Why Al Terzi Is Leaving WFSB

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By now, everyone has read this short and to-the-point departure notice tactfully cobbled together today  by longtime WFSB anchor Al Terzi and WFSB brass:

“Channel 3 WFSB announced today that Anchor Al Terzi is leaving the station to pursue other interests. Mr. Terzi’s last day on-air will be Friday February 24, 2012. He has been with Channel 3 for 28 of the last 44 years.

“I will certainly miss the daily contact with my TV family, at Eyewitness News” said Mr. Terzi. “They have made every day, rewarding and fun, and I wish each and every one of them continued success with their careers. They are all so amazingly talented.  It has been a joy to be in their company every day. I also want to thank the viewers who have invited me into their homes every day over all these years.”

WFSB Vice president/gm Klarn DePalma confirmed that the station and Terzi could  not come to a new contract agreement  so Terzi is leaving  Friday.

According to insiders, everyone is bending over backwards to put a gracious face on the failed contract talks. Terzi, however,  has requested no hoopla or  going away party.

Calling the 69-year-old Terzi, “irreplaceable,”  the station is not out looking for a new face yet, but rather tapping anchor Dennis House to share  5 and 5:30 newscast duties with Denise D’Ascenzo.

The question on the street…what other tv stations are already sizing up  Terzi for a new anchor desk, when will it happen (Compete clause? Oh no, wait that’s not an issue ) and what will the magic number be?

The comments are coming in from people who feel like they are losing a family member and are already concerned that a familiar face will no longer be delivering their evening news.

Would you like to see Al Terzi  on some other anchor desk?


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16 thoughts on “Why Al Terzi Is Leaving WFSB

  1. Chris

    I have had the displeasure of meeting him twice at a professional level…He is not a nice man..he is not genuine, he is not polite, and I don’t have any desire to see him on a TV screen anytime soon…Good for Denise, she is a wonderful woman…and an excellent anchor.

  2. Bob

    He should be thankful that WFSB kept him on for as long as they did. I’m not saying this is right but if he were a woman they would have shown him the door a long time ago.

  3. Tony Terzi

    I fall over with laughter when I read posts from people who don’t have the courage to attach their full, real names, to comments.

    1. Chris Cioffi


      My Name is Chris Cioffi, and I live in Wallingford…Is that enough for you to stop laughing?…Al was an obnoxious person on both occasions meeting him. He, in my opinion is not a genuinely nice person, and you cannot possibly give an unbiased opinion on that. I know many others that have met him, and the consensus is the same. Do you want the locations where I met him and the dates too? Get over yourself!

      1. Tony Terzi

        Mr. Cioffi,

        One thing that is wonderful about America is everyone is allowed to express their feelings. That being said, I can say with great confidence you are among a very small minority in your strong, negative opinion of my father.

        “Obnoxious,” “not polite,” and “not genuine” are descriptions of my dad that I have never heard used. Certainly, we all have flaws, but if he wasn’t consistently caring, humble and professional, viewers of Channel 8 & 3 would have voiced their feelings by changing the channel and his career, as a trusted journalist, would not have spanned over 50 years.

        1. Chris Cioffi

          As his son, I would hope that you are right…I am just telling you, that the times that I met him, it went the way they did…maybe he had a bad day…don’t know…but that kind of impression stays with you a long time…I wish him luck on his new venture…whatever it is…

  4. susan

    Now maybe I can enjoy the 5 oclock news although cbs and its affiliates are sneaking in right wing language and slanting some of their reports against unions and teachers. So although I will not miss Al Terzi I may be ready to give up watching any cbs news

  5. Eleanor

    Al Terzi is a class act. We will miss him on WFSB. He has the same sort of sincere demeanor as Walter Cronkite.

  6. Chris

    @Susan..Laughin hysterically…right wing slant? As if CBS could ever be accused of a right ring slant…you must be joking…and as far as the unions and teachers go…the bar has so been lowered for the hiring of teachers, and the unions protect every one of them, no matter if they can teach or not…liberalism is a cancer in ever part of society..it produces nothing..it solves nothing, and it tears as the very fabric of a once GREAT Nation!

  7. Stan Jan

    Never cared much one way or the other about him.
    He is old, and its time to make room for some fresh new talent.
    He should enjoy whatever time he has left with his family and friends.
    I doubt that local anchors will ever be paid anywhere near what Al earned during his time as anchor. Those days are probably gone forever as its much easier now, and the relatively free internet competes with the news shows. I rarely watch the news on TV anymore, and when I do so it is prerecorded so I can skip the commercials and repetitious news “stories”.
    If he has not saved enough money to enjoy retirement, its his own fault. He certainly was paid enough, as the station could probably attest to.

  8. Eric

    Really people !!!!! I grew up watching Al .He is a big part of my life . I will follow Al onto Fox 61 news …Also if you take a close look at channel 3 they are getting rid of good people all the time …

  9. Jessica Kenneson

    I grew up watching Al Terzi I will forever remember him and Denise while having family dinners.. Thanks for everything Al! Sure will miss you.

  10. Daisy

    Finally, I can watch Denise, a very talented professional, who has deserved an equally polished co-anchor for years. WFSB has been unwatchable for me because of Al Terzi. I don’t care which way he leans politically(I happen to be conservative). I don’t care if he’s a nice guy or not. I cannot stand his stumbling, bumbling speech(while reading from a teleprompter)and pathetic banter(likely scripted too). It has angered me that he stayed on the air while there were many more deserving candidates available. If he were a woman he would have been gone years ago. Screw Fox, WFSB is my new favorite channel.

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