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Hurd Makes It A Short Stay At Water’s Edge

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hurdandkerrCelebrity chef Van Hurd is back in the Jordan’s Catering kitchen as its second-in-command executive sous chef.

The former “Hell’s Kitchen” reality show star you might remember, left the Cheshire –based catering firm to become executive chef at Westbrook’s Water’s  Edge last month.

No comment on why he left the new gig so soon, especially since he had said he couldn’t wait to be in charge of his own kitchen. 

Hurd, who hails from Texas,  came to Connecticut several years ago to join fellow Hell’s Kitchen contestant and close friend Kevin Cottle, first at Country Club of Farmington and then Jordan’s Caterers where Cottle is executive chef.


Hell’s Kitchen “Bad Boy” Hurd Moving To Water’s Edge

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hurdandkerrWe loved the him on Season 6 of the Fox reality show “Hell’s Kitchen” with his bold mouth and   redneck charm, and welcomed him as a Connecticut celebrity chef when he relocated to join fellow HK standout Kevin Cottle at the Country Club of Farmington and then Jordan’s Caterers.

But now Van Hurd has decided it’s time for him to be the #1 guy in the kitchen and will do it as the new executive chef at Water’s Edge Resort & Spa  in Westbrook.

“I’m just tired of being the second one in charge and this is a chance to head my own kitchen,” said Hurd who was living in Texas when he was on the popular Fox network show hosted by Gordon Ramsay. “My plan is to review the menus at all the restaurants at Water’s Edge before making any changes but it’s exciting  to take on this new job.”

Hurd, who has worked under Cottle for several years said his decision to move on by himself feels likes a “break-up” with the guy who became his dear friend when they met on the show.

“But we’ll still be friends, probably better ones now that we aren’t working together,” laughed the married father one. “It was time for me to go on my own ,” he said. “I’m excited about it.”


French Food and Art At NBMAA Begin This Month

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French food or French art? What’s your pleasure?

nbmaa1Doesn’t matter thanks to celeb chefs, formers Hell’s Kitchen contestants Van Hurd and Kevin Cottle. The two have arranged for you to have a little of both over at the New Britain Museum of American Art.

The museum hosts a new Henri Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit from January 12 to May 12. Toulouse-Lautrec lived in Paris during the 20th century Belle Époque (Beautiful Era) but was not the only famed celeb creating history at the time. There was also a chef, named Georges Auguste Escoffier.

“We just thought it would be a great idea, to feature the Godfather of French cooking at the same time the famed French artist was being featured at the museum, “ said Cottle. “Toulouse-Lautrec’s was the artist of the Moulin Rouge and Escoffier was the head chef there at the same time. It was a natural.”

nbmaa3Hurd and Cottle, who met during Chef Gordon Ramsey’s reality show a few years ago, and who now work for Jordan Caters, have set up three wine dinners at the museum that will include food demonstrations, authentic Escofier recipes, and tours of the art exhibit. This is the second year the two are presenting a wine dinner series at the museum.

The two-hour wine-paired dinners will be held on Jan. 10, Jan. 31 and Feb. 21. Among the foods that will be served depending on each night’s menu are Coquilles St. Jacques, classic cassoulet with duck and pork, Crepes Suzette, pheasant consomme, Escargot Chablisienne and dark chocolate soufflé. Hartley and Parker will be presenting French paired wines.

“The food was inspired at the same time as the art was inspired,” said Cottle about the series. “We will invite people from the audience to get involved and the plan is to have fun and laugh and drink and talk about wine and food and art.”

The dinners are from 6 to 8 p.m. Cost is $90 per person per class or three classes for $240 a person. Registration is limited to 30 per class. For more information call 203-272-8213.

Cottle Headed Back To Hell’s Kitchen

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We were bummed when our favorite chef, Kevin Cottle, didn’t win Season 6 of Hell’s Kitchen. But as the runner-up, he still fared well and has gone on to a stellar cooking career that landed him the job of  executive chef for Jordan’s Caterer’s here.

For fans of the Fox reality show, be sure to tune in Monday night. Cottle is back on the tube and in the hell heat of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen.

He and several other second place chefs from past seasons will be taking on the six chefs who are still in it this season.

Cottle, you may remember, ended up drafting fellow contestant Van Hurd to Connecticut as well. The two have stepped up more than once to help a host of Connecticut charities,  making Hell’s Kitchen loss, our state’s gain.


Chef Smackdown At Belle Terrace, A Gift Of Love

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It was a busy night for event planner Maura Fitzgerald Friday. She was co-chairing gifts of Love annual “ready, set, COOK” fundraiser in Avon, with plans to leave there at 9:30 to head over to another one of her events in Collinsville.

She did it all with a smile.

Fitzgerald is the driving force behind the annual Gifts of Love fundraiser that featured four celebrity chefs, assisted by celebrity “helpers” in a cooking smack-down that ultimately raises money for the non-profit that provides everything from food to furniture for those in need.

“It’s hectic but it’s good,” said Fitzgerald, as she surveyed the record crowd that turned out for the competition at Belle Terrace in Avon. “We’ll get it all done.”

And done they did. With co-chair Lori Shield and a committee of workers, the event included an impressive line-up.

Celebrity chefs included former Hell’s Kitchen contestant Van Hurd, The Meat House’s Tim Hester, Chip Miller from Hartford’s Society Room in Hartford and last year’s winner Michael Lee from Max’s Oyster Bar. The chefs had back-up from celebs including former New England Patriots Tebucky Jones, Fox Ct anchor Logan Byrnes, former Whaler and New York Ranger Bob Crawford and Sacramento Mountain Lion Andre Dixon.

Emcee for the event was WHCN radio show host and Fox Ct traffic reporter Rachel Lutzker and WWYZ radio show host Corey Myers.

In between signing autographs and posing the for pictures, the celebs had a big job to do…cook up some serious food with the products they brought and the three mystery items that this year were coffee, cheese doodles and fennel.

“I never would have believed there was such a thing as cheese doodle milk,” said Rocky Hill  resident Art Plourde, as he watched one group blend cream and cheese doodles into a sauce for a risotto dish.

There were also cheese doodle potato cakes, and crushed cheese doodle-dipped brioche,  coffee crusted beef skewers and coffee mustard foam on made-on-the premise bratwurst boiled in beer.

When all was tasted, Miller was proclaimed the winner.

Among the judges was Jim Bucko, who by chance, is one of the principals in The Society Room and Belle Terrace.

“I can be fair about this,” he good-naturedly insisted as the taste testing began. “I want the best chef to win.”

For more pictures go to: http://bit.ly/NeShXH