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Occhiogrosso Gets Engaged

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roy1Maybe good things do happen once  you leave the governor’s office.

They have for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s former senior adviser and chief strategist,  Roy Occhiogrosso.

 The well-known former strategist and spokesperson for the guv  got engaged to Meagan Cowell over the weekend . 

And Cowell was someone he met while working for the governor, but he didn’t remember that part.  

“We actually met for the first time over the phone,” he said about the love connection with Cowell who works at the state OPM office.   “It was during the transition after Malloy got elected and I was one of a few people who were interviewing various applicants for different jobs in the administration,” he continued. “We traded phone calls a few times, and by the time we connected the job I was supposed to interview her for had been filled, but there was a similar position still open at OPM. ”

And while she was hired as a Senior Policy and Communications Aide there, Occhiogrosso, now managing director  at Global Strategy Group , was clueless when the two had their first date.

” I of course remembered none of this,” he said. ” I interviewed a lot of people! So on our first date I was like “so, how’d you get this job?”  She gave me a look and was like “you interviewed me!”

The “I do’s” take place in the fall.