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I’ve always enjoyed good conversation and interesting stories. The last twenty years as a news photographer for The Hartford Courant has supplied a healthy dose of both.

In high school, my interest in photography grew out of my love of art. My appetite for journalism began even earlier — with my siblings and my paper route of over 130 homes. By the end of the route, the news ink always rubbed off onto the inside of our forearms. So newspapers are probably literally running through my blood. We often read the papers before delivering them. It felt special to know about the news of the day before our adult customers. It’s good business practices to know your product well. Although I get my news from various sized screens theses days, news and the people that make it are still an addiction.

At some point in high school I became familiar with the works of great American artist, Norman Rockwell. His wonderful way of capturing moments in the human condition in his illustrations amazed me. About that same time, my older brother bought our family’s first 35mm camera, and I wanted to use it to make the kinds of pictures Rockwell painted. Years later in college, when I saw the works of photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson and his way of capturing the “decisive moment,” I realized it was the documentary approach of both artists that pulled at my heart. A term paper I wrote on the photojournalistic pioneer Gordon Parks sealed my fate.

The digital revolution and especially its affects on the media industry have been of interest to me for some time. So, a blog was a natural progression, hopefully some will find it useful and entertaining. It’s been a time of upheaval for the industry, but I can’t imagine a more interesting time to be in the business. There are many more great stories to be told, and since that is the essence of the business, I’m confident in its eventual rebirth.

What will I blog about? I’m a tech geek and have a strong background in computer science, so I look forward to blogging about such thrilling things as Photoshop, the nuances of the RGB colorspace, and especially all things related to Apple. But I will mostly blog about the people I meet, and the situations I find myself in.

Having been born, raised and educated in Connecticut, I’ve always had a great respect for the Courant. It even led to me actually getting to spend some quality time with Gordon Parks. But mostly its provided me with great stories, wonderful friends, a loving wife, (yes, we met at work) and the resources to help raise three beautiful children and a dog.

So lets start the conversation now. I like to listen as much as talk, so please let me know what’s on your mind.

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