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Chappelle Thought He Was Somewhere Else?

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Hartford Courant

According to reports from audience members, comedian Dave Chappelle apparently thought he was somewhere else other than the stage doing a show at the Comcast Center in Hartford Thursday,

 Chappelle, in Hartford headlining the “Funny or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour,” stopped performing and began smoking and reading from a book after being heckled by a noisy crowd, according to several audience members who reached out to Java about the debacle.

“The crowd was a little unruly but I think if he had just started the show it would have been alright,” one fan wrote to Java. “Instead he just sat up there and smoked and read for 25 minutes to fill his required time and that made the audience even louder. Not fair to the people who paid for tickets.”

And that of course has promoted a new controversy, will there be ticket refunds for the “show?”  

See the video here.