Save A Cup, Save A Dime At Starbucks

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Starting today, Starbucks customers can opt for an earth-friendly coffee cup — and save a dime on each  tall or grande drink they buy.  The Seattle-based coffee company is selling $1 reusable plastic cups in an effort to cut down on paper cup waste and increase the number of drinks it sells in reusable cups by 2015.

Starbucks has sold resuable ceramic, plastic and metal tumblers for some time, but all carried a higher price tag than the new $1 model.

The reusable plastic cups, similar in size and design to the company’s paper cups,  will be rinsed with boiling water by Starbucks employees before they’re refilled.

The new cups had a test run in October in 600 stores in the Pacific Northwest.




2 thoughts on “Save A Cup, Save A Dime At Starbucks

  1. Robert

    Connecticut, once the keystone of the industrial world, now touts as “News” a reusable coffee cup. OK

  2. Jim

    It’s not so much “news” as raising awareness that wasting resources for the sake of convenience isn’t a sustainable practice. We recycle as much as we can, take our own fabric bags when purchasing groceries and try to minimize our impact on the planet. I don’t consider myself “green”, just trying to do what I can for future generations.

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