“Improved” WeHa Deli Closes

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thirty5Four months after a big splash announcing its new look and new menu, the former Reuben’s Deli, renamed Thirty5 Bar & Grille at the end of last year, has closed.

The closing comes after owner Brian Hersh received about $47,500 in state money for the makeover  through the state’s Small Business Express Program.

Located at  35 LaSalle Road (thus the new name at the time) ,  the place that  suffered serious damage in July, 2012,  in the midst of its expansion project.

Hersh was enthusiastic when he opened the New York-style deli in 2010, with optimistic plans about the expansion. He could not be reached for comment Monday.

An automated message at the restaurant says “Thanks for calling Thirty5 Bar & Grille. We are now closed for business. Thank you and good luck.”



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16 thoughts on ““Improved” WeHa Deli Closes

  1. Vern

    I am so sorry that Brian could not make a go of it there. His food was very good and he worked hard. Rumor has it that there is a French restaurant taking over the space.

  2. Seth

    I live in West Hartford, grew up there too. Interesting quiz: How can you tell which people neither live in, nor grew up in West Hartford? Answer: They use the term “WeHa” The typical response in WH that the use of “WeHa” gets you? Answer: Ewwww….

    1. MaryEllen Fillo Post author

      Check people’s iphones/twitter accounts. WeHa nothing new and actually a term of endearment embraced by a lot of the natives. including family members who live there. Honest!

      1. ed

        i grew up in “da center” including living on Dale street when those houses still were residential.No one ever called it weha. sounds like something some snob from elsewhere came up with.

        These businesses are a joke. stop trying so hard to be hip and trendy, Da center is not santa monica’s 3rd street promenade.

        I spend 100x more time now in bishops corner . I bet this owner pocketed a nice piece of cash. Investors and state should be pissed

      2. Guy

        No, NO, NO!!!

        “WeHa” is awful (I live here and have for many years.) NO ONE who lives here, dines here, pays taxes here says it.

        MaryEllen, using abbreviations on social media and in texts is a very odd excuse to use it in print/blog media. You are not limited to a certain character limit. Do you use “resto” when you speak or write? No.

        Stop “WeHa” now.

  3. Helen

    Not surprised. Tried it for dinner and 1 meal was OK, the other a vegetarian concoction that was tasteless. Also, patrons at the bar were super noisy, literally yelling at each other. And this was around 6pm, not cool. Between the so-so food and noise level, we said never again. I guess a few others felt the same way.

  4. DD

    That is great…he gets almost 50k from the state, and then closes. I hope he has to pay that money back.

  5. o

    Prob got taxed to the point where they spent more money to stay open than they made. A sad but true issue in this state.

  6. Lawrence

    As of January, 560 small businesses in Connecticut had received EXP grants. Reuben’s represents just .17% — less than one-fifth of 1 percent — of all the small businesses in CT that have received state loans.

    560 companies, over 7,000 jobs created or retained. I’d say the EXP program is a fantastic success story.

    1. semper39

      By my calculations, 7000 jobs with .17% represented by this restaurant is $39915.97 per job. Less than the state median income but a lot for the taxpayers to pay per job.

  7. Paul

    Born and raised in WH. Now in my mid-forties (ouch)NEVER heard of WeHa until I saw this story. Stop the madness!!

  8. mf

    28 yrs old, born and raised in weha and pay taxes. part of the next generation. its just a term to shorten west hartford, get over it. its not hurting you or affecting you in any way. no need to get all riled up about something so menial. weha is here to stay, go retire somewhere else if you dont like it. 35 place was awful, good riddance. mr ladden should buy it and blow it out to expand mcladdens.

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