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Haney’s House For Sale At Bridge Family Center Ball

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bridge3 The snow stayed away, the auction donations were plentiful (and in some cases, a little out of the ordinary) and the turnout was grand at The Bridge Family Center’s annual “Children’s Charity Ball” Saturday at the Hartford Golf Club.

“Every year we are watching the weather but over the years we have been pretty lucky,” said Judy Bierly, who has headed up the mid-winter event for 14 years. “But a few years ago we had a very bad storm and while we canceled the band and about 100 people couldn’t make it, we still managed to make more money than the year before,” she said. “But we are still glad we have good weather tonight.”

bridge5There was some concern about how much money would be raised at this year’s event as one of its most popular live auction items, dinner or a cocktail party at WFSB personality Scot Haney’s house, was not offered this year.

bridge1Haney (who each year serves as auctioneer for the non-profit fundraiser) and his longtime partner, the Bushnell’s Paul Marte (who accompanied Haney to Saturday’s ball) split last year, marking the end of the very coveted auction item not offered to many.

But the popular meteorologist made good in another way. He donated $5,000 of his own money to the event with a match of $5,000 from WFSB to make up for the lost auction item. And then he went into real estate agent mode.

haneyhouse (2)“We’ll make it $20,000 if someone buys my house,” he said, but alas no takers.

Haney has put his impressive Canton home on the market for $564,000 as of Monday, as he prepares to move to Hartford and he’s anxious for a sale.

“As the clouds in the sky move from west to east, so must Scot Haney!” he quipped. “I’m moving closer to work.”


P.S. NBC CT’s weather guy Bob Maxon  also has some real estate to sell…

“In the interest of equal time…my house has been on the market as well! In West Simsbury, a 4 bedroom Vintage Colonial, built in the late 1700’s! Plus a carriage house and gardens! All yours for just $259,900!!”


Bob Maxon, NBC CT