Tax Day Specials

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If filing your taxes makes you feel like your bank account has been sequestered, there’s good news. National and local retailers are offering Tax Day freebies, discounts and deals again this year.

Brent Shelton, spokesman for online deal site, says the April 15 giveaways make perfect marketing sense for businesses — and offer savings for taxpayers.

“People are either thinking about their tax refunds and spending money or they’re thinking about having had to pay taxes and not having any money,” says Shelton. “Either way, it’s a good way for companies to build some shopper loyalty. It’s also a good deal for consumers, who get price breaks on all sorts of products and services.”

So once you’ve dropped your return into the mail or pushed the “send” button on your e-file, you can celebrate with a free massage and cinnamon bites, discount bagels or bargain-priced pizza or a free phone. Unless otherwise noted, offers are available on April 15 only.

Find the deals here.

Editor’s note: A earlier version of this blog post had Brent Shelton’s name spelled incorrectly.


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  1. Lynne

    When I clicked on the link to TAX DAY DEALS, it says “Connection can’t be displayed.” What’s up with THAT??

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