National Butterball Turkey Shortage

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butterball2Fowl news for holiday diners – Butterball is experiencing a shortage of Thanksgiving turkeys.

The poultry producer offered the following explanation for the problem:

“We experienced a decline in weight gains on some of our farms causing a limited availability of large, fresh turkeys. While we are continuing to evaluate all potential causes, we are working to remedy the issue. We sincerely regret the inconvenience that some of our customers have experienced as a result of this issue.”

New England supermarket chain Big Y announced Thursday that Butterball has cut orders of large, fresh birds, (16 pounds and bigger), by 50 percent.

“Butterball Turkeys has just announced to officials at supermarkets around the country including Big Y World Class Markets that there is a national shortage of their large fresh Butterball turkeys for this Thanksgiving. This shortage involves only Butterball brand large fresh turkeys of 16 pounds or more and not frozen or smaller weight fresh Butterballs. In addition, it does not affect any other brands of fresh turkeys,” Big Y’s statement read.

To compensate for the shortfall, Big Y says it has sourced additional turkeys from other suppliers and increased its supply of large, frozen Butterball turkeys. It also has an ample supply of small, fresh Butterballs, other large fresh turkey brands such as Shady Brook.

“All of us at Big Y will do our best to ensure that our customers have a wonderful turkey for their Thanksgiving meal,” says Guy McFarlane, Big Y’s vice president of fresh foods.