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Rosenthal Takes His Restaurant Fame to Florida

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MaryEllen Fillo/Hartford Courant

 Snow birds that are Max Restaurant Group fans, this one is for you.

Rich Rosenthal, head of the mega-restaurant dynasty that boasts such favorites as Max Downtown in Hartford and Max’s Oyster Bar in West Hartford, is taking his business savvy and golden touch and opening a new restaurant in Florida.

Called “The Cooper,” the casual yet upscale eatery is scheduled to open in the east coast community of Palm Beach Gardens at the end of the year.

“I have a house down there and I loved the location of the restaurant that used to be there,” said Rosenthal, referring to John Spoto’s Water Bar & Grille. “I always thought how much I would like to open a restaurant in that location if the space ever became available and it did.”

Rosenthal’s other restaurants in New England include Max Burger in West Hartford, Trumbull Kitchen in Hartford, Max a Mia in Avon, Max Amore and Max Fish in Glastonbury, Max Burger in Longmeadow and Max’s Tavern in Springfield.

The questions that begs an answer of course is why the new place will not carry his signature “Max” moniker?

“There is another restaurant named Max’s down there and it just would have been too confusing and too much trouble,” said Rosenthal, referring to restaurateur Dennis Max and his Max’s Grille in Boca Raton.

And “The Cooper” decision?

“We plan to be a place that features craft cocktails, craft beers and wine so eventual “cooper” will tie in,” he said, referring to the once “cooper” made barrels, and the barrel-aged spirits that will be served there. “And my dog’s name is Cooper, too but don’t say I named the restaurant after the dog.”

Rosenthal said the new restaurant will featured a farm-to table menu and the place will be a modern tavern that will boast an “old Florida” décor. Steaks, seafood, burgers and artisan drinks will be served.

“I think it would most closely resemble Max’s Tavern in Springfield,” said Rosenthal. “But it will have a look of its own.”

Rosenthal said he does not envision starting any kind of “Cooper” kingdom of restaurants in Florida.

“For now this is it,” he said.