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Here are more excerpts from an interview with Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton. Click here for the full article.

– On his health. Hamilton recovered from a battle with throat cancer several years ago:
“I’m 4 years cancer free. I told my doctors i want to give them a high five, but we technically can’t. Five years is the mark where if it doesn’t come back, I have the same chance of getting cancer as a normal person.”
“The treatment I had to go through, I had to get chemo and radiation, and it’s really just terrible. Very, very difficult… I really feel for anyone who has to go through that treatment.”

– On leaving the Australian tour because of a chest infection:
“I just wanted to get back out with the band. a lot of people try to rush back out to what they were doing before without getting back to 100 percent. but i just wanted to get healthy that way i could get back out playing again with the band.”

– On recording “Music From Another Dimension”:
“It was really great getting everybody completely focused on making a record. Some of us have been trying to make that happen for a long time. We were able to get a moment in time when everybody really wanted to have a record out.”
“[Producer Jack Douglas] is a really great coach-slash-leader, and a great person. He can come into the Aerosmith atmosphere without having to walk on eggshells. He has the kind of relationship with everyone in the band where he can joke around and really call things the way they are and set the pace.”

– On American Idol:
“You know, I tried really hard [to watch it],” he said with an exacerbated tone. “I really just put it on because I wanted to see Steven. But there’s so much time between his little quips that my A.D.D. got the best of me.”
“It was neat when he was first on the show and we heard a lot of the little jokes he’s been cracking since day one of this band. It was kind of funny seeing how the quips would go over with the mass media. I understand why he had a lot of appeal in that first year, but then after that we were able to get his attention back. He got off the TV thing and back into the rock.”

– On the Boston Marahon Bombings:
“It’s disgusting. I hate to hear people justify these things by saying there was something political or religious about it. I don’t think there was anything like that going on, it was an individual with a tortured mind who wanted to hurt somebody.”

– On playing the “Boston Strong” benefit concert:
“It was an emotional inspiring night.  Right in the front row were some of the victims you had seen on the news. They looked like they were having a great time in that moment, and you just know the tough times they have in their future. It was just an honor to be able to contribute a little something to put smiles on their faces. To let them know that a lot of people care about what happened and are rooting for them to go on and have a good life.”

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