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Happy Anniversary City Steam!

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It was 15 years ago,  Nov. 27, 1997,  when downtown Hartford welcomed City Steam Brewery, now one of the most prominent micro-breweries in Connecticut to Main Street.

Over the years, the popular brew pub and its brewmaster Ron Page have been introducing staple beers into the Connecticut craft beer market, including “Test Batch 2,” the second beer brewed there, and now better known as  “Naughty Nurse.”

To celebrate the anniversary, City Steam is offering some of its menu at its original 1997 prices. Among the anniversary reduced-price offerings are meatloaf, buffalo chicken wraps, fish & chips, burgers, wings, the cheddar chicken sandwich,  soup, salad, chicken Philly sandwiches, and of course, “Test Batch 1” and “Test Batch 2”  beers.

The brewery and restaurant , which has 23 tanks and barrels used for brewing and storing beers, also houses the comedy club “The Brew HaHa.”

“We are really proud of what we do here”, says manager Conor Geary. “Not every restaurant has the leadership that City Steam has, nor the loyalty of a very fun and passionate customer base. There are tons of wonderful dining options in Hartford, but it is always nice to see people join us time after time, or see a visitor’s reaction when they walk into this space for the first time”.