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Connecticut Firm Wins Under Armour Clothing Challenge

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By winning a challenge by one of the world’s leading performance clothing manufacturer, Body Biolytics, a Connecticut firm, is positioning as part of the growing wearable computing market.

Body Biolytics, a start-up under MACSEA of Stonington, created electronic monitoring systems which enhance the tracking biological data like heartbeat and motion. Under Armour, the Baltimore based athletic apparel maker, produces a digital fitness performance monitor called Armour39. The device measures activity and transmits the data to a mobile app or wristwatch. The company sponsored a challenge to firms to increase the capabilities of it’s devices. MACSEA makes ship monitoring systems.


Armour39 – Courtesy UnderArmour

Fifty firms entered the contest and five finalists were selected. Body Biolytics was the top finalist with an entry that adapted MACSEA neural network-based health monitoring software . In a press release, Kevin Logan, MACSEA Ltd’s President and CTO, said, “We’re applying the same machine learning technology we use to assess engine health to monitor human performance. In some ways, monitoring a human through sports physiology is simpler than monitoring a diesel or gas turbine engine on a Navy ship, where we’re analyzing data from hundreds of sensor signals in real-time. For fitness and medical applications, we’re only monitoring a fraction of that number of body sensors.”

The firm won a cash prize and stands a chance to partner with UA. Other firms that entered included a nano technology company, and university programs specializing in bio-mechanical engineering.

Uber Launches In Southern Connecticut

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Uber, the ride sharing company, has expanded service to New Haven and Fairfield counties according to the company’s blog.

Uber Backseat

Handout Photo Courtesy Uber

The company which started in California, connects riders with drivers for hire through a mobile app. Drivers use their own vehicle, and are sent information to pick up passengers. The company says their rates are less expensive than a taxi. Uber takes a percentage of the fare which is processed electronically.

The company is offering five free rides up to $30 through May 11th to kick off the service. The rides must begin and end in the state. Availability may be limited.

Uber has faced strong opposition from established taxi cab companies and livery services in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. among other cities.



Senate Committee Vote In Favor Of Automotive “Black Box” Privacy

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Your car collects data all the time. Speed, braking, seat belt use are only part of the information recorded and stored in the event of an accident. Who owns that data and what it can be used for is a question that experts have debated.

1X00099_9The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee approved legislation on Wednesday which would limit access to data to the vehicle owner or lessee, unless there is a court order. (Laws in Connecticut protect the data.)

From The Detroit News: “There is no limitation on what additional personal information could be tracked or recorded, an individual’s location or travel habits without consent. The proposal raised widespread questions and concerns regarding the ownership of the data,” the senators said in a statement unveiling the bill in October.

Data can still be retrieved without owner consent if authorized by a court of law or the information is retrieved pursuant to a NHTSA recall and all personally identifiable information is not disclosed. The information could also be used without consent for determining the need for emergency medical response following a motor vehicle crash (used in vehicles equipped with Advanced Automatic Crash Notification systems).

According to the story, the bill has the support of several automobile manufacturers, and the American Automobile Association among others.

Andriod Apps Scanned For Malware

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Google announced Thursday that it will be scanning apps on users Android devices to check for malware and other problems.

Mashable reports:

Previously, when the Verify Apps service was enabled, only apps from third-party app stores were scanned, and only upon installation. Now Verify Apps will check every app before it is installed — and will regularly check that all of a user’s installed apps are “behaving in a safe manner.”

Apple has scanned apps since starting it’s app store.


“Heartbleed” Security Flaw: What Passwords Should You Change?

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Mashable has a list of sites and services and actions you should take in the wake of the security flaw called Heartbleed. Here’s a good explanation of the problem in the New Yorker.

An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug is already being called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. The bug has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day, like Gmail and Facebook — and could have quietly exposed your sensitive account information (such as passwords and credit card numbers) over the past two years.

SiriusXM To Launch LGBT Sports Show

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SiriusXM announced a new sports programs focused on gays and lesbian in sports.

The show, called The Outfield, will air on SiriusXM OutQ a channel with programming focuses on the LGBT community. The company said in a statement, “The live call-in show will be hosted by sports broadcaster Eddie Robinson and will feature interviews with LGBT athletes and LGBT allies as they discuss sports, fitness, and the advancement of openly gay athletes competing in sports at all levels.”

the show will premiere April 13, and air weekly at 11:00 am ET.

UPDATE: Wisconsin Owner Sues Tesla, Saying His Car Is A Lemon

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UPDATE: Tesla says there are some things that aren’t quite right with the claims.

A Milwaukee man is suing electric car maker Tesla after a series of problems his lawyer said make the car a lemon under the law.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

Robert Montgomery paid more than $95,000 to have his white Tesla S delivered to his home from Palo Alto, Calif., in March 2013, but according to his lawsuit, the car has had major troubles — like not starting. He had it towed to service centers in Chicago four times. In all, in was out of service 66 days in the first year.

No shrinking flower, Montgomery’s lawyer, lemon law expert Vince Megna, uploaded a video highlighting some of the problems with the car.

A provision in the sales agreement requires any disputes to be settled by an arbitrator.  Megna said that Wisconsin law makes that provision moot by voiding any waiver of rights by a car buyer.

According to the article, problems with the car include, “not starting, not going into drive, recessed door handles that do not emerge when touched, faulty battery coolant pumps, faulty steering wheel controls and several electrical problems.


State Invests In Non Petroleum Based Fragrances

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The state of Connecticut wants what you smell to be from renewable sources, and to that end has invested in a company which is creating ways to produce scents from biomass sources.

Last week, Connecticut Innovations announced a $500,000 investment in P2 Science Inc. of New Haven. The investment was made through its Eli Whitney Equity Fund and Elm Street Ventures.

Biomass consists of wood chips, unwanted grain products and similar materials which has been used for heat or creating energy.

A worker displays biomass fuel at the Diageo Roseisle distillery in Scotland

A worker displays biomass fuel at the Diageo Roseisle distillery in Scotland March 20, 2014. (REUTERS)

Connecticut Innovations said the company will use a proprietary process to create aldehydes for use in fragrances, polymers, lubricants and cosmetics.

P2 Science is a specialty chemical company dedicated to producing high-value, high-margin consumer and industrial product ingredients from biomass. In addition to new proprietary ingredients, the company’s products will include vegetable-based equivalents of chemical ingredients previously only available from petrochemical sources and will be suitable for direct substitution for such ingredients in customer products. Because they will be derived from soy, canola, palm and other oils, as well as wood, grass and other plant-based feedstocks, P2 Science’s products will meet the growing demand for renewable alternatives.


HBO Go Fails With Demand For Game Of Thrones

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TV-THRONESOnce again, viewer demand for the drama “Game Of Thrones has crippled the servers on HBO Go, the network’s streaming service.




It took the network several hours to restore service, with this tweet coming early Monday morning.


— HBO GO (@HBOGO) April 7, 2014

A similar problem happened last month with the finale of “True Detective.” At the time, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said they would invest in the service to prevent a repeat according to Variety. 


Photo Courtesy of HBO

Windows XP? Your Days Numbered

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One week left. In seven days Microsoft will end support for it’s Windows XP operating system that dates back to 2002.

Do you have XP on your computer? You can download Microsoft’s upgrade assistant here. It will tell you if you computer can handle an upgrade to Windows 8.1. If it can’t, you can either keep going with your current system and it will be vulnerable to virus and malware attacks as Microsoft stops supporting the operating system, or you could buy a new computer with a current operating system.

While 28% of the world’s computers are running Windows XP according to NetMarketShare, that number is down 11% since last year. Microsoft has been telling customers for years that this date is coming. Among those customers are banks and their Automatic Teller Machines, of which 95% use XP according to Bloomberg.