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Hershey Goes ‘Bread-To-Bread’ With Nutella

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THE HERSHEY COMPANY ONE SPREADCall it a sugary smackdown.

Chocolate giant Hershey is taking on Nutella with its own version of a chocolate hazelnut spread.

Hershey’s Spreads are sold in 13-ounce jars that look suspiciously like Nutella containers. Labels on both brands show chocolate paste smeared on bread. nutella

(The Hershey’s line also includes chocolate and chocolate with almonds flavors. Spreads retail for $3.79.)

It’s no surprise that Hershey is looking for a taste of the chocolate hazelnut spread market. Nutella sales in the U.S are more than $240 million a year

Hershey fired the first shot in the chocolate battle with a press release touting “the genuine chocolate flavor that only Hershey can deliver.”  The company is promoting its new products with pairing ideas and recipes at www.hersheys.com/Spreads and a social media campaign, #SpreadPossibilities.

Are you a Nutella fan? Would you try the new Hershey’s spreads?