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Simsbury High Grad With A Possible Super Bowl Ad

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In 1995, Simsbury High School senior Ben Holst was a self-described crazy guy who sat at different lunch tables, loved the annual Battle of the Bands competition and performed in some one-act plays.

doritoNow the University of Georgia grad and owner of an Georgia-based audio production and music composition company is part of a group on the cusp of advertising fame.

Holst, along with friend, business partner and fellow Simsbury High alum Jeremy Gilbertson and Georgia director Ben Callner, have produced a 30-second ad that is one of five finalists in a Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl Competition” online fan contest. The winning entry will be aired during the Feb. 3 Super bowl.

“We aren’t going to know who wins until that day when it appears on tv,” said Holst, who explained the winner will be determined by online votes. “As far as exposure, an ad during the Super Bowl is as good as it gets when it comes to advertising. It’s better than having your song played on the radio.”

wifeTitled “Goat 4 Sale,” the very funny ad features a goat that eats through more than one hundred of bags of Doritos much to the annoyance of its owner who hides the snacks and prepares to sell the goat. (Java won’t spoil the ending.)

Married to Simsbury native Katie Colpitts, Holst, whose parents Jim and Valarie Holst still live in Simsbury, is asking Connecticut and beyond to cast the allowed two votes per day to help the group win.

“I was lucky that in high school. Simsbury had a great electronic music program,” he said about his interest and career in the business. “Simsbury High is where I cut my teeth thanks to chorus director Steve Barnicle who was encouraging and let us mess around with electronic music before it was popular.”

And while Holst has done other work with Callner, he admitted this piece was different in that it included a new craving for the salty snack food.

“Actually we like Doritos, especially since we listened to Doritos crunches for over 20 hours in the recording studio to finalize the 30 second piece,” he said laughing. “You listen to it long enough and you get hungry for them.”

While Callner will be at the Super Bowl, Holst said he and Gilbertson will be hosting a bowl party in Georgia where the game will be more about the ads than the showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Actually neither team he was rooting for made it to the Super Bowl, said Holst, admitting he was hoping for Atlanta Falcons to make the grade with the New England Patriots as his back-up team.

To see “Goat 4 Sale” and cast votes by Jan. 29 go here.