Hartford McDeals

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McDonald’s at 76 Brainard Road in Hartford, celebrates its grand re-opening with
special daily deals thorugh Aug. 31, including 59 cent hamburgers on Tuesdays,
$1.99 Big Macs on Wednesdays, two for $3.33 Filet-O-Fish sandwiches on Fridays
and $1.99 cheeseburger Happy Meals on Sundays. (Specials at this locale only.)

One thought on “Hartford McDeals

  1. tom

    What are you doing? McDonalds at Airport Rd said they do not have your filet of fish special in their system. Thanks for the ride in the hundred degree heat for nothing. You know what I had for lunch? Excedrin.

    By the way the inner city McDonalds in Conn do not read, speak or otherwise understand English. I am fine with that. So you order by number anyway. What you need to do is publish the Courant in Spanish in Manchester, New Britain, Hartford etc maybe then I will get fed. You owe me a meal and a refill on the Excedrin. Colin would have researched this properly and got it proof read. Shame on you

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