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Boo!!! The 5th Annual RAW ‘Odd Ball’ Is On

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oddball2It was a tradition each spring, that wonderfully crazy  “The Odd Ball” party at Real Art Ways in Hartford.

So there was some lamenting when RAW executive director Will K. Wilkins announced it would be no more as the non-profit arts entity looked for a new fundraising idea.

As fate would have it however, there will be a “The Odd Ball’ this year after all, but at a new time of year and with a new name. 

“We’re really excited about it,” Wilkins said about the Oct. 26 “Odd Ball Halloween” that coincidesoddballblog1 with what is expected to be a weekend full of wild costumes Halloween parties in the area.

When the announcement was made in April that there would be no ball, Wilkins stated it was time for change because the annual event wasn’t growing.

However, moving what will be the 5th Annual ‘Odd Ball” to Halloween time, will address that concern.

“It’s is a party that has a remarkable amount of creativity in terms of the costumes,” said Wilkins, referring to the out-of-the-ordinary costumes worn by guests at previous balls. “Moving it to Halloween will mean that many more people participating. ”