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“New” Faces On/In Hartford TV, Movies, Restaurants

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There are some “new” faces around town if you have been tuned into tv or taking advantage of summer dining or entertainment.

Erin Brady poses at a news conference after being crowned Miss USA 2013 in Las VegasNBC Connecticut has brought royalty, so to speak, to its traffic report the pastHeidi-Voight[1] couple weeks. Former Miss Connecticut Heidi Voight and former Miss USA Erin Brady have been taking turns guiding motorists through the Connecticut streets and highways until a replacement is named for former traffic reporter, Kayla James.

That decision is expected shortly, according to vice president of news Matt Piacente,  but in the meantime, he has another staffing announcement as the political season heats up.

Max Reiss has been named the new political beat reporter and contributor to the “Decision 2014,” the station’s Sunday political program.

Reiss  has covered politics for the past four years at WSFA, and Raycom Media, in Montgomery, Alabama., Piacente reports. Reiss is also a New York native, and a graduate of the University of Missouri.

He starts August 25th

If you stopped by Max Downtown recently, you will notice a new, and really happy, face when you walk in the door.

max Rachel Lenda has been tapped as the new manager, replacing Duncan Hunter.

Smart, sassy and a really nice dresser,  (‘I have to keep up with Steverachel Abrams,’she notes) Lenda comes from  S&P Oyster Company in Mystic where she was the Director of Sales and Marketing. Prior to that, she was the Sales and Marketing manager for Hard Rock Cafe Foxwoods.

And over at Grants there is a familiar face taking over general management duties there, as well.

Jim Kehoe, of Feng fame, has moved on to take over those duties at Billy Grant’s  place, while  Michelle Mc Mahon has returned as director of catering  and Joyce Raicik has been hired as director of operations.

And in the “famous and formerly of Connecticut” category, Kensington native Annemarie Griggs has received an Emmy nomination for her work as the visual effects producer on the Starz series, “Black Sales.” The Primetime Creative Arts Emmy ceremony will be held on Aug. 16.

And if you happen to be headed to the opening of the James Brown biopic, ‘Get On Up,’ watchgreer carefully, there’s a well-known former Hartford guy on the screen.

Well-known arts supporter and performer David Greer, has  a part in the movie that opens Friday about the “Godfather of Soul.”

“I appear in a scene with actor Jill Scott in the movie, ” Greer informed Java. ” I’m her character’s date to a JB performance at the Apollo theater in 1962. She dumps me for the “Godfather of Soul!”

Brady Still A Winner In CT and USA!

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erinbShe may not have brought home the Miss Universe crown, but Glastonbury resident and Miss USA, Erin Brady did the state and the nation proud at the pageant in Moscow Saturday.

While the crown went to Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler, Brady was no slouch making it to the final 10 in the international competition.

And what now for the insurance accountant-turned-beauty queen?

“I go back to New York and happily serve my term as Miss USA,” she said. “This has all been an experience of a life time.”

CT’s Miss USA Spills About Moscow and Plans To Win Miss Universe

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erinbWe may not make it often to that  pageant runway but when Connecticut does, it is always does it in a big way.

South Glastonbury resident Erin Brady, better known these days as Miss USA, is in Moscow where she is competing in the 62nd Miss Universe pageant this week.

But despite a hectic schedule and a pageant to win, she still made some time for her home state by spilling about the excitement and anticipation with Java here.

Tea Dance with Celeb

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roccaSometimes you just can’t get away from the job or the celebrities.

Case in point, P’town Tea Dance where the Miss USA title, won by our won Miss CT Erin Brady, was again the subject of discussion.

Celebrity judge Mo Rocca was at the afternoon party at the Boatslip  (as was WFSB personality Scot Haney and Goodspeed good guy Dan McMahon)  and of course, the discussion was about the pageant.

Rocca, a very gracious journalist, writer, NPR personality and comedian,  declined to say who he voted for as far as the win,  but said he was impressed by our own Miss Connecticut.  

Haney and McMahon, they were their usual very nice selves as well!

Miss USA Returns With Her Crown, Connecticut Style!

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erinbShe left as Miss Connecticut and returned as Miss USA!

Erin Brady is in New York City where she will live for one year after winning the pageant in Las Vegas Sunday. The South Glastonbury resident will be in Connecticut in a few weeks, but is in the middle of a post-pageant media blitz and setting up housekeeping in her new, temporary Big Apple home. And then of course there is that little matter of getting ready to move on to the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow later this year! 

As the first Connecticut woman to ever win the national pageant ,  she has been bombarded with interview requests since her win.

But she didn’t forget her home state or the Hartford Courant, making time to Spill the Beans with Java. Take a look!

No Surprise To Teachers That Brady Is New Miss USA

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erinbAsk those who know Erin Brady if they were surprised when the Connecticut contestant was crowned Miss USA Sunday and the answer is “no.”

Although Connecticut has never won the coveted title before, teachers from her Portland High School and her former employer all used the same words to describe Brady…”bright, hard-working, talented. A winner.”

See what else they had to say and what’s in store for the new Miss USA here.

South Glastonbury Woman Headed To Miss USA Contest

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usaIt’s Miss USA pageant time again and representing Connecticut this year is South Glastonbury resident Erin Brady. The 25-year-old didn’t get into the pageant business until last year but has done well, coming in first-runner up in last year’s state competition and this year, winning the contest that means she goes onto the nationals that take place on June 16 in Las Vegas. A Central Connecticut State University graduate who is a finance accountant for Prudential insurance in Hartford, the 5’8 113-pound contender was enthused and focused on bringing Connecticut some fame as she Spilled the Beans with Java.

 Q: What prompted you to get into beauty pageant competition?

A: I was always interested in modeling and being in pageants is a great gateway. I first entered last year and was older than a lot of women who get involved in pageants but I did the research and the USA organization seemed to be the one that was the best fit.

Q: Last year, your first time, you were first runner-up and this year a winner. What did you learn about the business in a year’s time?

A: When I entered last year I had no expectations and was not sure of what to expect because I had never competed so I was really blindsided. After participating in that, I learned about the physical preparation like exercising and eating well that needs to be part of getting ready to compete, as well as choosing outfits and getting mentally ready. You are in it as soon as you register, long before you are ever on a stage. Most of the girls who compete have been doing it since they were teenagers. This time I have more sponsors and have done a lot more to get ready. I am in it to pick up the crown.   

Q: It is my understanding that you have a back story that is different than many young ladies who compete. Share?

A: I lived in Portland and when I graduated from high school moved out on my own and worked fulltime and went to college full time, eventually getting my diploma in finance and criminal justice. I couldn’t even think about being in beauty pageants. I had no free time and didn’t have any extra money and was not mentally in the right state of mind. It’s been a struggle but it shaped who I am. Sometimes I feel like a 35-year-old in a 25-year-old body but the struggles helped me be better. Being older now I think works to my advantage. I think I have more poise, more life experience, and more maturity.  

Q: Your hobbies?

A: I love to cook and if there were a talent portion to the competition in Las Vegas, I would make my turkey meatballs with homemade tomato sauce. The USA pageant though, just has a swimsuit and evening gown competition as well as the interviews.

Q: One of the standards in these competitions is that contestants have a favorite cause. What’s yours?

A: It would be to establish a Connecticut branch of Children of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. The nearest one to us is in Boston. I hope to get something started here. It stems from my personal life.

Q: What’s your counter-argument to those who downplay any value to beauty competitions?

A: It’s not about just being pretty. When you look at those women on stage you are seeing well-spoken, professional, intelligent women who are role models. The experience is an honor and I am looking forward to meeting all of them.

Q: If we tune in on June 16, how will we know which one is you?

A: I will be the one and only Miss USA from Connecticut.


The pageant is scheduled to air on June 16 at 9 p.m. on NBC

*And she DID win! http://bit.ly/11TZ6qj