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Next iPhone: Thinner With Bigger Screen According To Leak

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And there’s this according to the Boy Genius Report:

Following the leak of a purported case mold that third-party protective case designers might use to get an early jump on building cases for Apple’s next iPhone, a Japanese blog posted what it claimed to be schematics for both of Apple’s next-generation iPhones that were printed by a magazine in Japan. According to the leak, those devices included an iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display and a larger iPhone phablet with a 5.7-inch screen.

Upgrade Your iPhone To Shoot 2K Video

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New Apple iOS 7 features are displayed on screen during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 in San FranciscoThe camera in the iPhone 5 series is pretty good. You can make it much better with a $7 app. has the story:

With the built-in camera app able to capture HD video at up to 120fps, Ultrakam takes the opposite route, limiting the frame-rate to 30fps and using a more efficient codec to in order to capture 2k video: 2240×1672. The app also allows you to shoot at 24fps for a more film-like look.

The downside is you need 3GB for every minute of footage.

Netflix iOS App Enables Airplay, HD

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Netflix announced today that it’s new version of it’s iOS App allows video streaming to Apple TVs.

Airplay is a feature that allows video or audio played on an iPad, iPhone or later model Mac computer to appear on the TV connected to an Apple TV. While there is a Netflix app on the Apple TV, the new feature will allow a user to connect to other units on the same Wifi network without entering account information on that device and have more precise control over playback features.

The new feature was announced in the Netflix company blog  written by Roma De, the director of product management at Netflix. Version 5.0 was released in the App Store within the last 24 hours.

She lists other reason you may want to use your iOS device for controlling the video:

(FILE) 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominees Netflix To Report Quarterly Earnings This WeekUse your iPhone or iPad as a remote control for the Apple TV during AirPlay. You can pause, seek, select audio or subtitles and stop playback from your iPhone or iPad.

To make this even easier use the lock screen functionality (iOS 7) in our new iOS app during AirPlay. And you can continue to use other apps like email on your phone while using Airplay with Netflix.

Netflix recently made moves to close it’s Bloomfield distribution center.

Do you plan on using the new feature?

Apple Could Face Harsh Penalties In E-Book Case

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The U.S. Justice Department announced it’s proposal for penalties against Apple Friday after the company was found to have fixed prices and restricted competition in the e-book market earlier this month.

Reuters reports the government is asking U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan to penalize Apple by asking it to cancel existing agreements with the publishers, submit to a five year  ban from entering e-book distribution contracts which kept consumer prices inflated.

Publishers Hachette Book Group Inc, HarperCollins Publishers LLC, Penguin Group (USA) Inc,  Simon & Schuster Inc and Macmillan settled with the government.

Apple would not be able to make deals with content providers of video and music for iPad and iPhones which would increase the prices at which competitors sold the same content.

Apple does not have a significant share of the e-book market according to analysts quoted in the article.

Competitors Barnes & Noble and Amazon would have to be given the opportunity to have a link within their apps that would allow customers to check for a lower price.

Apple is planning to appeal the verdict.


Apple To Send Software Update To Lessen Chance Of Charger Hack On iPhone

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Researchers have found that malware could be uploaded to an iPhone through a charging device and Apple will be updating it’s IOS to prevent this from happening.

A man shows the smartphone photo sharingThe BBC reports that the hack, shown off at the Black Hat conference currently going on in Las Vegas, would search the memory and also take screen shots of usernames and passwords.

The work by computer scientists at Georgia Tech in the US can compromise iOS devices in about 60 seconds.

Apple’s pending update warns users to be sure they are using a trusted charging point when they plug in.

The custom built chargers include a small computer alongside the electronic components that pipe power into an Apple iOS device.

The tiny computer interrogates an iPhone or tablet and copies a unique ID number that identifies that phone.

This is then used on an Apple website to take advantage of an uploading tool usually used by developers to test their software on an iOS gadget.


Google Bring More To Your TV

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Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management, holds the new Google Chromecast dongle as it is announced during a Google event at Dogpatch Studio in San Francisco

Google unveiled Chromecast, a $35 competitor to Apple TV and Roku, last Wednesday.

The device, which connects to your TV via HDMI is a three inch dongle that lets users stream content from devices to a connected television.

The Chromecast is about the size of a flash drive, and connects with devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Notably, connectivity is not limited to Google and Android products, the Chromecast will also work with Apple products.

Additionally, Google is offering developers the opportunity to create products and services for the Chromecast. This means that services like Spotify or Flickr can create apps specifically for the platform and expand available content to Chromecast users.

Additionally, in the announcement post, Google says that the device will feature support from entertainment services like Netflix and Youtube, with more services offering support in the future.

Based on the wide support for the product, a remote will not come with the device. Instead, users will control the Chromecast using any of the compatible devices to use and manage content. Additionally, Google is offering developers the opportunity to create products and services for the Chromecast.

Google’s Chromcast is available now for $35.

Photo Courtesy of Reuters

Microsoft Drops Price Of Surface Tablet

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The tablet war continues as Microsoft seeks to gain more traction with a Surface price drop.

The entry level 32-gb Surface RT tablet, which previously retailed at $499.99 has been reduced by $150.00 to $349.99.

The entry level model does not include the Surface Type Cover. The $129.99 cover also functions as a keyboard for the device.

According to CNET, this price drop comes in the wake of price drops and special promotions that Microsoft offered to help the sales of the device.

Bloomberg reports that as of March, Microsoft had sold approximately 1.5 million surface devices. About 400,000 were Surface Pros and about one million Surface RTs. Despite these sales, the article states that Microsoft expected to sell 3 million surface devices.

At launch the pro version of the surface cost $899.00.

According to Bloomberg, Apple sold 22.3 million iPads in 2012.

Photo courtesy of AFP/Getty Images

Ice Melting Between Google And Apple?

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The head of Google says the strained relations between the folks in Mountain View and Cupertino is less and less.

In a Reuters article, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said the companies have talked about issues but would not be specific about what they worked on.

The two companies are in “constant business discussions on a long list of issues,” Schmidt said..[at] the annual Allen and Co media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho on Thursday.

Students Can Get Discounts On New Apple Products

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Macbook Air

Apple’s education reward program is back for the upcoming fall semester.

As students return to school in August and September, the computer manufacturer usually offers discounted rates on its products and offers a bonus gift to patrons.

This year, students and teachers that purchase computers will receive a $100 App Store gift card, and those buying iPhones and iPads will get a $50 gift card.

Student and teacher discounts for new Apple Computers can reach up to $200 off, depending on the product. This special offer is only available until the program’s conclusion later this year..

According to the Apple Store’s website, “To qualify for the App Store Gift Card and get education pricing on a Mac, you must be a college student, a student accepted to a college, a parent buying for a college student, or a faculty or staff member from any grade level.”

Photo courtesy of Apple