Walmart Neighborhood Market Coming To West Hartford

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Walmart will open its newest Neighborhood Market in West Hartford on Wednesday, Feb. 20. The 59,000 square-foot, full-service grocery store, in the Bishop’s Corner shopping area, is the company’s first Northeast location — and one of the largest in the Neighborhood Market chain.

Walmart Director of Community & Media Relations Bill Wertz says the store, which occupies the former site of Adam’s Supermarket at 333 N. Main St., will feature bakery, deli, prepared foods, fresh produce, frozen foods, meat and dairy and health and wellness departments, along with a pharmacy.

The store will also offer a selection of general merchandise, such as stationary, paper goods, household and pet supplies, all in an easy-to-navigate format. It will compete with nearby stores such as Big-Y, Whole Foods and the Crown.

“Neighborhood Markets offer the convenience of a small store with the low prices of a big store,” says Wertz. “We think the Hartford area is going to love this concept.”

A hiring center for the store opened in December and is still accepting applications. When fully-staffed, Wertz says the West Hartford location will employ more than 90 full and part-time workers. Hours will be 6 a.m. to 11 p.m, seven days a week.

Walmart launched the Neighborhood Market chain in 1998 and has 230 of the stores across the country. The company has plans to build additional Northeast locations — two in New York and one in New Jersey.

A second Connecticut Neighborhood Market, in a former Shaw’s space in Bristol, could open as early as fall of this year, says Wertz.

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50 thoughts on “Walmart Neighborhood Market Coming To West Hartford

  1. Rob

    When do we become concerned about how much of the nation’s food supply is controlled by Walmart, who undercuts competition at the cost of quality? DONT SHOP THERE

      1. msavage

        OK Iris–we won’t tell you not to shop there. Go ahead and shop there. Feed your family genetically-modified, pesticide-laden produce while simultaneously assisting in sucking the life out of small, local retailers, further enriching the Walton family, and contributing to the exploitation of workers overseas in countries like Bangladesh, India and China. You go, girl. Wouldn’t want to infringe upon your democratic rights, would we?

        1. JB

          I was in a Neighborhood market down south a little while ago and they had a sizable organic/non-gmo section on par with what is being sold at Whole Foods.

          I would love to see Whole Foods have some competition for my weekly food bill, regardless if it is the evil Walton family or not.

      1. toca

        Well….could things have changed with Whole Foods in the 3 1/2 years since this article was written?

        1. msavage

          Linked to the wrong article. Apologies. Here is a list of dozens and dozens of articles about Whole Foods, dating from 2009 all the way to present.

          And this is only from one site. There are plenty more on other sites. Has Whole Foods changed since 2009? Undoubtedly. For better or for worse? You’ll have to decide that for yourself.

  2. mjs

    Notice how they said “We think the Hartford area is going to love this concept.” There goes the neighborhood!

    1. Anthony

      Oh No! I know how west hartfordites run at the very mention of the term “hartford”.

      Don’t worry, you can still move to Simsbury or Avon.

  3. ed

    I’m all about low prices so i cant wait to shop there. But on the other hand you know some business is going to get killed. How many pharmacies does bishops corner need? This could be enough for whole foods to decide they dont need two locations in town. Big Y might be in trouble

      1. msavage

        We are a nation of “it’s all about me” folks, Shawn. Most people don’t give a rat’s arse how many people in Bangladesh, India or China are exploited, as long as they can buy their cheap products for less. They don’t care that locally-owned, mom and pop grocery stores that actually contribute to the community are being put out of business, as long as they can buy their frozen TV dinner for less.

        1. ed

          some of these mom and pops need to learn customer service.I went to pfaus hardware store not too long ago to support small business and got treated rudely. I went right back to home depot

          1. msavage

            Oh come on, Ed. Dealing with a slightly rude employee really doesn’t compare to the damage done by mega-corporations, does it? Let’s put them on an old-fashioned see-saw, Ed. Ed’s slight discomfort at having to deal with a “rude” employee on one side. The decimation of the local economy, corporate welfare, employee exploitation, etc., etc. on the other. Which side outweighs the other, Ed?

      2. ed

        true they don’t pay much, but theyre hiring when others aren’t.They may also be the largest retail employer in the country. jobs have been added to area, which is good

  4. Tammy

    I remember the concept of neighborhood market being what Crown is. Walmart thinks the store will be welcome to the Hartford area. It is not in Hartford, move it there!!!!

    1. Anthony

      Yeah not sure how West Hartford, isn’t hartford area.

      Typical west hartford “I am better than you…” probably should have went to the zoning meetings huh.

  5. Ray

    Let the consumer decide if Bishop’s Corner needs over 125,000 square feet of grocery space to service that market. In the long run, the consumer will benefit from the competition with more competitive prices and better service.

  6. Ray

    I am not a big fan of Walmart but at least they seem to not lie and cheat customers like Big Y does. Big Y marks most of their items way up in order to offer the “deals” that really only bring their stuff in line, or sometimes more expensive, that other stores. 2 examples: I went to buy the buy one bag of shrimp for 19.99/lb and get one free. Well the idiots forgot to take the old label off: $9.99/lb. So they doubled the price and then gave me one free. Lucky me.
    Then they advertised frozen apple pies at Thanksgiving.The buy 1 get 2 free price was something like $2.10 each. Wow, great deal, huh? Shop Right had the exact same pie on sale for $1.79 each, and you had to buy one!
    And Whole Foods is no princess either. I get the cherry tomatoes home and they are rotten inside. I go back to the store and most of them are rotten too. No quality control. Or they give me the lamb chops but hide the fatty stuff so it looks good until I am home. Believe me the WF in West Hartford is not that great.
    And has everyone forgotten what Wild Oats, and then Whole Foods did to Cheese and Stuff? “Don’t worry, we will never close Cheese and Stuff” Then BAM, shut the doors on C+S forever.
    When you come down to it Whole Foods is just a store that has smart marketing to its customers. They are making a ton of money on our backs. Same with Big Y. Same with Walmart.
    First I would shop at Whole Foods (if I had unlimited income), then the Walmart, and last (and least) Big Y. Big Y sucks and they are out to deceive and cheat customers.

    Have you ever wondered why Whole Foods has 2 stores in West Hartford? I have, and it’s not to “serve” the community. It’s because they want to keep the competition out. If they vacate that Bishops Corner store Highland Park or Fresh Market might come in, and WF will have a lot of competition. Now that’s what we need in West Hartford: Competition. We have a substandard S+S (due to size restrictions) Big Ripoff, and then 2 Whole Foods. We need other alternatives. Too bad Walmart took the space and is opening up. I hope that either Big Y or the WF satellite closes and Fresh Market or Highland goes in. That’s what we need in West Hartford.

    1. Leeanne

      I agree with most of what you said, Ray – although I do for the most part, like Big Y. They have nice staff and are starting to bring in more organics. What I don’t like is their baked goods that contain all sorts of chemicals, dyes, etc. You’re absolutely right about Whole Foods though – two stores means no competition; very shrewd on their part.

    1. msavage

      THANK you, Shawn. Thank you for caring enough to look beyond how you, yourself, will be affected by the choices you make.

  7. charles

    Maybe you guys need to look further into alternatives. if you are willing to travel a little further, there is Aldis, which has great prices, there is also apple tree, also Bjs and dont forget Hall’s Market and A Dong. broaden your horizon.

    1. ed

      the girl at halls market is a snob. also make sure they cut your meat into steaks in front of you, otherwise they will cut it in back and keep 1 or 2 steaks for their display case.

  8. denise ortiz

    Iyou want to talk about labor practice’s. I worked at The Crown for 23 years. Bill Sloat was a terrific boss as was Marvin & Ralph. We were treated fairly & with respect. Since Marc Bokoff came in, people have lost their jobs, been disrespected, had hours & wages cut. Some quit because they just couldn’t take the mistreatment. So I say, what goes around, comes around. I, fortunately, have a better job now than I ever did & yes, when I was laid off I got a fantastic letter of recommendation but I EARNED THAT. He couldn’t say anything else. After all that’s been done, I still wish all my former coworkers the best.

    1. ed

      i’m surprised the crown is still in business. right now big Y is renovating their old pharmacy section to increase the size of the kosher section. That might add pressure to crown. tell all your jewish friends. I wonder if walmart will have a big kosher section?

  9. Jason

    Wal-Mart is doing enormous harm to our country every day. They purposely do not schedule employees for full time so they can’t qualify for the health insurance they offer. As a result the majority of store employees become dependant on Medicaid as a way of life, not a temporary measure as it is intended. Additionally a huge amount of Wal-Mart’s goods come from China. I won’t be shopping here, and will urge others to do the same.

      1. msavage

        And who do you think wrote the book, Ed? Who do you think is leading the way in ushering the U.S. down a path of moral decay, worker exploitation, shoddy goods, etc., etc? WalMart is the new business model, Ed. And by shopping there you are condoning that business model. You are telling “all retailers” that this is a good way to do business–that you support it and wish for them to take it up as well. And by the way, “all retailers” is a bit of a stretch, no? Aren’t there SOME retailers out there who still know how to run a moral business? Admittedly, they are growing more rare by the day. Look at what Denise told us about her experiences with The Crown. Could it be that the new guy was schooled at the WalMart School of Business? Shop at WalMart if you wish, Ed. Just don’t fool yourself while you’re doing it. Just be aware that you are contributing to the pollution of the planet, exploitation of workers both here in the U.S. and in developing countries, the further enrichment of the Walton family so that they can continue to buy themselves politicians and effectively take over, along with their cronies such as the Koch Bros., our democracy. The list goes on and on, Ed. If it’s worth it to you to save a few bucks knowing the truth about WalMart, then so be it. Just please don’t deny reality while you’re doing it.

  10. Leeanne

    I love how they call it a “neighborhood” market – with hours that seem to break zoning laws. Is this another example of a SDD (Special Development District)??

  11. Leeanne

    Hi, Denise. Thanks for sharing. I had some dealings with Mark and was not impressed. I talked with him about food delivery to the elderly and he essentially said it was too expensive. I also talked with him about food options with fewer spices for the elderly who have delicate digestive systems; that also went nowhere. Some of their “To go” items are good. Others are so full of spices that they’re barely edible. What ever happened to authentic eastern European cooking?

  12. Bob M

    WalMart under pays thier employees,worthless insurance,if any,under cuts everyone because of cheap overseas labor.Patronize your local mom & pop stores….I do!!!!!

    1. romae

      uhh i work there and they definatley do not under-pay i make 10.50/h for something simple try being a cashier somewhere else most are 8.25

  13. Rob

    Walmart has horrible labor practices. Walmart leads the way in causing harm throughout the industry by setting the new, lower standards in worker treatment. Walmart leads the way in outsourcing American jobs through the demands they put on their suppliers. Walmart sacrifices quality for price which leads to the competitive pressure for others to do the same. My first point in my orginal post is the one I want people to understand with regard specifically to the “neighborhood market” concept. Walmart ALREADY controls a LARGE portion of the nation’s food supply through traditional Walmart stores. Add this new concept to the mix, and how much damage is being done to the nation’s food supply? I can’t believe that people trust Walmart for the food they eat!!

    I know Whole Foods is often prohibitively expensive, but they have some good store brands and good specials and coupons. It is VERY easy to go to Whole Foods and get food only grown and packaged in the USA. Stop and Shop now also has great natural and organic food under their Nature’s Promise brand.

  14. denise ortiz


  15. Rob

    Sour grapes. Walmart perfected the Just In Time inventory system now takes advantage of its buying power. One of the most impressive companies of the last 100 years. If you don’t like it don’t shop there. Although…it doesn’t seem like they have having trouble finding consumers….take your business to a higher priced shop if you like.

  16. denise ortiz

    sometimes Rob, it’s not just about money. It’s about doing the right thing by people. I believe that if you live right, things tend to fall into place for you. Don’t try to screw people for a nickel. It will come back to bite you in the butt. Just like when Leanne said Marc said it was too expensive to deliver to the elderly. It’s the elderly that worked hard all their lives & paid into the system. We will all be elderly one day so take care of them today. It’s not all about the almighty dollar!!!!

  17. romae

    walmart is really honest about there low prices im not allowed to tell you exactly how much profit but compare this average grocery store any where from %70-%130 walmart always below %50

  18. swl

    msavage – hmmm… i asume you’re using your laptop made in china, and your iphone made in china, living on land stolen from my people, eating the produce of my land and driving a prius… but preaching about how evil others are – go work the land, grow your own food and stop exploiting he chinese people by buying electronics made there – oh, and cancel your new york times delivery that ruins our beautiful trees

    go back to europe – hypocrite

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