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“AGT” Nick Cannon Stops By At ESPN

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ncannon There was some fun to be had over at ESPN Monday as comic/actor/rapper/producer/tv personality and “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon stopped by the Bristol-based sports mega-network to appear on a variety of its tv and radio shows before heading back to his own projects. Cannon, who is married to singer/actress Mariah Carey, not only hosts the popular reality show but is the creator of “Wild ‘N Out,’ a popular comedy team reality show that was on a six-year hiatus but returns to MTV2 on Tuesday. The very personable Cannon, who, with Carey, has two-year-old twins, a son and daughter. grabbed a turkey burger, fries and a bag of pretzels at the ESPN cafeteria, before settling down for a few minutes to Spill the Beans with Java.

Q: Your “Wild ‘N Out’ show is finally coming back! How does that feel?

A: It’s exciting. It will be the show’s fifth season although we did take a long hiatus. When I originally created it, I didn’t want a structured television show. I wanted it to be like the Dean Martin Show, you know, an improvisation show created for my friends. I wanted it to be like a nightclub where we can get on stage and battle each other comedy-wise. We’ve switched the show to New York which is really nice. The show is a lot edgier and more in your face this time. It’s just two comedy teams battling it out.

Q: I understand you are quite accomplished in the field of martial arts. True?

A: My brothers were the ones who were more accomplished. They went to the junior Olympics. I was a little older than them. But we all competed in martial arts tournaments and I have a black belt. It was a team black belt. I think I got it when I was 13. I still do martial arts now and am studying Kung Fu now.

Q: I also heard you are a big boxing fan. Choosing from boxers, living or dead, what would be your dream match?

A: I think everyone would love to see Ali and Tyson, when he was in his prime. That would be interesting although I think Ali would win. I still admire Tyson. I guess I would have to say Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather. I would love to see that.

Q: “America’s Got Talent” has had opera singers, country singers, dog handlers and a ventriloquist as winners. Any predictions for this year?

A: The talent this year is amazing, the best ever. I’m going to say that it my opinion, it might be a band that wins this year. We have a couple of really good ones. That’s the beauty of the show. It’s not just singers and although people seem to expect singers to win. We have so many different acts. I think a band winning this year would be outstanding.

Q: Can’t help but notice your wedding band. How many carats is it?

A: I think it is about 17 carats.

Q: Sounds like married life is going well. And how is fatherhood?

A: It is amazing. The best right now is that they are two years old and all about watching the world. Our daughter (Monroe Cannon) is out of diapers already but my son (Moroccan Scott Cannon), he just isn’t interested. He doesn’t care.

Q: Will there be more kids?

A: I think we are done. My wife told me if we want more kids, I will have to carry them. So I guess we are finished as far as more children.

Q: Can’t help but notice your wedding band. How many carats is it?

A: I think it is about 17 carats.