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Pumpkin Lovers Crave This Season Of Everything Pumpkin

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MandMPumpkinWhen my son was a kid, he coined the word “bananativity.” Its meaning was simple — introduce bananas into cereal, fruit salad or any other medium and they become the dominant ingredient.

This time of year, there’s a similar phenomenon, but with a different fruit. Call it “pumpkinizing.” Wherever your autumn travels may take you, you’re likely to run into pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks along the way.

And no, we’re not talking the old standby, pumpkin pie. (Although those are available too — individual ones at McDonald’s, right next to the cherry pies.)

We’re talking Pumpkin Pop Tarts, Edy’s pumpkin ice cream and Jell-O pumpkin instant pudding. Philadelphia pumpkin cream cheese and Pinkberry pumpkin frozen yogurt. Mars pumpkin-spice M&Ms.

Bruegger’s stocks a pumpkin-flavored bagel. Sonic has pumpkin pie milkshakes. Dairy Queen has pumpkin Blizzards. Kraft has pumpkin spiced marshmallows. Planters has pumpkin-spiced nuts. Krispy Kreme has added a pumpkin cheesecake doughnut.

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