Carrie Underwood Blows Away The Webster Bank Arena Saturday Night

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Carrie Underwood on the second night of her “Blown Away” tour, at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport. (Nick Caito)

Carrie Underwood has enjoyed a degree of success beyond the average American Idol winner. She has proven time and again that she has staying power, and her performance Saturday night at Bridgeport’s Webster Bank Arena was strong reminder.

Underwood’s performances aren’t much in terms of dancing about the stage. In fact it is imaginable that dancing would be difficult in the various stiletto heels she wore throughout the concert.

Click here to see a photo gallery from the concert.

What Underwood does do is sing, and she does it well. From belting out hits to her graceful ballads, it would be hard to forget that her voice is the determining factor of her stay of popularity.

Carrie Underwood on the second night of her “Blown Away” tour, at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport. (Nick Caito)

Yet there was far more to this concert than just her singing. From what this reviewer last saw of her performing, in late 2010 at MGM Grand, the stage design was simple. A few batteries of lights, the backing band shrouded in darkness, that was all.

But then that was an amphitheater, and this was an arena. There’s a different level you can reach with an arena concert, and in that regard Underwood’s stage show was one of the most spectacular in recent memory.

In addition to the giant background monitor, there were three large screens that shifted throughout the show. The screens showed various videos throughout the concert, from exploding light bulbs to caricature silhouettes of Underwood rolling in a field with puppies.

Then there was the balloon ride.

Carrie Underwood and several band members took a ‘balloon ride’ on a suspended stage across the arena. (Nick Caito)

After romping through Cowboy Casanova, an elevator carried Underwood beneath the stage (one of several times this happened). There seemed to be more roadies running out on stage than normal, hooking up wires connected to the ceiling of the arena.

Upon returning to stage, Underwood took a simulated balloon ride across the arena on a suspended stage. At one point she tossed leis from the platform, and enormous beach balls came out of nowhere to be tossed around the crowd.

Then there was the touchstone motif of the impending storm, falling in line with the “Blown Away” theme. Videos during wardrobe change interludes returned to this theme regularly, culminating in Underwood’s final encore, a performance of the tour’s namesake song. The set ended with a cyclone of paper leaves erupting from the center of the stage.

A ‘cyclone’ air jet blew up from the stage at the final climax of Underwood’s performance. (Nick Caito)

Though only the second night of the tour, it was clear that a lot of production time, effort, and money went into this spectacular set.

The Blown Away tour makes a return to Connecticut in two months, at the XL Center in Hartford Nov. 10.

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11 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Blows Away The Webster Bank Arena Saturday Night

  1. Doug

    I’m not sure what you meant by “…in addition to the giant background monitor…” I’ve seen a large number of videos from the first two shows and I wonder what you are referring to.

    1. Nick Caito Post author

      The entire wall of the arena was a huge monitor. You can really see it in this photo, number 5 in the gallery. The other screens i refer to didn’t move into view until after the two songs I was allowed to photograph.

  2. Robinannhunt

    I guess the photographer from left early to get a beer. Your personal pictures are so much better. Thanks for sticking around and seeing the show. All the Carrie Fans really appreciate your review.

    1. Nick Caito Post author

      Funny story about that – I AM that photographer and as you said, I stuck around for the show.
      Most artists, especially at larger shows, only allow 2 or 3 songs of professional photography. We take these shots from either a photo pit in front of the stage (see my Ben Folds Five or AWOLNATION photos) or from the sound board at the opposite end of the arena (the Carrie Underwood photos).
      Unless the artist does their wardrobe changes, set changes, etc during the first two songs, you, the reader, miss out on seeing great photos.
      I strongly considered picking up my professional gear during the real good parts, but doing so would mean getting kicked out and likely black listed by tours and venues. Therefore, my iphone had to do.
      Hope you understand. Thanks for looking at the photos, and thanks for reading.

  3. Niel Mugas

    Thanks so much for this awesome review. We all know that Carrie is the best among all country singers. She deserves recognition for this tour

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