Starbucks Status Symbol: $450 Gift Card

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Looking for the perfect gift for the latte lover on your holiday list? Starbucks’ new gift card might be just the thing, but the cost could have you choking on your cappuccino. The coffee company giant will release its new, limited-edition $450 Starbucks Metal Card Friday. (The exclusive offering is actually loaded with $400 worth of credit. The other $50 is what it costs to make each etched-on-metal card, according to Starbucks.)

But don’t plan on running down to your local Starbucks to get one. The pricy card, which also confers Gold Level membership on its owner, will be available exclusively on luxury website, (You’ll have to sign up at Gilt ahead of time, but membership is free.)

Starting at noon EST Friday, Gilt members will be able to purchase the solid stainless steel status symbol, while supplies last. (Word is that Starbucks is making just 5,000.) The card can be used for beverages, food and merchandise — and that Starbucks Rewards Gold membership entitles you to perks like a free birthday drink, a free drink or food item after you buy 12 drinks, and free refills on brewed coffee or tea. Totally worth it, right?

Would you spend $450 on a Starbucks gift card?

7 thoughts on “Starbucks Status Symbol: $450 Gift Card

  1. Deb

    I think if I ever even considered doing something that stupid the money would be better spent on a shrink!

  2. Steve O

    Go McDonalds with Newmens Owen for 1.06 any size and it goes towards the kids camp hole in the wall gang!

  3. Steve O

    You should be giving 5,000 out, look at the support that your customers have given over the years! When’s the last time you gave! Dunken is the same way Greed smaller donuts less coffee more in price that must be the CO’s motto. Bigger bonuses………………..keeps America going on the fat squad……

  4. Matt

    I bought one. I’m also stoked about it. This is simply paying for my next 2 months of coffee in advance. While achieving a higher status within the Starbucks community for only $50. I was already a gold member but I wanted more. Obviously this isn’t for everyone, but let the 5000 loyal customers enjoy it without hating on them or the company.

    1. Kyler

      I too am the same way, I’m already a gold member but I just wanted the one extra little thing thats sets us apart from everyone else that enjoys Starbucks. The 5,000 of us are the only ones that will have this. I can’t wait to receive my Metal Card.

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