Waterbury Christian Icon To Shine again at Holy Land U.S.A.

The shining cross upon Pine Hill is returning. Waterbury Mayor Neil M. O’Leary, along with a business partner, purchased the land of the religious theme park and have promised to restore the original christian icon of Holy Land U.S.A. to its past glory. Their effort can be followed on their website here; http://www.holylandwaterbury.com  Conceived in the 1950’s by a Waterbury attorney, the goal was to “replicate the Bethlehem and Jerusalem of the Biblical era.” To find out more about the most recent land purchase, read this story by the Courant’s Bernard Davidow, about the purchase and plans


The original 52-foot cross glows atop Waterbury’s Holy Land U.S.A. a month before it was taken down due to its deteriorating condition in early 2008. Courant photo by Stephen Dunn

Below is a gallery of current and file photographs.

  • Geraldo Reyes Jr. the mayor of Waterbury's Admin. Aide, grew up in the same neighborhood as Holy Land in Waterbury, and has fond memories of playing at the theme park as a child. He posed for a photo near the current cross which is fixed at the same location of older larger cross, which was more visible.
  • A greeting, presumedly once reading Love God, is located at the entry way to Holy Land.
  • The current cross atop Holy Land is smaller than the original cross and illuminated by external lights, which make it less visible than the older cross which was illuminated by internal lights.
  • The hills are filled with memorials and tombs, and are all located in the overgrown brush along uncared for walkways.
  • A vandalized statue of Jesus, with the head missing, is placed at the entrance to Holy Land. Brush behind it obscures an area which holds buildings created to mimic Jerusalem.
  • A statue of Jesus, was placed at the entrance to Holy Land. It has since been vandalized and is deteriorating.
  • The hills of Holy Land once held a small village built to look like Jerusalem. The buildings are all in disrepair.
  • A star of David, which stands on a pole at the entry way to Holy Land, is visible from the grounds.
  • The hills of Holy Land once held a small village built to look like Jerusalem.
  • In this file photo, Sister Christine Spirito, left, the Provincial of Holy Land, meets with Father Augustine Giusani the newly appointed spiritual director for Holy Land USA, on Nov. 20, 2000, at the park in Waterbury, Conn. Sister Christine was giving Father Augustine his first tour of Holy Land. Photo by Waterbury Republican-American, Photographer Craig Ambrosio, Via AP
  • A 50-foot-high cross, a Waterbury, Conn., landmark since the 1950's, is guided to the ground at Pine Hill, the site of the former Holy Land USA Tuesday, April 8, 2008. The cross had been declared structurally unsound and is to be replaced by a new one.  (AP Photo/Bob Child)
  • Courant File Photo, Stephen Dunn, 1/11/2008




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