The resurrection of Holy Land U.S.A. in Waterbury began last December with the installation of a new 52-foot high cross overlooking I-84. Two weeks ago Holy Land opened its arms again by welcoming the public to an informal open house… a one-day glimpse of the former religious theme park. Both the devout and the curious […]

Labor Day weekend beaches: hazy, hot, humid… sparse

Brian Gundaker and his wife, Christie Gundaker, enjoy the sunshine as they explore Bradley Point Park and the boardwalk in West Haven with their month-old daughter, McKenzie, on Sunday afternoon. The couple recently moved to New Haven from Miami. While not quite South Beach in Miami, the air temperature was 82 degrees and the water […]

Whale of a Sail: The Charles W. Morgan’s 38th Voyage

Serving as nautical backdrops to a day of whale watching, the Charles W. Morgan and the Mystic schooner survey a flat, blue Atlantic seascape as a spouting humpback whale feeds on sand lance (also known as sand eels) within the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary just north of Provincetown, Massachusetts on July 12. Accompanied by […]

They Tell Us What Happened

Ben Cooper, 92, of West Hartford was a combat medic in the 45th Infantry Division which helped to liberate the Dachau concentration camp. Cooper began to talk about his horrific experiences and memories from World War II in 1990. “It’s been a healing process for me,” he says. Cooper is one of more than a […]

The 118th Boston Marathon | Records Broken, Friendships Forged


“Dear Boston…” You’re Strong, Fragile, Resilient & Embracing

VIEW MORE Thousands were affected by the Boston Marathon bombing last April. The Courant caught up with five people with Connecticut ties who vow to return this year to help restore and celebrate the great race’s tradition. Please check out the video below.

Guns Rights Rally


22nd President of Trinity College


Flower Power


A Million Mile Man


A Core Discussion


UConn Football | Pro Timing Day


Giving Thanks

  Together with Trinity College professor Pablo Delano (at right) members of the Crouch family (from left is Doris Crouch and her children Jackie Lagana and Lance Crouch) meet to discuss a famous 1940 Thanksgiving Day photograph titled “Pumpkin Pies and Thanksgiving Dinner At The House of Timothy Levy Crouch, a Rogerene Quaker, Ledyard, Connecticut, […]

Talkin’ Trash


From Illness To The Amazon

Less than a year ago, Lotty Vigue’s future hung in the balance as she struggled with autonomic dysfunction syndrome. Doctors suspect that her left jugular vein was blocked due to still unknown, possible long-term effects of Lyme Disease. In February she underwent a risky medical procedure to restore blood flow to the left side of […]

Wethersfield Says Goodbye To Summer

Today it was Wethersfield’s turn to put summer in its rearview mirror and break out the new book bags, pencils and… a new school principal. VIEW MORE

“Something Keeps Bringing Me Back”

Kevin Cazzetta returns to Tootin’ Hill Elementary School in Simsbury as its new principal after previous stints at the school as a teacher. He recently served as assistant principal at Green’s Farms Elementary School In Westport. VIEW MORE

Inaugural Flight: Bradley Int’l to LAX

Fire truck water cannons inaugurate American Airlines flight 1353 which offers non-stop service from Bradley Int’l to LAX. I used the Instagram app to evoke a 1960’s feel to the glistening jet and event which also included a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a cake… stuff reminiscent of that Golden Age of passenger flight.

Schemitzun: A Feast of Green Corn & Dance

Tribal nations from across the Northeast Region gathered for the 21st Annual Feast of Green Corn & Dance at the Mashantucket Cultural Grounds Sunday afternoon at the Mashantucket Pequot Reservation in Eastern Connecticut. Tommy Ninigret Harris, 31, and his girlfriend Christina Strano, 26, exchange a nose kiss just before Harris competes in the men’s northern […]

Refugee Community Takes Root in Hartford

They fled their rural Burmese homeland and have since created an improbable urban oasis here in Hartford. The diversity of herbs, fruits and vegetables cultivated by the Karen People is impressive: papaya, bok choy, waterleaf, lemongrass, sorrel… An ethnic, persecuted minority also known as the Karen Tribe, this refugee community has taken root in Hartford. […]

A Personal Migration: Mexico City-Hartford-Puerto Rico


In Search of The Hartford Urban Man

  For a project titled The Hartford Urban Man, Joyce Bolaños and Carmen Arroyo of Viva Hartford Media earlier this year surveyed 100 single males, ages 21 to 40 who live in the city. Intending to debunk the stereotype of the young urban male, Bolaños and Arroyo interviewed guys who normally do not make news headlines or police blotters. They […]

Companions in the Face of Alzheimer’s

There are an estimated 70,000 Connecticut residents living with Alzheimer’s Disease, a haunting, fast-growing and fatal illness that is projected to surpass the rates of heart disease and cancer. There are support groups, trial medications and even coconut water that patients and their caregivers eagerly add to their daily regimens. And then there are the […]

Sweaty Start to Swab Summer