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Tool Plays Intense 90 Minute Show Tuesday at Sold-Out Mohegan Sun

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Maynard James Keenan wasn’t the man behind the curtain, exactly, but he certainly drew little enough attention to himself Tuesday when his band performed to a capacity crowd at Mohegan Sun Arena.

There were no illuminating spotlights, no casual between-songs patter (or, in fact, any patter at all): Keenan spent most of the set in the shadows near the drum setup at the back of the stage, focused intently on the music during a set that sprawled past 90 minutes on just 10 songs.

With no centerstage rock-star ego trips, the music was the main attraction: intense, virtuosic music at once heavy and nimble, and darkly compelling. The songs shifted through distinct sections, anchored by primal, pulsing instrumental patterns that seemed to alternate between guitar, bass and drums.

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