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It’s Mohegan Sun WineFest Time! Let The Eating/Drinking Begin!!

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rirvineThe chefs for Mohegan Sun WineFest are arriving!

Just finished interview with “Restaurant: Impossible”  and “Dinner:Impossible” star Robert Irvine, one very happy newlywed with a book and a protein bar coming soon!

The very cut Food Network reality show star, who recently wed pro wrestler Gail Kim, says the two are workout partners as well as partners in every other way, business and otherwise.

His new book, out later this year,  is a combination of his at-home fitness program and recipes all aimed at healthy but tasty meals.

And the snack bar? Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch, a layered high protein bar with 15 or 30 grams of protein and intended for children and adults.

“It is so good,” he enthused. “You will be so surprised.”

Irvine is not only one of the featured chefs on the main stage at Saturday’s Grand Tasting, but will also be whipping up lamb ragout at the Celebrity Chef Dine Around Saturday evening.

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