the U.S. Senate  showdown between U.S. Rep, Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican challenger Linda McMahon is the political story to follow.

So why no soda poll? After all, two years ago Avery’s did its soda poll when McMahon challenged then Attorney General and eventual U.S. Senate winner Dick Blumenthal. (It was “Dick’s Blue Menthol” soda against “Linda’s Smackdown Fruit Punch. Her soda won the poll.)

“Who knew the Senate contest this year would be more interesting than Obama/Romney,” said Metz. Noting he feels some media are already doing a good job of “beating up” Murphy, Metz said he decided to just “leave him alone.”




What Did Prez Obama And CT Fans Eat For $35,000+

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Connecticut Magazine had the scoop when it came to exactly what was served to those at the tony fundraiser for President Obama in Westport, Connecticut Monday.

I was kind of curious what $35,000+ gets you these days when it comes to politicial fundraisers. It was at the over-the-top home of movie mogul  Harvey Weinstein, and yes the guest list was a platinum one including Anna Wintour, Anne Hathaway and Jerry Springer (?)  but come on. Chicken? They got chicken?

This according to the magazine…

“This very tall dinner order was handed over by Weinstein to Michael Nischan, head chef/owner of the Dressing Room restaurant in Westport. Nischan had a week to get everything together for the star-studded sit-down, which took place Monday evening. Characteristically given Nischan’s leadership position in the farm-to-table movement, his menu included quite a few “heirlooms ” and “locals.”

What did the donors get for their money? Led by Nischan, the Dressing Room staff plated and served a three-course meal that included an heirloom tomato salad over pickled cucumbers from Nischan’s own garden; heirloom Connecticut chicken served with a potato tart, local bok choy dressed with a miso and agave sauce, and garnished with shaved sweet carrots; and, for dessert, pan-fried angel food cake served with local berries and honey.”